How to put a belt on ac riding lawn mower

How to put a belt on ac riding lawn mower. People have been using these lawn movers for a long ago, and their new technologies and new features make users in falling in their usage even more.

People enjoy their new features a lot, but if something goes wrong with them, then it could be very frustrating for the people who use them.

The lawnmower works according to what we guide them, but if something goes wrong or is faulty with them, then they will lose the command and will not work according to you. So you have to maintain its maintenance to make its reliability for a longer period.

The most common problem that comes with the craftsman riding a lawnmower is a worn-out belt.

How to put a belt on ac riding lawn mower

how to put a belt on ac riding lawn mower

Reason 1: Cut the grass

If you have a lawnmower and you use it to cut the grass, then keep in mind that the lawnmower doesn’t modify to cut grass above 40 to 42 inches.

When you try to cut the grass which is above 42 inches with the craftsman lawn mower, then the grass will stick in its belt, and the belt will wear out by stretching above its ability.

Reason  2: Continues Use

As the driver’s belt engages a lot with the craftsman’s mower blades, and due to continued use, it can heat up and split out from the process.

Reason 3: Damped Stretchy Rubber

When rubber comes in continued use, then it can get strong and damned, and due to strictness, it can wear out as well. It will disturb the whole process of the lawnmower, and you have to get it replaced.


We have provided step by step guide that you can follow up to put up a belt on a craftsman riding a lawnmower without any professional help.

Step 1: Gather Tools

gather tools

The first step that you have to take to start putting the belt on is to gather all the necessary tools that you have to gather up so that you can start the process smoothly.

Things you’ll Need:

  • Pair of safety gloves
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • replacement belt
  • block of woods

gather all the above tools and supplies so that you can start your process easily and can save time.

Steps 2: Detach the Sparke PLug Cable

The most important step is to detach the spark plug as a precautionary measure and also wear a safety glove.

Detaching the plug is a precautionary step because if you do not detach it, then the danger of the lawnmower starting while you are detaching will lie up your head during the process.

Step 3:  Set your lawnmower on a flat surface

Make sure that you put a lawnmower on a leveled surface so that you can work properly and it doesn’t move a lot. Block the gear, so it doesn’t roll out while you are replacing a belt

Step 4: Detach the deck of the Lawnmower

The next step that we have to take is to detach the deck of the lawnmower. You have to be extra patient during this process because this will take some time.

  • Adjust the height: The first thing that you have to do is adjust the height. Set the height at the lowest point.
  • Locate the bolt and bow clips: after setting the height next, you have to locate the bolt and bow clips of the deck; you can locate the bolt around the tire, and then after locating the bolt, you can find bow clips right above that bolt.
  • Remove the Cutting Blades: for removing the cutting blades, you have to apply a little force on the drive level so that you can push it towards you and you can locate it around the steering wheel of the lawnmower.
  • Discharging the belt: now, you have to discharge the belt by rolling it around the engine by releasing it from  both sides, and to release the support, you have to remove the pin and washer
  • Pull out the Deck: to release the deck; you have to remove both suspensions and arms on the right and the left side.

Step 5: Detach the old belt

now you have to detach the old belt by releasing and pulling the cables that are showing after removing the deck. Use your hands to lose those pullies that are watched with the old belt.

Remove the belt from both pulleys, and the belt will be removed.

Step 6; Put back lawn mower deck

Put everything back in its place as put the lawnmower deck again its place by reversing the removal process.

Step 8: Reinstall the spark plug cable

the way you removed the belt n. you just have to reverse the process simply. as the old belt was attached to the pulley, and we have detached it from the pulley.

To reinstall it, we have to connect the new replacement belt with the pullies. Use a guide that is available with the pulley, and use your hands to connect the new replacement belt with the pulley and make sure that you are putting it in the right way. How to put a belt on a riding lawn mower.

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