Vaulted ceiling recessed lighting

Vaulted ceiling recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is the lighting fixture installed in the hollow sockets in the ceiling. They shine downward and appear as if the light is coming from within a hole concentrating on a narrow area on the floorboards in a narrow stream. 

Vaulted ceiling recessed lightingvaulted ceiling recessed lighting 2022

A vaulted ceiling is a ceiling in which is arched or vaulted. That is higher than a standard flat ceiling. Vaulted ceilings increase the grandeur and the aesthetic of the roof. 

Recessed lighting in a vaulted ceiling is one of the limitations of a vaulted ceiling. It is hard to manage but not entirely impossible. 


Insulation of ceiling: Recessed lighting interferes with the insulation of a ceiling. It can damage a vaulted ceiling and trap moisture between the wall and lighting and cause much more damage. 

Thinner than normal ceilings: Vaulted ceilings tend to be thinner than average ceilings, and insulation must be displaced if recessed lights are used for vaulted ceilings.

Hard to install: Recessed lighting can be hard to install due to the slope of the ceiling. Proper cuts to installing the lights cannot be made accurately.

Expenses: Recessed lighting is costly in itself. While being expensive on a flat, regular ceiling, it almost doubles in price on a vaulted ceiling. 

A little moisture does no harm, but moisture gets trapped between the insulation and roofing, and it can cause significant damage after a long time.

Prevention: There is no way to prevent damage completely, but a few can help minimize the damage.

Leaving space between the ceiling and lights: This can help provide ventilation between the ceiling and lights and help to minimize damage.

Using Led lights: LED lights can be used to reduce the amount of heat radiated as old bulbs and other lights get very hot.

Using airtight fixtures: This is a way to prevent moisture from getting trapped within the ceiling and insulation. This helps no moisture to get in and affects the ceiling and roof.


There are many alternatives to recessed lighting too. A few are listed below:

  • LED strip lights
  • Chandeliers
  • Wall lighting etc.


Recessed lighting may look exceptional on vaulted ceilings, but it has many drawbacks and disadvantages. The cons may outweigh the pros in the long run.

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