Washing machine brands to avoid

Washing machine brands to avoid. Washing machines have become necessary because of technological advancements.

We rely on washing machines to do our laundry and get the cleaning done. Having bad washing machines isn’t going to be helpful. Wasting money and purchasing the worst product isn’t a good idea.

Having washers is great until you get flaws in them, and they delay your laundry. The flaws you thought only appeared in your washing machine have actually been reported by millions of users worldwide.

After researching these flaws, I gathered information and concluded that these flaws were related. These flaws are actually related to brands.

The negative feedback to the brands showed that the brands were highly incompatible. The models had the same issues depending on the brands.

Depending on the feedback and negative reviews, I planned this article to be the demise of the worst washing machine brands, so they can fix these issues and get the worst brand tag off from them.

I have listed the 13 bad washing machine brands to avoid. The reasons to avoid these brands and general reasons are below as well. Read to learn!

Washing machine brands to avoid

Famous brands like Samsung, LG, Summit, Whirlpool, Speed queen, etc., are the worst brands to avoid. These brands had the worst reviews online.

The complaints and the quality issues were similar to each other. Bad customer service and failure are included in making them the worst washing machine brands.

1. LG washing machines

lg washing machines

LG is the first and worst brand of washing machines by ratings and reviews.

LG machines have the most self-sabotaging cases because of malfunctions. The self-sabotaging is the reason for the downvoting of LG.

A video uploaded by a family using LG shook the internet. Their LG machine started to shake in that video, and then it even jumped around like a frog.

The family was unable to shut the machine off because the machine caused violence.

They couldn’t shut off the machine because it was shaking around the cord. The machines hook after gaps without any warning. The machine caused havoc in their house.

The reviews on the LG machine made in China are terrible; almost 48% of users have given them a single star. LG WT7200CW 5.0 Cu got the worst comments ever.

The user said the efficiency rate was low, and the user even called the LG model a joke.

The product was visited by tech support 3 times, but many users claim that LG didn’t fix the issue and that LG has the worst customer service.

Not only are the ratings of a particular model by LG down, but a lot of models have the same issue.

The lame customer service and the negative reviews make LG the worst washing machines brand ever. I don’t recommend getting an LG washing machine, either.

You can search for different LG models, and you will see the reviews on different stores.

LG doesn’t only have issues in a particular model, but LG filling capacity and other things have been questioned as well. If you purchase this machine, keep the above things in mind.

2. Whirlpool washing machines

whirlpool washing machines

The title of 2nd worst washing machine brand to avoid on the list by reviews and ratings is given to Whirlpool.

However, most of the Whirlpool products have positive reviews. Some washing machines beg to differ.

WTW8700EC is the culprit that ruined Whirlpool’s reputation. The reviews on WTW8700EC tell everything.

WTW8700EC was designed with the best features and latest technology, but it caused Whirlpool’s demise in washing machines. The first thing is that it’s one of the poor quality washing machines.

The second issue most reported by Whirlpool users is the Wi-Fi and the remote control not working. The mainstay feature sometimes doesn’t work either. The machine dysfunction a lot because of list connections.

Lost connection results in the incomplete laundry. The spots on the clothes are left, and the stains on them aren’t removed either. Washing machines not removing stains make them useless.

The app of this machine also has issues. The app loses link with the machine in the middle of the wash cycle, and it takes a lot of time to regain the link and connection. A snoring sound is heard by the users during the wash cycle.

The wash time is very long as well. The washing isn’t proper as stains are left even with a sufficient amount of detergent.

The efficiency of is low. The performance of the Whirlpool washing machine WTW8700EC is low. WTW8700EC has some issues too.

3. Samsung washing machines

samsung washing machines

Samsung is the 3rd of the washing machine brands to avoid on the list of reviews and negative comments. Samsung has two types of washing machines, and both have issues.

You are surprised to see top brands like Samsung, but the reviews and the users speak the truth that these brands have a lot of faults.

Top loading washing machine

Even with the fame of Samsung, its worst washing machine is the top loading washing machine.

This machine has been rated as less than an optimal product. This is in terms of cleaning clothes. Lab tests gave it the review of just okay.

The efficiency isn’t the only reason it’s rated below average.

The worst problem is the water usage with these top loader washing machines. The reported amount of water used by the loading washer was 199 liters per load.

The dryers are also damaged, and problems come with damaged dryers. There were loading cycle issues with it as it got stuck too.

Front-load washing machines

WF42H5000AW by Samsung is made in China. WF42H5000AW front load washer has received multiple negative reviews. 25% of reviews on this model are 1 star. The washer failed in under a year without a Samsung warranty.

Not to mention huge shaking in the machine. The top load washers by Samsung are the worst. WF45K6500AW and WF45R610AC have issues in them too.

These so-called durable washers aren’t good at cleaning and have vibrations in them as well. They have all negative views.

4. Fisher & Paykel washing machine

fisher & paykel washing machine

The washing machine brands to avoid list has Fisher & Paykel in 4th place with negative reviews on the list.

Though Fisher & Paykel has a good rinsing ability, other qualities aren’t that good. Fisher & Paykel WA7060G2 has a rating of 60 on the internet.

This rating is really bad. Fisher & Paykel WA7060G2 has a really bad efficiency rate. It was dismaying that 21% of people were using it.

The dismay is valid because of the efficiency and not to mention the water usage by the washing machine. It uses 163 liters of water per cycle and wastes water.

The water usage makes it expensive to use too. The cycling cost without the detergent exceeds $1295 in 10 years. That’s an awful waste of water and money.

The detergent expense added can even double the expense, and low efficacy makes spending on this machine useless. Fisher & Paykel WA1068P1 is the 2nd washing machine by this brand to avoid.

The efficiency rate of its washer is 21%, and the water it consumes is massive too. It uses 162 liters of water per cycle, making it extremely water consuming.

Even with the amount of water it uses, the gentleness of cleaning performance received only 50% ratings

Water consumption is a big problem with this washer. Fisher & Paykel WA1068P1 disappoint the users, and even with a lot of negative feedback, this model has no betterment. Comparing it with other models of Fisher & Paykel, it’s really not great.

5. Danby washing machine

danby washing machine

Danby isn’t a bad washing machine brand, or rather, it isn’t among the washing machine brands to avoid.

But some models, like the LG washing machines, have made it negative. The impact of this brand was positive, but DWM045WDB Model ruined its reputation.

Danby has made its way into e-bottom by releasing this bottom and facing negative reviews. Let’s see Danby’s model that caused it.

Danby Model DWM045WDB has been called a trap by many reviewers and users. If you want to waste money, the reviewers suggest purchasing this model.

They don’t suggest this model be bought if you are looking for a useful washing machine brand. The design really differs from its work.

The design of this model is the trap as it’s great, but the working of this model is the worst. The machine is too weak for a large load. The body of the machine can break if too much laundry is inserted into the room.

Your laundry room will be a mess if you load washing machines of this model too much. If you out too much load, then the efficiency of the washing machine will be lower.

The machine will slow down because of too much load and easily get damaged too. Washing can only be done in small amounts and by turns.

The reviewers wrote that the washing machine is too rough. Water sometimes leaks from the computer.

The work is increased with the laundry room getting filled with water. Danby Model DWM045WDB is one of the washing machine brands to avoid. The load size is very small.

6. Summit washing machines

summit washing machines

Summit is the 6th brand on the worst washing machine brands to avoid list. Summit is a trending branded appliance maker, but its reputation has been tarnished by a few of its models.

This model is responsible for critical reviews on the Summit. Dysfunction problem in Summit SPWD2201SS is pretty common as many users have reported its dysfunction.

This is actually the model which should be avoided, not the brand. Its size and quality really differ from each other, including the working as it is separate.

The money you buy this model and the work it gives don’t align at all. The size of this model makes it look great, but the work isn’t comparable to the size. Home appliances like these should work like they are in view.

You can’t compare it with other models of the same company either. It’s the black sheep of Summit. The spin cycle of the washer is really slow.

A simple wash cycle requires a lot of time. The washing of this washing machine aside, the dryer is slow as well.

The unexpected slow speed of the dryer is a negative point too. The stain removal of this machine is bogus. The machine doesn’t have an automatically adjusting load size skill, and the water amount isn’t distinguished either.

The load washing machines should be precise, unlike this model. Avoiding this machine is better a sits considered the worst reliable washing machine brand.

7. Costway washing machines

costway washing machines

Costway is the 7th washing machines brands that need to be avoided. Costway is considered a reliable brand by many, but a few of its models are black sheep as well.

There are drawbacks to having Costway as well. The compact washing machines should be fast, but this isn’t.

The size won’t work for you if your washing machine has a slow spin cycle. You wanted an energy-efficient, but there are several disadvantages.

The negative aspects of the washing machine overshadow the positive aspects of the washing machine.

Portable size doesn’t count for everything. Costway 15-inch 1.4 CFT Smart Portable Top Load Washing Machines is a model that you don’t want. It’s the first worst model of Costway.

Costway 14-inch 1.6 CFT Portable Top Load Washing Machine Mini Compact Washer Dryer is the 2nd worst case of Costway. These two models o Costway are not good washing machine models.

These models don’t have an automatic shutdown feature. They don’t have the engine to do so.

The machine needs to be turned off by the user instead of shutting off on its own. That makes these models require full attention from the user.

It is not for people with busy schedules. Drain tubes need to be drained manually after each load.

The compact size makes washing clothes slower because it can’t have too much load in it. Washers can’t reach the water source, so it’s hard to clean the clothes.

8. Maytag washing machines

maytag washing machines

Maytag is the 8th on the washing machine brands to avoid list. Maytag being around for a long time, used to make good machines, but recently, they have started making the worst washing machines ever.

Be it their load washing machine or others, they are lowering their standard.

They have made really bad machines that have been complained about by customers. The machines have troubled the customers a lot.

There are many unsatisfactory models of Maytag that will disappoint you, but we’ll discuss a single model. The model will be the worst by Maytag for a lot of reasons.

Maytag MVWB750YW is the model we are going to discuss. This machine saves a lot of water.

Using a negligible amount of water is both good and worst quality. It’s worst because the little amount of water it takes isn’t enough to wash clothes at all.

The appliance makes too little water, and the washing results by Maytag MVWB750YW are really not satisfying. The worst part about Maytag MVWB750YW is that it damages clothes that it’s supposed to clean.

The harsh treatment given by this model earned a lot of critical reviews and comments from the users. Users have warned against using fragile and delicate clothes in this washing machine.

Such harsh treatment of their clothes and the damage was unacceptable to users, so they made critical comments and gave reviews about this model. It is referred to by them as the worst washing machine and brand to avoid.

9. Speed​​ Queen washing machine

speed​​ queen washing machine

The 9th worst washing machine brand to avoid is Speed ​​Queen. Even with their name, the washing machines they manufactured can be called the worst washing machines ever.

The quality and working are both regarded as low, and their efficiency is very low.

In a recent laboratory test on washing machines, Speed ​​Queen earned a very low rating on cleaning and efficiency. Their level of cleanliness for cloth was really low in the test.

The machine really lacked performance when the clothes came out; they were not clean at all. Speed​​Queen AWNA62SN305AW01 is the model in which this happened.

The major issue reported by the user was the low quality of cleaning. The low amount of water was also reported by many users as a problem.

The low water has been reported by multiple users, especially the volume of water on delicate clothes was low.

Energy efficiency was reported as a major problem as well. They consume a lot of energy, and they aren’t suitable for low power at all. The app doesn’t work with the washing machine well either.

The remote of the machine isn’t decent either. The performance will disappoint any expectation. The customers have suggested and complained to rather save money than buy this machine.

The power level settings and the features that don’t function are the worst, and it is rough on clothes is more than the worst. The machine lacks durability and breaks soon after purchasing it.

10. Electrolux washing machine

electrolux washing machine

Electrolux takes 10th place in being the worst brand of washing machines to avoid.

Usually, washing machine brands like Electrolux are reliable, but some models of Electrolux will cause you disappointment too.

Electrolux model EFLW317TIW has earned a 1-star rating on Amazon from 21% of the users.

This model has a medium washing capacity, so not fast with washing.

How to remove agitator from ge washer

The design may get you thrilled, and you may get hooked on the size to save time, but disappointments arise after you actually use this model. The big size isn’t benefiting at all.

The size is big, but the efficiency of this model is really low. The machine works really slowly, and it’s a waste of money to spend $500.

The result you get will instantly lower your expectations. You might even lose expectations from this model completely.

If you are thinking of having an energy-efficient machine in your hand, then you are going to lose your cool. The product will cause you to lose. It has also been called the worst washing machine ever.

The big size will make it even slower because big cycles take longer to complete, unlike small cycles. The spin speed of this machine is low.

The working of the machine aside, the customer service is the worst.

Home appliances should have better customer service to solve any issue that may arise instantly. Both the low speed of the machine and inferior washing quality have earned it such critical reviews online.

11. DECO washing machine

deco washing machines

DECO washing machines take 11th place in having the worst performance in washing machines.

The home appliances by DECO have been criticized because of a few models of washing machines that have low cleaning performance. DC4400CV is the model of DICO you should be most aware of.

DC4400CV will make you regret buying DICO. The design of this model is really smart and looks good, but the good style will only trap you.

The cool design machine has received negative feedback from most people who have used this. The performance is worth criticizing.

The worst thing it does is stop in the middle of the wash cycle.

Your clothes remain inside the machine, but the machine stops, and they are half-washed, so taking the clothes out is a big problem in the middle of the cycle. The middle spacing of the machine while working isn’t the only thing.

The machine loses display in the middle as well. Sometimes the panel completely stops displaying, and other times it shows symbols that aren’t understandable. The display blacking out doesn’t compete with the small.

The washing capacity of this stainless steel wash drum is really low. The response command is another problem of this machine. It doesn’t make any sound to inform that the button has been pressed or the option has been selected.

Having Bip sounds helps to know the machine’s functions. It isn’t energy efficient. The poor customer service disappoints more and makes it worst.

Washing machine drain backing up

12. Indesit washing machines

indesit washing machine

Indesit takes 12th place for being a brand to avoid in washing machines. Indesit is an Italian company that has lost its competitiveness with time.

The lack of features in them is the biggest problem of Indesit. Other functionality problems are also present in them.

Indesit Moon SIXL146 is the worst model of this company. This front-load washing machine doesn’t have a glass door.

No glass door means you can’t see the washing cycle in it. This feature was criticized for saying it no sense at all by the users. The critical review was correct for this feature.

The water was stored in the machine in weird places. The design of this machine is weird, and there isn’t creativity in the machine design at all.

The weird design causes filling and removing water issues in it. The detergent gets stuck in the door steel and increases the mess.

The design of this machine isn’t for aesthetics lovers. The design matches old machines, and the supporting features aren’t helpful at all.

Lack of features isn’t the problem if cleaning is proper, but stains are left by the washing machine after the washing is complete.

The stains are left even with the long wash cycles. The wash cycles are really slow and take too long. The poor customer service makes the product even worse.

Wasting money on bad cleaning and not even getting help from customer service o solve the problem makes this brand the worst brand to avoid.

13. Equator washing machines

washing machine brands to avoid

The last worst washing brand to avoid is the Equator. However, Equator has a name like other brands. Some models of the equator aren’t great.

They have problems with functionality and other issues that need dealing with. Equator Super Combo Washer-Dryer EZ 4400 is the worst model by this brand.

This washer-dryer combo is very disappointing to users. The disappointment is caused by its washing capacity.

The storage is so small that even a laundry basket can’t fit. It is half the size of a normal appliance. That makes it really small.

The washing capability is also poorly rated. The dirt removal is really bad, and stains are left on the clothes. It leaves 20% more stains than a normal washing machine.

The dry cycle of this washer isn’t fully functional. The low functionality is the reason stains are left on clothes.

The other issue is with the error codes of this machine. The machine stops working and gives different error codes. The error codes have to be cleared for the washer or the dryer to work.

The dryer doesn’t remove moisture from it. Clothes come out dry after removal.

The washer is only for small loads. Wrinkle paper on clothes when an extra load is used in the machine. The after-sale customer support is terrible.

Having load issues makes it slow to clean. Sometimes this machine takes 2 hours to wash clothes. The company gives poor service to people who have already made a purchase.

Buying Guide

Unlike other buying guides. This guide isn’t just for looking at what qualities should a washing machine have, but this buying guide will help you avoid the worst brands by giving tips and requirements of a good washing machine. The washing machine features and buying guide is below. Read to learn!

  • Style

Syle or the design of the washer is the 1st thing to check. You’ll find front loaders more expensive than top loaders as top loaders have been used traditionally.

But keeping the price of the front load washers aside, the front loader washing machine comes with better cleaning and has more features than top load machines.

Choosing the style depends on cost. Top loader machines don’t do a bad job at cleaning either. The style depends on you and your house as well. Check if the front load washers fit better than the top load or vice versa.

  • Area occupied

The area occupied actually means the size of the washer. It first depends on the top load washers or the front load washers. You need to know the dimensions of the washing machine. Length, height, and width make the dimensions.

The size is then decoded by you. You need to pick the size you want. If you want to live alone, a compatible size will be good, and if you have a family, a larger size is required. The basic washer size is from 24 to 27 inches.

Washing machine stops at rinse cycle

  • Storage

The internal tub volume is related to storage or, in simple words, capacity. A 5 Cu. Ft. tub is enough to wash 20 pounds of clothes in a single cycle. While 2.5 to 4.5 Cu.Ft can hold 9 to 16 pounds of clothes.

Check the amount you have to wash before you decide on the storage. The capacity depends on the size too.

  • Power consumption

Power should be checked before purchasing a washer. Energy saving will get you fewer bills. Energy efficient washing machine will get you a bill with less amount to pay. Any front-load washer is more energy efficient than the top load.

The sticker on the front load washer and top load shows the power consumption. Check if the energy is based on government protocols.

  • Extra features

The more features washing machine models have, the better the washing machine models feel. The heavy load rinse feature is a great addition. Cleaning dirty clothes is a must.

There is also the function of glance auto temperature control. A stainless steel drum will do better cleaning. Having a cold wash is great as cold wash increases cleaning performance.

The washer can be an electric dryer powerhouse. The best washing machine will contain advanced features. Having automatic load sense makes cleaning a breeze.

Other features like an auto detergent dispenser and a fabric softener dispenser will improve all household appliances. Moderate washing capacity is great too.


Above are the 13 worst brand models that should be avoided. Washing machines play an important role in cleaning. Purchasing from a reputable washing machine brand doesn’t mean you will get an awesome washing machine.

The best washing machine brands may be the same as the worst. The best washing machine brand will provide quality and work.

From the above washer brands, you should avoid the models given above. All washer brands have models that aren’t good so selecting from the brands isn’t a bad idea. Washing machine won’t fill keeps draining