The cloud cannot talk to roomba

The cloud cannot talk to roomba. The wrong bandwidth of the internet won’t let the Cloud talk to Roomba. The lost connection between Roomba and Cloud won’t let them talk either.

The power problem in Roomba will interfere with the Cloud and Roomba’s connection. The firewall may be the culprit in Cloud and Roomba problem.

My Cloud could not talk to Roomba, which made me worried about Roomba.

My Roomba used to connect smoothly to the Cloud, and the communication with the Cloud was stable, but when my Roomba didn’t do the same connection with the Cloud, their communication got lost, and I thought my new Roomba only had 3 months of life.

I thought a new Roomba was needed for the Cloud to talk, but when I called the Roomba support team, they guided the Cloud and Roomba communication and talking problem. I solved my talking issue in the Cloud.

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The cloud cannot talk to roomba

Having any Roomba model gets you out of the day as your schedule gets matched up with the Cloud. Roomba has made new advanced models, and the communication with the Cloud as it keeps getting better, but cloud issues in it are not entirely solved.

The device can have communication issues with the Cloud. The communication issue in the Cloud and the intelligent device are caused by a firewall.

Internet connection in the Cloud is also a problem. The bandwidth of the Wi-Fi can be wrong and not satisfied with the internet. Read more below!

Unpowered device

unpowered device

Roomba works on power, and to communicate with Cloud, power is indeed necessary. Power to Roomba comes from the battery and the charge that is connected to it.

The primary power method for intelligent devices is the battery, and Roomba runs on a battery too.

The smart device consumes charge when it’s working, and a time comes when the charge in the battery becomes low, and the battery gets wholly depleted.

If the battery of the Roomba is low, then charging it is the only method to power and start communication between the Cloud and the device.

Place your robot on its charging station if the battery is low. It can also be on an evac doc.

Just make sure the evac doc or the charging station is charging the robot. Try communication between the robot and the Cloud after the robot has enough charge.

Network range

network range

The following reason for could not speaking can be the range of network. The Cloud and the robot can only work when present in a specific range.

Here the range of the robot is essential. The range about which the robot is worried about I the range of the internet connection. The robot’s internet connection to the robot comes from the router, and the router’s range is not unlimited.

If the router is placed inside too far from the robot or the robot is placed in a far condition, the signal of the router may not reach the robot.

The outer signal may reach the robot, but because of the really weak network strength, the robot may neglect them.

To get into the network’s range or optimal range in which the network is applicable, either bring the robot near the router or place the router where the robot is placed.

Unpowered router

unpowered router

After their distance from the robot has been cleared, Routers should have a proper network with the robot. But the router, even when placed with the robot, won’t work unless the router has the power to work.

The router is useless unless it has power. If the router doesn’t connect with the robot, then the robot won’t connect to the Cloud, and without connection, the Cloud and robot will lack communication, meaning the Cloud won’t talk to the robot. Check whether the router is on or not.

If not, plug the router in an outlet that works and turn the router on. The plugged router will have enough power to run smoothly, and the router will give the internet connection needed by the robot.

After receiving power, the power cycle of the router will be back to normal, making the connection very smooth.

Firewall/No connection

Sometimes the Wi-Fi network gives excellent signals, and the distance of the network is close as well, but still, the communication between the Cloud and the robot is missing.

If the network still doesn’t work, then there can be a firewall that is not letting the connection between the network and the robot proceed.

The firewall is present on the Wi-Fi. The firewall is actually for protection and won’t let the connection approve without proper checking of the connection.

The ports like 123, 443, 8883, and 8080 should remain open on the firewall. If these ports are not open, then connecting with Wi-Fi is going to take longer.

Well, the firewall may not be your issue. The connection with the Wi-Fi is wrong because you haven’t connected it. The internet connection needs a password to be connected to the internet.

You may be trying to connect to the robot without entering the password, or you may be entering the wrong Wi-Fi password.

Click connect and when the password dialogue appears, enter the password present under the router, and you can connect the robot.

The password on the router may not be the same, so reset the router to bring the original password back.

Internet access

internet access

This is the last problem of connection in the internet access problem. If the internet is connected with good signals, then you need to check if internet access is available or not.

Internet access should be available if you want to use the network for a robot connection.

Connect your mobile to the network and see if the internet works. The internet won’t work if the connection has been tampered with from behind.

You may have no internet because of the subscription issue. There may be an internet problem at the server providing you with a connection.


If your Roomba doesn’t sync with the Cloud, the internet connection will probably be causing the issue. Check the firewall and internet access.

Also, make sure about the range of the router and power to both the robot and the router. Fix the Cloud and Roomba problem. Thanks for reading!

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