Toilet chain keeps coming off

Toilet chain keeps coming off. It is understood that if you do not use the toilet chain carefully, it will keep coming off and disturbs you frequently. At times, the chain simply drops when you flush the toilet harder.

Due to careless use and pulling with more pressure, the chain becomes loose and starts falling. If it is loose, then you can not flush the toilet before tightening it.

If it will become rusted, then there is a chance of damaging the chain because it can be broken.

If the flapper of the toilet tub changes its place, then it will affect the chain, and it keeps coming off. It is up to you how you identify the main reason behind this issue.

If you will find the reason, then the solution is not a big task. If you do not want to repair it by yourself, then another option is to pay some money to hire a professional who will fix the issue.

Toilet chain keeps coming off

toilet chain keeps coming off

Falling chain is a normal issue that happens in the toilet tub. Every time you flush the toilet, the chain also falls.

There are many possible reasons behind this trouble, but the first thing to ensure is that either it is a problem with the chain itself or it is coming off due to some other parts malfunctioning.

There is also the chance of this possibility that it is not fixed properly due to which it comes off again and again.

It is better to fix it immediately because if it keeps falling off and flushing the toilet again, then the water bill will come high. The following are the reasons and solutions behind the trouble with the chain of toilet tubs.

Toilet chain is broken

With time as the chain gets too old then, it is broken due to rusting or corrosion. That’s why you listen to the sound of a falling chain whenever you flush the toilet.

If you see that chain is damaged because of wear and tear, then replace the old chain with a new chain otherwise, it will keep creating the issue.

Inspecting the flapper

If the chain is coming off, then open the toilet tub and check the position of the flapper. If the flapper is not present in its actual position, then the flapper chain is the culprit.

If the flapper is out of place, then the toilet will keep running after the flushing. This issue is due to the small length of the toilet chain. So the toilet chain should not be too small or very long because it will fall.

The chain is very loose

If the toilet is continually running after the flush, then there is a possibility of a loose chain. The lift chain is very slack, due to which it is hung under the flapper in the toilet tub.

Flush the toilet harder

flush the toilet harder

If you flush the toilet harder, then it will start coming off., So do not flush harder to lose the chain.

You just need the pull the chain with less pressure to flush the toilet.

Links of chain are broken

If the links between the chain are damaged or broken, then the toilet chain will keep coming off. There are many causes due to which the links are broken, but the main reason is the chain is very short.

If you push more pressure on the chain, then the connection links of the chain will snap. It must be some slack in the chain so that you have no need to put extra pressure on the chain.

If, unfortunately, the links are broken, then replace them with a new chain of suitable size. It should not be too small or not very long.

The chain is rusted

The last but important point to discuss is that the chain is rusted due to corrosion. If the corrosion is present in the links of the chain, then it will start falling off.

If there is too much corrosion, the chain will stop moving. If you see that the toilet chain is rusted, then remove it and install a new chain to flush the toilet easily.


It is very disgusting to face the situation of the toilet chain coming off whenever you flush the toilet.

I mentioned all the possible reasons behind this issue but most important is the length of the chain should not be small or too large because then there will be more slack in it. The toilet chain requires just small slack for flushing the toilet.

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