Troy bilt lawn mower won’t start

Troy bilt lawn mower won’t start. There are many things that can stop a Troy-Bilt lawnmower from starting. It is not a good thing to occur because grass keeps growing on the lawn.

Eventually, it is very difficult to know where to start searching for trouble.

Once it happened to me that my lawn mower stopped working, I spent my whole weekend searching for the actual reason for the problem. That’s why I am writing this article to share with you all the possible causes behind the malfunctioning of a mower.

  • The gas container is empty
  • Clog in air filter
  • Clogged carburetor
  • Too old gas in the container
  • The spark plug is broken
  • Fuel lines are clogged
  • Fuse is blown
  • Battery is bad
  • The issue with the charging system
  • Deficiency of maintenance

So, these are some common causes that prevent a mower from working accurately. Keep reading because I will explain these points deeply further.

Troy bilt lawn mower won’t start

troybilt lawn mower won't start

It depends upon the model; your lawnmower may need a service monitor, which could specify a particular component of the lawnmower that is demanding attention.

Literally, if you will keep the regular maintenance of the unit and experience fixing a damaged part, then it will increase the life span for some more years.

So without any wait, let’s see why the Troybilt lawn mower won’t start to work.

1. The gas container is empty

A lawnmower needs gas to start and work. I am explaining this here because sometimes you forget to refill the gas into the container.

So whenever you start to mow the lawn with the mower, then ensure that the gas tank is full. If it is empty or there is less gas in the container, then add fresh gas into the unit so that it works accurately without making any trouble.

2. Too old gas in the container

It is essential to know that do not to use the wrong kind of gas in the container because it could damage the unit badly.

In markets, there are a variety of gases available so always choose the right type of fuel to fill. Normally, a Troybilt lawnmower engine needs gasoline fuel in which there is no ethanol.

3. Clog in air filter

If your machine is not starting but just clicking, then check its filter. If there is a filter that is clogged, then it will not stain the air.

Eventually, the procedure of combustion is disturbed inside the inner engine. So you will have to clean the air filter. You will need just two things to clean the air filter.

  • Hot water
  • Air filter cleaner


  • First of all, mix the hot water with the air filter cleaner.
  • Remove the air filter from the unit.
  • Take a brush and clean the dry dust and debris from the air filter.
  • Now, if you see all the holes in the air filter are full of dust and dirt, then it is better to replace it with a new air filter.
  • Apart from that, rinse the air filter for half an hour in the cleaner mixture.
  • Dry out the filter till no water remains in it.
  • Refix it in the lawnmower and try to start the machine.

4. Clogged carburetor

clogged carburetor

Another reason for not starting the mower could be a clogged in carburetor. A carburetor is normally clogged when you leave the fuel in the container for a long time.

With time, some of the elements in the gas may vaporize, leaving beyond-dense material.

This dense material will stop the engine from starting so if you check the clog in the carburetor, then clean it with a cleaner solution. If the unit still does not start after the cleaning, then replace the carburetor.

5. The spark plug is broken

Check the spark plug for marks of damage or wear out. If the electrode of the spark plug is broken or the porcelain insulator is defective, then it is suggested to you that you change the spark plug.

6. Fuel lines are clogged

It is always necessary to use good fuel in the tank of the lawnmower. If you save some cost by using the bad or too old fuel in the tank then it could damage the fuel lines as well as the fuel system.

Inspect each part of the pipe for clogging. When you find out the blocked fuel line, then try to clean the blockage. You can use squeezed air into the fuel line to death the clog.

7. Fuse is blown

A fuse is fixed into the electrical system of the mower for safety. Inspect the fuse of the lawnmower and ensure that the fuse is not blown away as you can not repair a blown fuse, so you will have to install a new fuse in the unit.

8. Battery is bad

troybilt lawn mower won't start 2022

Every battery has its self-life, so when this time is over, it runs out without any reason. So if the life span of the battery of the mower is over, then purchase a new one and fix it properly in the machine.

9. Start switch is defective

Sometimes, the machine does not start due to a damaged start switch. So if you want to confirm if the start switch is defective, you can use a multimeter to check it for its continuity.

10. Deficiency of maintenance

A lawnmower is like other electrical appliances so you will have to maintain it properly by keeping its maintained every month.

Keep replacing the fuel in the tank and removing the clog in the different components.


Troy bilt lawn mower won’t start. The bottom line of the article is that I am hopeful now you can fix the issue in the lawnmower if it is not starting. There are countless reasons that can prevent the machine from operating.

But most important is the proper maintenance and cleaning of dust and debris from all parts.

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