How to unclog toilet when nothing works

How to unclog toilet when nothing works. Let’s face it. Nothing is more humiliating than a stinking, clogged toilet.

It’s a terrible thing that you have to cope with it, but inviting people over is out of the question. This article will teach you all of the basic strategies for unclogging a toilet when nothing else works.

Whether you’ve tried to fix your clogged toilet and still have a terrible odor, you’ve probably never tried any of the solutions we’re about to teach you. 

How to unclog toilet when nothing works
how to unclog a toilet when nothing works

 Mindfully Flush the Toilet Bowl

Small stones, gravel, and other things in dirty water might block your toilet in the long run. As a result, it’s critical to double-check whatever you flush down the toilet.

Something that’s not toilet roll and isn’t from your body should not be flushed away.

When you share a bathroom with multiple housemates, try posting a list of items that you should not flush on the toilet wall.

Use a Plungeruse a plunger

To begin, you’ll need to put on rubber gloves to cover your hands from toilet water splashing. Next, take the plunger by the grip and push the rubber section of the plunger into the toilet bowl until you produce an airtight vacuum.

Afterward, gradually increase the force with which you press down the plunger. Repeat this process until you reach a tighter vacuum, then draw it out once.

The clog will simply loosen when you draw out the plunger, enabling everything to flow down the drain.

 A mixture of Baking Soda and Vinegar a mixture of baking soda and vinegar

Unclogging toilets that have been clogged for a long time is easy using a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Prepare a mix once you have the baking soda, cups, vinegar, bowl/container, and water on hand.

Fill the bowl/container with two cups of water and one cup of soda. Pour the solution into the toilet bowl after properly mixing it. The addition of vinegar in the bowl will cause a reaction, which will be seen as bubbles.

The things clogging your toilet will loosen up due to the vinegar and baking soda combination, allowing water to flow freely.

Use Dish Soap and Hot Boiling Wateruse dish soap and hot boiling water

A gallon of water must be brought to a boil and then cool to a comfortable temperature. Take a few bits of dish soap, place it in the toilet bowl, fill it with warm water, and wait.

Flush the toilet after a few minutes to allow the solution to travel down the drain and clear any remaining obstructions.

Use a Plumbing Snake

Whenever you need to get down deep into the drain, a plumbing snake is also an excellent item to have.use a plumbing snake

Once the plumbing snake is inserted, place one tip of the closet auger in the toilet and push down until you feel resistance from the toilet bowl.

You can rotate the tool to push the clog more profound into the drain by pushing it further. To liberate the water, keep performing the actions until nothing is restricting its course.

 Use an Enzyme Product

This product is inexpensive and widely found in most grocery shops and local plumbing supply stores. It is mainly used to break down the trash in septic systems. use an enzyme product

It’s only good for getting rid of organic waste that’s obstructing your toilet’s drain.

Anything other than organic trash will necessitate the use of a separate instrument. When using an enzyme product to unclog toilets, read the package directions first to ensure you understand how to use it.

Pour the required quantity of enzyme into the bowl and let it work on the clogs for a few minutes. Then you can flush the toilet to test if the waste has been broken down sufficiently to release water freely.


How to unclog toilet when nothing works. The bathroom is the place that is the house of germs. The significant development of germs takes place through this place.

If this house site is not adequately cleaned, it can cause severe problems for every house member. In this article, we have given you the best ways to clean your clogged washroom.

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