Lawn mower keeps cutting out

Lawn mower keeps cutting out. There are many causes behind the lawnmower continuously cutting out after pressing g the trigger button.

Most of the problems are comparatively not difficult to understand, and you can fix them easily. The major reasons behind the cutting out of a lawnmower are the following.

  • The bag is full of grass
  • Fuel is bad
  • The air filter is dirty
  • Issues of spark plug and carburetor
  • Issues of oil
  • The fuel line is clogged
  • Blockage in exhaust

All these above-mentioned points are major reasons responsible for this issue. If your lawnmower is creating the same issue, then, first of all, you will have to investigate the machine completely and find out the main issue behind the malfunctioning.

Keep reading to know more in detail about all points to fix the issue by yourself to save money. You may hire a professional if you have no time to fix the problem.

Lawn mower keeps cutting out

lawn mower keeps cutting out

Lawnmowers are known to give top shape to your lawn in the home.

It is essential to use it carefully because if you use it continuously for a long time, then it can be overheated and also starts to cut out after some time of switching it on.

If your lawnmower keeps cutting out, then read the following points.

1. The bag is full of grass

The first and most important point to note down is that ensure that your bag is not full of grass and rotten leaves when you are switching on the machine.

Keep removing the bag from the grass regularly so that the unit will not cut out to switch off.

2. Fuel is bad

The lawnmower also starts to cut out soon when the fuel you are using in it is too old and when water is mixed with the gas. Usually, it happens when you are using the mower after some time, and the fuel in it is also old.

You will have to replace the gas. Most manufacturers advise that they do not use fuel which is not been used for more than one month.

With time most of the compounds are vaporized from the fuel, and leftovers remain in it. These leftovers are clogged in the carburetor, making it difficult for the machine to start; eventually, it is cut out.

3. Issues of oil

The engine of the mower demands the right amount of oil to work accurately. There are several issues which can generate due to the oil, like the amount of oil being less, the mixing of water with oil, oil is over dated.

All these issues can affect the engine of the mower and bring it to cut out.

4. The fuel line is clogged

the fuel line is clogged

If the fuel line is clogged due to dust and debris, then the mower will start to cut out soon after starting the machine. The basic purpose of the fuel line is to convey the gas from the fuel tank to the engine.

If there is a clog in the fuel line, then definitely not a sufficient amount of gas will be delivered to the engine resulting in the cutting out of the mower. So ensure that there is no dust and debris in the fuel line.

5. Issues of spark plug and carburetor

A fault in the spark plug is also one of the main reasons for a mower to start cutting out. Spark plugs are broken down with time and demand replacing.

It is essential to inspect the spark plug of the machine after one year. If there is dust on it, then remove it with the help of a brush from the plug. But if you see that it is damaged or broken, then you will have to replace it.

In the same way, you can relate to the cutout problem with the carburetor. If your carburetor is creating an issue, then the first step is to check its settings.

Ensure that it is not loose so that air does not leak from it. The next thing is to check the bowl of the carburetor. There should be no dust, dirt, or water in the bowl. Lastly, inspect the gasket of the carburetor. If it is cracked, then replace it.

6- Blockage in the exhaust

lawn mower keeps cutting out 2022

If there is blockage of dust and dirt in the exhaust, then the mower will cut out. The engine of the machine will not work efficiently when there is a clog in the exhaust.

So regularly clean the exhaust and other components of the mower to fix the problem of cutting out.

7- The air filter is dirty

If you do not maintain the lawnmower, then its air filter will get clogged. If you see that the air filter is dirty, then detach it from the machine and clean all the dust and debris from it.

You can use water and soap to wash the air filter. After cleaning it properly, refix it with the machine. If this was the issue of cutting out of the machine, then hopefully, it is solved now.


Lawn mower keeps cutting out. The final thoughts of this article are that it is a very terrible situation if your lawnmower is cutting out constantly.

The main thing is that always clean the mower completely so that there should be no dust in any component of the machine.

All the possible reasons and other solutions are described above which will surely help you to get rid of this trouble.

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