Toilet seat won’t stay up

Toilet seat won’t stay up. The toilet seat doesn’t stay up if the holders are broken. The seat won’t hold if the installed position of the toilet is incorrect.

The toilet seat may be too far ahead or too back, so it doesn’t stay up. The toilet itself may not be leveled.

My new toilet was installed by myself, but a problem with my toilet came into view only after I had completely installed it.

The toilet seat of my toilet, as I lifted up, was fine, but when I let the seat go, the seat didn’t stay where it should, and the seat fell down or went down.

I tried to set the seat so that it would stay up, but it wasn’t very fine. The seat still went down. I checked why the toilet seat wouldn’t stay up and found the reason. I fixed my toilet seat.

Toilet seat won’t stay up

You won’t be able to enjoy doing your business in your toilet peacefully if the seat cover sticks to your back. The seat will weigh on your back as long as you sit, but when you get up, the seat will go down on its own.

The seat won’t stay up at all. This problem becomes more annoying when the seat keeps doing that even after you try to stop it.

There are several reasons why the seat keeps dropping on your back or onto the toilet. The reason can be that the toilet you installed is not labeled, and the seat falls as the toilet is tilted to the front.

The seat may be too far back, so it keeps falling. The opposite of too forward is also true. The seat and the toilet should be leveled to make them stay in their place.

Tilted toilet

tilted toilet

The first problem or the reason for the seat closing and not staying is because of the toilet itself.

The toilet may not be leveled accurately, which is why it’s tilted downward from the front, and the set keeps closing because of the tilt.

You should check if the leveling is the problem with your toilet first. You can either use a phone with a gyroscope, or you can use a real level.

Put the level on the toilet lid when it’s closed and see if the phone or the level says it’s leveled or not.

The level will help you know if the toilet is tilted in front or not. If your toilet is tilted and causing the seats to close, then you will need a different approach.

You can either reinstall the whole toilet or level it, which I don’t recommend, as it’s a lot of work. You can use shims or wedges instead of leveling on the toilet as well.

The shims or the wedges are not going to be expensive, so that you can get the wedges pretty easily from the market. The installation of the wedges is also easy, and it’s below.

Shim installation

shim installation

The shims work like plastic door stoppers but in miniature form. You can slide the shims under the base of the toilet and level the base with them. You can install the shims pretty easily if you want.

You can simply insert the shims under the base of the toilet that’s tilted. Push the shims with your fingers as further as your fingers can take the shims and take your fingers out.

As the toilet is tilted downwards from the front, then you should push the shims from the front so that the tilting ends and the toilet is lifted. While pushing the shims, be careful.

The wax under the toilet can be damaged if you are too pushy with the shims. The leaked wax will create a mess. Check the toilet leveled after the installation of shims. Using shims will probably level the toilet. Read more below!

Loose lid

loose lid

The most common reason that the toilet lid keeps coming down is actually related to the lid itself. The lid is attached to the toilet using screws and stuff.

You will see that the lid remains in its place, and only the lid moves up and down.

The tightness of the lid can be affected by the screws, and if the lid is loose, then you can’t blame the lid for falling on the seat.

The only way to stop the lid from falling on the seat is to tighten the seat and not let the seat fall. You can tighten the lid or take the lid off and replace the lid.

Getting laid that suits the toilet is compulsory as the difference in the size of the toilet will affect the closing and opening of the seat a lot. So tighten the lid as much as you can.

Dis-positioned lid

If you still have the problem of the lid falling down on your toilet, then you may have a problem of dislocation or dis-positioning. The seat being in the wrong location is the most common reason why the lid falls.

The handles matter in setting the angle to the bowl should be different from each other. The angle should be over 90degree. This angle helps the seat rest against the toilet tank.

The dislocated seat or the cover on the seat won’t be helpful to you. You won’t be able to set the lid or keep the lid up.

The dislocated lid is pretty common, and the problem with a dislocated lid is that it will show the same problem if it’s too much on the front and the same when it is too far behind.

The only way the lid won’t come down is to fix the lid. If you have the lid coming down, then remove the lid from its place.

Place the lid on the toilet at the angle that I mentioned above. Fix the lid making sure the lid is not in front or too back. Try the lid of the toilet.

Wrong size lid

wrong size lid

If you are having a seat problem, then you must definitely have a problem with the lid. If you have set the position, then the thickness of the seat lid might be the issue.

The thickness affects the lid and makes it fall as it wrongs the angle of the lid. The seat with this thickness becomes at 90degree, and that makes the lid of the toilet fall on the front.

If the seat is of the wrong size or the thickness of the seat is the problem, you may want to fix your lid.

The thickness of the toilet lid can be a problem, so you can either choose to remove the seat’s cover or get a replacement.

You can choose a thinner and more suitable seat cover or the seat for yourself and then attach it. The right size will stop the seat from falling.


If you are having a problem with your seat or the lid of the seat, it keeps falling on you.

Then check the reason why the seat keeps doing that. The size and the position of the lid matter in this a lot. You may install shims and balance the seat. Thanks for reading!

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