Toilet smells of urine despite cleaning

Toilet smells of urine despite cleaning. A toilet has an important part in the sanitation system of a house. It takes off the waste extra water immaculately and functionally without creating a bad smell.

It is a very important and most visited part of a house, so you should clean and maintain it in your daily routine to get rid of the urine smell.

But instead of all cleanliness, if it is still producing a bad urine smell, then it might be a problem of leaking seal which is present under the toilet.

A seal detached the toilet pipe from the main toilet. If it starts leaking from the bottom, then the dirty liquid will start flowing from the bottom, due to which urine smell will spread into the washroom and will make it difficult to visit the washroom.

To get rid of the urine smell, you should repair the seal from the bottom by calling a plumber who will fix it properly.

Toilet smells of urine despite cleaningtoilet smells of urine despite

You walk into the toilet and notice a bad smell of urine despite you having done cleaning in the toilet one hour ago. Then it could be due to different reasons.

It does not matter how many toilet bowl cleaners you use; if there is a problem with the seal which is leaking, then besides the bad order, it is also dangerous for structural damage.

Sealing ring is broken

A selling ring about the bottom of the toilet stops the growth of bacteria and the flow of liquid from that part to the floor of the washroom.

If this seal gets damaged or broken, then the dirty fluid or liquid will flow back into the floor, or it will give a very bad urine smell.

Inspect the sealing ring and see the cracks on it. Now put it chinking on the cracks. If the sealing ring is looser, then you can hire a plumber which will fix the cracks or replace the ring to remove the urine smell.

Blockage in toilet drainblockage in toilet drain

If your toilet drain pipe is flushing normally, then it is also possible that there is some clog in it, due to which a bad odor is coming from the toilet.

If you feel that that minor clog is a reason for the bad smell, then you can clean the clog with the help of the snake drain.

The snake drain will clear the hiding wastes from the pipe, after clearing the clog, flush water into the toilet so that smell is removed completely.

Problem in the vent pipe

You know that all the drains of toilets are attached with the vent pipes which aerate and clear the sewer gas.

Air comes into the pipe so that all the waste can easily flow into the pipes and then into the main gutter. If there is a blockage in this vent, then it will clog.problem in the vent pipe

The vent pipe can be clogged due to not being designed perfectly or may be due to the nest of a bird.

You can not clear these vents on your own, so you will have to contact a plumber who will inspect them and clear the pipes so that the sewer gas can escape easily.

Bacteria in the sewerage line

It happens that the bacteria in the main sewerage line come into the toilet through the water. These small organisms live in the toilet bowl and start to reproduce quickly.

Due to these bacteria, a bad foul smell remains in the toilet after you clean it properly.

Don’t worry about these bacteria. They can be removed easily from the toilet without putting any extra effort. You will just have to pour some cups of bleach into the flush valve of the toilet.

This bleach will come into the ring of the toilet through the flesh valve and remove the bacteria completely, due to which a bad odor smell will also remove.


Then mostly, it is due to the leakage in the sealing. If it is damaged, then you will have to repair it by hiring a plumber. Bacteria in the sewerage line and problems in the vent pipe are also the causes of foul smells in the toilet.

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