Washing machine won’t fill keeps draining

Washing machine won’t fill keeps draining. Washing machines not being able to fill and letting the water drain or leak is a big problem. This is usually because the pump cannot work. It can be a siphoned inlet valve.

I was going to wash clothes, so I turned the tap to water. It started to give water but even after waiting 20 minutes. It didn’t fill. At first, I thought it was a pressure problem, but later I realized that the pressure was fine.

So I started to check the machine. I found out that the water was being drained.

I then checked with a professional plumber online. He advised me to apply this solution, and the issue will be fixed. It worked. Now you can do this by reading.

Washing machine won’t fill keeps draining

washing machine won't fill keeps draining

There are a lot of reasons that your washer keeps draining. The water has been siphoned from the water inlet valve. It is going to the drain pump. It then goes out of the drain hose.

This happens because of a plumbing problem or a problem with the pump. The drain hose is clogged, and the pump is broken.

The belt can cause this. It is also because of the broken lid switch.

The water will keep draining until the problem with all parts is fixed. You will manually need to drain water to start repairing.

Level controller

There is a switch in the appliance that makes the water level and determines when to stop filling. This switch is called a water level switch. It comprises two contacts. One is to power the inlet valve.

This power causes the tub to get filled. The other one lets the water fill and then supplies power to the motor. This starts the washing cycle. If the contacts join, this will disallow the washer from filling.

The switch is to be tested, so we can inspect whether it is fixable. It may also need replacement when it can’t allow the current to pass.

The method to replace will not be mentioned here. You need to check the guide or ask a technician to replace or fixing.

Pressure in water

If the water pressure of the inlet valve is low, it will also not fill the washer. According to your model, you can set the water level. You can see it in the guide. Fill the amount of water by setting the pressure.

This is not very common, but it is likely to happen. So check the pressure before you go to the bigger problem.

Faulty valve

faulty valve

There is a water inlet valve controlling the water flow. It controls both hot and cold water flow. It comprises a solenoid. The solenoids allow the proper flow of water and close when it is filled.

If the washer fills and then drains, it means the valve gets open or doesn’t close properly.

You can test it by filling the washer. After filling it, disconnect all the power. If the valve closes, that means it’s okay, but if it doesn’t close even after turning the power off. That means the washer has a defective valve.

The first thing is to check the valve. It may not be working because of debris and dirt. The debris can block the screen present inside the valve.

You should also check for visible damage. If there is debris, you can solve the problem by removing it. You can use a multimeter, but it requires a proper reading of the user manual. If the damage to the valve is extreme, you will need to replace it with a new one.

Control board issue

There is a control board that monitors the function of the cycle and initiates it as well. The communication is disrupted if the water level valve and level switch.

This wrong or null communication causes the washer to not fill. Wrong settings aid the problem.

The control board should be checked and sought for damage. You may notice burnt marks and unattached wires. You can set the controls if they are wrong. The wires can be restructured with the guide.


The water not filling gets more and more problematic when ignored. You need to find a proper way to replace the parts that are broken. Test them if they actually need changing.

You can mostly change the basic parts, but if the control panel needs replacement, professional needs to be hired. Other problems sometimes may also require professional help.

See more and observe what you can fix.

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