How to remove agitator from ge washer

How to remove agitator from ge washer. GE washing machines are known as one of the market’s most reliable brands. GE provides more complete washing cycles and a more flexible option for the water level. For many requirements, however, there are still many aspects of items that need a little guidance.

Top-loading washing machines commonly use a part called an agitator in the middle of the washing compartment that looks like a big screw or drill bit to agitate the clothes being washed.

If the agitator stops working properly, it can need to be removed for maintenance and repair work.

The agitators of various washing machines are connected in different ways; it is important to know how to properly extract the agitator to avoid damaging it.

How to remove agitator from ge washerHow To Remove Agitator From Ge Washer

If you remove the GE washer agitator because you have a piece of clothing trapped under it, before attempting to remove the agitator, try untwisting the stuck clothing freely.

Find out the direction in which the agitator normally spins in the direction in which the drum is easy to turn, and then keep the outer drum in place while the agitator spins in the opposite direction.

This is to change the agitator’s course to untwist the clothing from under it.

As you continue to turn the agitator in reverse, slowly pull out and untwist the piece of clothing until the agitator is fully free. If this fails, then attempt to remove the agitator to get your clothes back.

There are two types of agitators

  • Bolted agitator
  • Unbolted agitator

Bolted Agitator

Get your washing machine unplugged. Removing the agitator of a washing machine is usually a quick, simple operation with minimal risk of danger. Accidents, however, are likely even during the most routine maintenance acts.

Remove the limit on the agitator. Many GE washer models have agitators that have a single metal bolt fixed in place. The fastening bolt has to be removed first to detach agitators on these models.

Unscrew the bolt which holds down the agitator. Look down into the agitator’s barrel until you remove the hat. You can see a metal bolt or nut holding the whole housing of the agitator in place. To unscrew it, use a ratchet.

Re-install by reversing the above steps. Re-installation is usually very easy for bolted agitators. Place the agitator back in the wash compartment, replace the screw or bolt, tighten it again, and replace the cap with the agitator.

Unbolted Agitator

Open the wash compartment and pull the agitator directly. Take the opportunity to have the shaft lubricated.

Older washing machine models usually have a metal shaft underneath the agitator that requires periodic lubrication to keep the agitator’s motion smooth.

Call a mechanic if you can’t clear your agitator that way.

A surefire way to hurt yourself, damage your washer, or both is to use excessive amounts of pressure to force down on your lever, so play it securely.

Washing Machine Agitator Repair

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