Gas fireplace turns off by itself

Gas fireplace turns off by itself. If the gas fireplace turns off by itself, then you are probably having a pilot issue in the heater. The pilot issue in the heater is most likely because of low gas or the gas lines having obstacles in them for the gas.

The wooden fireplace is not used as the wood is expensive and produces a lot of smoke. I use the gas fireplace instead of the wooden one because for the same reason.

But recently, my gas fireplace started showing issues and would turn off on its own. The feeling of anger when the fireplace turned off on its own was something I couldn’t describe.

I inspected my fire pace and looked at the fireplace thoroughly to find the reasons it didn’t stay lit. The reasons why it happened were the same as that of the heater not staying lit. I fixed my fireplace.

Gas fireplace turns off by itself

If you have a gas fireplace that turns off by itself, then you are not happy. The fireplace, not saying lit, can get annoying. Several reasons interfere and won’t let the gas fireplace remain lit. The most common reason is the gas itself.

If there is a lack of gas in the fireplace, then it won’t stay lit. The fireplace will turn off by itself if it doesn’t have enough gas. The clogs in the pilot will stop it from staying ignited. Clogged burner ports can make it turn off itself as well.

Partially opened valve

partially opened valve

Gas is the most important factor in a fireplace or a heater that works on it. The gas that ignites the fireplace is methane.

If the fireplace lacks gas, then it will not stay lit and will turn off.

Without gas, you won’t be able even to ignite the place. Gas to the fireplace is like blood, and without its blood, the place is useless. Your problem may be similar to it.

The gas to the place may not be enough. The main reason the gas doesn’t get to the place is that the gas valve is not open completely.

The gas valve is for controlling the gas pressure and the amount of gas that can reach the place. If the gas valve is half closed or only open a little, then the place will only have enough gas to ignite but not remain lit.


The fix to having a lack of gas because of the valve being coded or nearly closed is to set the valve again.

You can turn the gas valve completely on, and the gas will start coming in the amount that is needed by the heater to be ignited.

Though try not to open the gas valve too much, as if you open the valve too much, then the place will be ignited too much.

Open the gas valve enough for the gas to be enough to keep the place ignited. Other reasons cause lack of gas too.


The main problem is that there can be clogs in the gas line that can cause the gas flow to be disrupted, and that will not let the fireplace remain on.

If your fireplace is connected to the gas line, then you need to get the clogs opened.

Pilot issue

pilot issue

If your place was not ignited even by changing the pressure, then your pilot may have an issue.

The pilot is a small structure that carries a small flame, and that flame is solely responsible for getting the fireplace to ignite at all.

If the flame from the pilot is too small, then the fireplace won’t even ignite, and that will give you a gas problem. There are buttons that light the fire on the pilot.

If you can’t ignite your place or the place doesn’t stay on, then the pilot light is your culprit. The pilot has a small hole, so it can easily get closed or clogged.

The clogging in the pilot is because of simple dust and sometimes debris. The main flame is disrupted because of the pilot’s flame not coming, and that’s why the place shuts on its own. This will cause the fire to shut off completely.


If you have a problem with the fake of the pilot or the pilot itself, then you need to care for the pilot to get the right size of the flame from it. The color of the gas on the pilot also matters.

Clear the debris or the dirt built in the pilot by using something like a needle. The pilot issue won’t be resolved if the setting of the pilot is wrong as well. Resetting the pilot of the fireplace can sometimes solve your pilot problem as it may have been caused by settings.

Burner ports issue

burner ports issue

There is sometimes an issue with the burner ports of the fireplace. The burner ports may not be igniting the flames.

You may call the burner ports heat elements. Replace the heating element or the burner ports, and then try the fireplace if it works.

Thermopile issue

thermopile issue

There is a sensor in the fireplace that is very important. The sensor in the fireplace is reasonable for opening and closing the gas valve.

The gas valve is completely controlled by this sensor for turning the place on and on. The problem of shutting begins with the thermopile being faulty.

There can be multiple faults in the thermopile that make the sensor turn on and off on its own.

Sometimes there comes malfunctions in the thermopile, and those malfunctions are not great for the fireplace. The malfunction in the thermopile caused the fireplace not to stay lit and shut down on its own.

The thermopile issue can be caused by power surges, and that can fry the thermopile, and sometimes the thermopile is turning the fireplace of because of wrong settings. Faulks in thermopiles are common, so try checking the thermopile. Read more below.


The thermopile, as I said, is damaged because of power surges and other problems. The malfunction in the thermopile is because of the system as well.

If the thermopile is not working, then try setting the thermopile through settings. You can do so by resetting the fireplace to get default functions.

If the rest was not useful or the rest didn’t solve your problem, then try to get the thermopile replaced.

You may bring a professional to check your fireplace and get the thermopile replaced. You can get the thermopile fixed, and the problem of having your fireplace turned off will be solved.

Thermocouple issue

thermocouple issues

The thermocouple is also a sensor, and it is used by the fireplace for temperature regulation. The thermocouple can get faulty, just like the thermopile.

Resisting the thermocouple can be useful sometimes. You may have to get the thermocouple to get replaced as well.

A professional will replace the thermocouple.


If you have a fireplace that turns on its own and won’t stay lit for you. Then you need to find out why the fireplace is doing it for you.

There can be a different reason for the fireplace having issues. You should check the fireplace issue as above. Thanks for reading!

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