Traeger not igniting

Traeger not igniting. The Traeger is making its way into People’s life very quickly because it uses a wood pellet grill and works perfectly as a high-end oven.

Suppose you are waiting for your guests while planning to prepare food on Traeger, but suddenly it stops igniting.

We know it sounds frustrating, as this happens to us often when our guests are around to land, and we run out of prop arrangements.

Type of when such type of situation, then we jump to help you to get rid of this problem. We will help you so that your igniter starts generating again.

If you are a generator is not generating, then the first thing that you have to do is to look at the reason behind it.

You have to identify the causes behind this sudden fault.

But you don’t have to take a considerable amount of tension because we have got you covered, and we will help you to fix the generator in no time so that you can start cooking again according to the way that you planned earlier.

Without any further due, let’s get straight into the Guide.

Traeger not igniting


The first thing that you have to do is to troubleshoot why your is not Traeger not igniting.

So we will go through the basic troubleshooting steps we have specially listed for you.

Reason 1: Faulty Sources of Power

faulty sources of power

The first thing that you have to do is to check the sources of power. Check the power outlet and other substances transferring the power to the Traeger.

Because sometimes, the problem Is widespread and fundamental, but we make problems even worse by assuming intense fault.

So without any due first thing that we must do is to check the fundamental things at checking the power outlet because sometimes the power outlet is the only problem that is not letting the igniter turn on.

So there is a straightforward way to check the power outlet.

All you have to do is simply check the Traeger power cord and any other switches you are using. You have to do two basic things to examine the power cord.

The first thing is to plug the Traeger or Traeger grills in another extension or switch and check whether it’s still working.

If Igniter is still not working, then it could be possible that the problem is not in the trigger’s power cord, but the problem lies in something else.

Reason 2: Examine Tripped GFI

Another thing that you can do is to check the GFI, which is lt interrupter, because the problem could line to it.

If I mostly get trips because of the problems with outdoor power chords. When something dangerously like water makes its way through the outlets of connections when GFI starts tripping, and if I keep on tripping, it will not let the igniter turn ON.

If you find that your GFI is tripped and or is at fault, then you have to do is to reset the GFI simply.

Check other Bakers around your space if they are tripping because they can also trip because of water or something dangerously exposed to the power cords.

Reason 3: Examine Traeger Power Cord

examine traeger power cord

Check whether the power cord you use to connect your Traeger to the originator is in good condition.

Because sometimes the problem is lying into our dripped broken or scratched power cord. So you have to check for any damage simply.

If re Some damage in the Traeger power cord, then replacing it immediately or fixing the damage will possibly fix the job as well your igniter will start turning on again.

Reason 4: Loosen RTTD Temperature Probe

loosen rttd temperature probe

When the control panel is disallowed to connect with temperature from then, it will start showing off errors.

And some time location the connection gets loosened between the RTD temperature probe and the control panel is.

So we recommend you locate the probs connection that is simple. You can find it somewhere in the control panel.

If you witnessed a losing connection, the best thing you can do is to connect the losing connection with the RTD temperature probe and, after connection, ensure that it is in good condition.

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But after checking out the connection, if your problem persists, then you have 2 terms to replace the temperature Probe.

You have to check the drip tray as well because a drip tray can also cause temperature problems.

You have to keep the desired temperature in the cooking chamber, especially in terms of cooking temperature.

Reason 5: Examine the Control Panel

examine the control panel

We’ll go into detail about the examination process by examining the control panel.

But you must ensure that you take all the necessary precautions by switching the power cord and control board and unplugging it.

After checking and unplugging the control panel, you have to exam in its use. the fuse basically comes in the rectangle amount.

It could also come in a cylinder shape. Simply locate the fuse and control board to remove it so you can examine it.

Because examining the fuse or control board is critical at this point, thoroughly check if it changes its color or looks like a burn.

If the fuse is clearly asking for a replacement, you must replace it with the new one. But if it is what the problem then shifts to the next examination step.

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Reason 6: Examine Wire connections

We all know that every control panel is connected using different colored wires. But if this colored wire connection gets disturbed, it can create a severe problem.

Check so you must have to examine the connection of these colored wires, but before that, you’ve to go through the functionality of each color.

  • Red Wire: If we talk about Red-colored wire, it is mainly connected to the jammed auger Motor.
  • Black Wire: Black wire is a wire connected to the power source to run its functionalities.
  • Orange wires: Orange wire is the wire that runs its function to the induction motor. Orange wires are used explicitly for the auger motors as well.
  • Purple Wire: purple wire is the most critical wire because it is the wire connected to the hot rod Ignitor, and when something goes wrong with the Ignitor, that reason’s name lies in the hot rod.
  • Purple and White wires: the most common functionality of colorless wires arises the board, like the connection with the auger motor.

Now, these wires are attached to the plastic zip ties holding them. You have to remove the plastic tape tiles. After removing these zip ties, you can check them properly.

Ensure that every single wire is connected to its relevant color like if you see purple color, then it should be connected to a relevant plug which should also be in purple.

Reason 6: Dirty Fire Pot

dirty fire pot

Firepot is an essential thing that helps the Igniter to work correctly, and if it gets dirty or damaged, then Ignitor will stop working. So first, we will optimize it, then we will go into detail about how we can clean it.

The first thing that you have to do is to look at the fire pot and remove it. The spare part is basically attached somewhere between the lower and upper Traeger grill grates.

Teager grill troubleshooting is the most crucial step if the Traeger grill fails. If we go on, the Traeger grill grates come underneath The Heat baffle. If the problem stays in the grill grate or any of the Traeger grills, the grill won’t ignite.

After locating the fire pot, check whether the efforts are dirty. In case of a dirty fire pot, you have to clean it because otherwise, the Traeger grill won’t ignite. In that case, Traeger grill troubleshooting is a compulsory step.

Because if you leave it dirty, it will not help you get back to your Traeger Traeger Witnesses are layers and layers of dust around and inside the firepot c.

You can have to immediately clean it because it will make the situation even worse later

We recommend you to the se a wire brush to scrap the dust out of the heating pot. a wire brush will help you to scrap the layers and layers.

After clearing it out just now, you must vacuum it using a simple regular vacuum available at your home.

Remove all the remaining contest and its particle that I am lying on the firepot. We recommend you use high-quality pellets.

But if you had the mistake of buying and installing low-quality pellets and now they are lying in the ocean of Trust, you have to throw it in such a situation simply.

Using too much power supply or too many pells instead they are wood pellets, feeding pellets, or wet pellets could be disturbing because excessive of anything could be harmful.

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Reason 7: Examining Hot Rod

examining hot rod

After thoroughly examining the fire part, if you see that there is nothing wrong with that, at this point, you have to check the hot rod (i love how it rhymes).

Sometimes our induction fan or hot rod gets damaged or malfunctions for many different reasons, and it will stop Power from the originator of the Traeger pellet grill and to the induction fan.

Hot Rod basically works to fire down the wood pellets, which are specially located somewhere down to the fire pot. Hot Rod basically helps the Traeger grills to light up in a convenient way.

If Ut stope working correctly, then many inconveniences can occur which lead to a more severe and significant problem.

Suppose you see anything malfunctioning or disturbing the hot rod damage.

In that case, you have to replace it with the new hot rod immediately because this type of problem leads to serious heat baffle issues, especially in the hot rod.

For this purpose, you have to hot rod remove by using a Traeger auger shaft or a similar object.

Basic Inspection

We recommend you do some basic inspection of faulty parts and examine if the temperature fan is running with a nice sheen or not.

Check the heat coming from which heating element. If heat disturbs the function in any way, then setting up the thtemperaturere probe and auger motor will possibly fix the job.

Also, check moisture in the components because moisture can make grills and drip pan wet and can make the auger jam. in such a situation, you have to use an auger shaft. Otherwise, Traeger won’t ignite.

In such a situation, you have to absorb moisture in a shear pin sort of speech, which can absorb excess moisture.

We recommend you run your igniter in the same place or thoroughly read demo mode for hand hovering your main concepts of running it. If you want to get help, then contact Traeger support.


If you are excited to show your cooking skills to your favorite guest, buy cooking on our Traeger.

This type of excitement sometimes leads to frustration as well. If you are excited about cooking on your treasure, but if suddenly it stops igniting, then one thing you can do is Roam around for help so that you can start your cooking again in no te.

Well, if you were roaming around, then you must have landed on the very exact page.

Because in this article, we have listed many different ways through which you can learn why your Ignitor is not working.

If you identify the reasons behind not igniting, you will be able to fix it by going through our guide.

Well, if still your igniter grill not igniting or Trauger won’t ignite, and your control panel is giving up on you. If you are feeling stuck, we recommend you immediately contact Traeger customer service to know about settings like internal components.

It is essential for you to consider setting up the smoke settings, checking the loose connection, overall igniting Molex connectors, extension cords, and some electrical problems.

We hope that this guide will help you to fix your problem in no time, and you’ll be prevented from the disappointment and frustration that you are gaining after your Traeger is not igniting.