Water leaking out of faucet handle

Water leaking out of faucet handle. Water leaks may indeed be extremely inconvenient, and they can drive anyone insane. The leaking or dribbling faucet, especially, is indeed a headache for anybody. It creates a continuous noise of water dripping from the top and striking the basin or tub.

It’s unpleasant to just imagine such a scenario, and it wastes water, which will raise your water bills, particularly if somehow the hot water is spilling. Undoubtedly, that’s also environmentally unfriendly.

The leaking may occur at such a place or time when people are unable to obtain immediate assistance. As one can’t leave a leaky faucet alone; else, it will do more harm.

Although if you don’t have expert assistance, leaking faucets are usually simple to fix.

Water leaking out of faucet handlewater leaking out of faucet handle

Here are some reasons

Broken Cartridge

You get a cartridge-style faucet, and it has two handles, one for steaming water and the other for tepid water.

The cartridges are valves that regulate the water flow into the tap outlet on every handle. If the faucet is leaking water, this is an indication that the cartridge has been damaged.

Misfit Washers

Broken washers are a typical reason for leaking faucets. Washers are placed against the valve stem, and they might break out across time due to friction.

Leaking occurs as a result of this. Leakages also can occur when a washer is not of the correct size and is, therefore, not properly fitted.

Broken O-ringbroken o ring

Inside the tap of the sink, there’s also an O-ring. That’s a tiny disc that’s connected to a faucet’s head bolt to keep the handle in alignment.

O-rings, like washers, can break out and become slack.

This is most likely the source of any leaks by one of the faucet knobs.

Collapsed valve seatfix water leaking out of faucet handle

The valve seat might be seeping from the outflow if your faucets are dripping out from the nozzle. The nozzle is connected to a faucet by the valve seat as residue can collect inside the seat, corroding it and creating a leak.

How to fix water leaking out of faucet handle?

But before fixing the faucet, there are some tools that you should have to fix the broken faucet handle

  • C-wrench
  • O-rings or Washers
  • CRC, WD-40 penetrating oils
  • Screw Driver

So let’s get into some quick steps for fixing the faucet

Shut off the water supplyshut off the water supply

Since you might not want to wrap up with a pool in the home, turn off the water connection while dismantling the tap.

You will certainly wind yourself in such a major tangle if you neglect to do all this.

The valves to turn off the supply of water in a sink faucet are generally found underneath the sink or inside the cupboard or countertop.

Detach the knob handlefaucet handle detach the knob handle

Pull off the cover on the upper end of the handle knob with a plain screwdriver. It will assist in the discovery of the tiny bolt that holds the stem’s handle in place.

The bolt must be removed using the screwdriver, and the handle should indeed be pulled out of the head.

Disconnect the stem

using the adaptable C-wrench, remove the packed nut until the stem is exposed. The stem would either come out effortlessly or need to be pulled apart first from the valve.

The type and design of the faucets will determine this. After you’ve fully removed the stem, look over the entire faucet for just about any signs of problems.

Replace O-rings and washersreinstall the faucet

The O-ring is a thin elastic ring that is put all around the middle of a stem’s region, and the washer is generally placed at the base of the stem, within the valve seat.

Any one of them could be the source of the leak. Whenever the stem is uncovered, it is generally recommended that both be repaired.

While changing O-rings and washers, it is indeed vital to maintain that alternatives are really a perfect fit.

It might be required to take the previous O-ring and washer to a local store, where they can guide you in finding the appropriate size.

Reinstall the faucet

After reinstalling the washer and O-ring, cautiously reattach the pieces in the same sequence as they were detached, so be really mindful not to over-tighten anything.

It would put the threads in danger of being stripped. Once you’ve got everything within the place, check that the faucet handles are turned off.


No doubt, water dripping from the faucet handle makes the place messier, and also, it will cost you a lot as the running water from any large faucet drips out 30 gallons of water a day.

We hope that by following the above steps, you will be able to fix it without any inconvenience.

How To Fix a Leaky Sink – Leaking from Handle or Faucet

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