Unclog toilet with dish soap and hot water

Unclog toilet with dish soap and hot water. Toilet getting clogged is the worst problem of the latrine. The water might spill on the floor if it isn’t unclogged. The feces floating and urine on the floor is a disgusting sight. I don’t think a lot of people can hold their vomit.

More than that, if a friend or a guest sees this sight. It will be a never-ending shame for us. Mine got clogged, and I was not at peace.

I kept plunging, but the toilet wasn’t clearing out.

The clog was tough. I looked at a lot of websites and then came up with a solution. The solution merely required dish soap and hot water. Keep reading, and you will know too.

Unclog toilet with dish soap and hot water

unclog toilet with dish soap and hot water

On a stove, heat at least a gallon of water. Until the water is heated, put some soap in the bowl. Do not let it boil, but do make sure that it is extremely hot.

Carefully pour it into the toilet. Use a bucket with a handle, so you don’t get burned.

Let the water mix with them and stay. Wait for 20 minutes as the debris and other clogging material present inside soften. Then use a plunge and clear the clogging.

Things needed

  • Stove
  • Water
  • Pot
  • Dish soap
  • Plunge
  • Gloves
  • Mask


The way to use soap and water to get rid of clogging is written below.

Water supply shutoff and safety

Wear the mask and put on the gloves. They provide safety. Germs and bacteria are present in the latrine. After that, water is the primary thing to take care of.

The water and its supply should be cut off. If not, the water will overflow from the bowl.

Turn the valves and the levers off. Disconnecting the tank, for the time being, is a good thing. The main water can be turned off.

Ready the stove

Put a gallon of water in a pot. Choose a pot with two handles, one on each side. It is easy to lift it with two handles.

The pouring will be easy this way too. Now put the pot on a stove and ignite it. Let it heat.

Pouring soap

Now pour dishwashing soap into a cup. Make it, so it is half. Do not worry about putting too much. Now squirt it into the bowl.

Soap needs to stay there for at least 10 minutes. Well, the soap may actually clear the clogging by itself. That will save you from following the other steps.

Heating level

Back to the pot. Do not let the water boil. Take it off before it does. There will be bubbles in the water while on the stove.

Look at the bottom; the bubbles mean water is near its boiling point. Just lift the pot from the stove with the handles.

Pouring the warm aqua

pouring the warm aqua

Now carefully, with speed, pour the water through the pot into the bowl. Let it flow at a good speed. Do not let it splash here and there, or don’t let it get to you.

Keep the pot close to the bowl while pouring. Hold the handles carefully, so the pot doesn’t flip.

Do not let it overflow. Use a plunge before pouring water. The soup has already been poured, and you have let it stay for 10 minutes, so it is ok to plunge.

Plunging will help at least a little water to go through. The water will drain.

Plunging and clearing

After you have poured the hot water, the drain will probably open automatically. If not, then plunge again with a plunger. Do it till the water disappears from the drain. Seal the drain hole with the plunge. Now push and pull.

Do not let the seal be open. Push and pull the stick. If you think the drain has not been cleared. Put more warm aqua and dishwashing soap like before. Redo the steps. Keep creating until you are satisfied.


The problem caused by clogging can be major, like this one. It can be minor too, but it will grow. Taking care of clogging and cleaning the drains from time to time can be good for preventing it.

Vinegar, lemon, and baking soda can be used as natural remedies for clogging. A plumber with experience will solve your problem in no time, so you can call one.

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