Tcl Roku tv black screen fix

Well, suppose you want your TCL Roku TV black screen fix without contacting a professional or are interested in troubleshooting your black screen issue.

In that case, we can help you fix your issue with accurate solutions.

A TV with a black screen is a disturbing situation that after spending a rough day, you want some relaxation by watching content close to your heart, or you want to overcome your dull day with your Roku Tv.

There must be some issues if your Tv black screen repeatedly appears after some time.

But don’t tense yourself because, in this article, we’ll explain the reasons and possible ways to resolve your Roku TV issue.

Tcl Roku tv black screen fix

Before jumping into solutions, you have to know the reasons that what kind of things can make your Roku suffer from a black screen appearing.

Take our assistance to figure out the fixing more clearly and easily.

  • A TCL TV has defective HDMI cable connections
  • Not having a smooth and flawless Internet Connection.
  • The Tv’s backlight of your Roku Tv might be a culprit itself.
  • Tv may be using problematic software.
  • Improper connection with a streaming stick
  • A burnt part on the motherboard.

Now, you have the information about the reasons for the black screen and can estimate the procedure you need to follow for the solution.

Stay with us to get amazing results in the end.

Ways to Power Cycle Roku Devices

ways to power cycle roku devices

There are a lot of devices that get issues because of some glitches or temporary bugs.

But most devices and TVs rely on power cycling as an initial fixing method and, luckily, fix the problem in a short time.

Let’s start the power cycle procedure with your devices with the hope of getting victory.

  • TCL TV Power Cycle

There is not a major reason behind the problem every time. If your TCL Roku TV appears on a black screen, maybe there is a temporary glitch that you may fix with the power cycle.

Follow the instructions for the power reset of your Roku Tv.

Firstly, ensure that your Roku TV is turned ON. If you can’t see anything due to the black screen; you may get ideas about On or OFF Tv from the TV sound by increasing the volume.

Now, unplug the power cable of your TV from the wall socket. It’s time to wait for 60 seconds.

Then, plug your TV back into the power socket. Turn your Roku TCL TV ON. Now, you may see a TCL Roku Logo on the screen.

When your TCL TV turns on entirely, then you have to take the step of inspecting the problem.

To do so, you may stream anything and examine whether your TCL Roku TV screen issue is resolved or not.

  • Power Cycle Roku Remote

power cycle roku remote

Check if your TCL Roku Remote is not working correctly; it would help if you power cycle your Roku remote.

Follow the instructions step-wise.

Grab your remote and remove the back cover. Now, remove the batteries from the battery compartment.

Leave it for almost five minutes. Insert the batteries in the battery compartment, and place the cover in its position.

  • Steps To Restart Roku TV Via Remote

steps to restart roku tv via remote

If your TCL Roku Tv screen is still black and you cannot see anything on your TV with a black screen.

In that case, you may follow guidelines to fix the problem.

Firstly, grab your Roku TV remote. Then, push the Home Button five-time.

Use Roku remote control and one-time press the Up button.

Push two-time the Rewind button. In the end, press the two-time Fast forward button.

When your TCL Roku Tv restarts, we want you to check the problem. You may try another method if you still face the black screen issue.
Tcl tv light blinking

Other Solutions For TCL Roku TV Black Screen

other solutions for tcl roku tv black screen

If you have tried all the previous power cycling methods to resolve the black screen issue of your TCL Roku TV.

Then, we have some other fixed techniques that will help you surely.

Another Way of TCL TV Power Cycle

We have another method to power cycle your TCL TV if the previous method fails.

You may follow these steps when you have a TCL TV with a black screen.

In the beginning, you must power OFF your TCL TV. Secondly, unplug the TV cord from the wall socket.

Now, push and hold the power button on your TCL TV.

Release it after twenty seconds. Let it cool down for ten minutes. The final step is to plug in the TV’s power cable and switch it ON.

Check Tweak Fast Start Option

check tweak fast start option

Enabling or disabling the tweak fast start feature may give you effective results.

It is more effective, as proved by a lot of TCL TV users who provide feedback about this fixing method.

We are sharing two methods for changing the settings of the fast start feature.

If your TV shows a black screen with a time gap, you may follow method 1.

But if you have a continuous TCL TV black screen and find it hard to access settings on your Roku TCL TV, follow method 2.

We have generated a sequence of remote key combinations to help you navigate the way.

Roku no picture only sound

  • Method 1: TCL Roku TV Screen Viewers

Follow the steps for your TCL Roku TV.

Firstly, get your TV remote in your hands and push the Home Button. Now, proceed to the settings menu.

Now, you must select the System option. Choose the Fast Tv Start option. Enable/disable the fast TV start option, based on the situation.

  • Method 2: Remote Keys Combination

In that situation, when you have a black screen and don’t have clarity about the TV’s menu.

You may follow the steps given below to enable/disable the tweak fast start option.

Firstly, power ON your TCL Roku TV. Secondly, push the Up button on your remote once, then hit the OK button.

You press the Up button once and then press OK.

Now, hit the down button 3 times and 2 times push the Ok button.

In the end, we want you to click Ok one more time. After that, your Tv may start rebooting. So, leave it for some time.


You may also take a guide from a youtube video to visualize the TV menu.

  • Method 3:  TCL Android tv Users

Follow the steps if you are a TCL android TV user.

Navigate the settings menu. Then pick the option named Power. In the end, select the Instant Power ON based on demand.

HDMI Cable Connections

hdmi cable connections

A loose connection and a defective HDMI cable are other reasons you may blame for your smart TV with a black screen.

So, firstly you have to check the plugged HDMI cable behind your Roku device.

There might be halfway-plugged cable connections that need to be connected firmly.

After making a strong connection, you must check your TCL TV screen flickering issue.

If it is not fixed yet, you must figure out the physical damage to your HDMI cables.

You must inspect any physical damage on the cables that could be causing your TCL TV with a black screen.

If you find any cracks or fractures on a piece of cable, then we suggest replacing your HDMI cable.

Here are some additional steps to Fix HDMI Black screen

Firstly, unplug your HDMI cable from your TCL Roku TV. Then leave it detached for 30 to 60 seconds. Now, you may connect it back.

If your HDMI cables contain any errors or difficulties, it will help your Roku TCL TV to fix the black screen problem.


Detach your Roku streaming stick from the TCL TV and demolish the chances of a loose connection of the streaming stick.

Element tv black screen

Check TCL TV LED Lights

check tcl tv led lights

The blinking LED lights or indicator lights signify that your TCL Roku TV is getting continuous power.

That’s a good sign that your TCL Tv has no power-related issues.

In contrast, if your TCL Roku TV or TCL Android TV doesn’t have a blinking LED light, it shows a poor power supply. You may find them at the bottom edge of your TCL TV.

If there is a power-related issue, you may blame it for your black TCL TV screen. Two possibilities become a cause for poor power supply.

The first reason is that maybe your power outlet is causing the problem.

So, to diagnose the power outlet, you may plug another device or your mobile charger into that socket to check the working of the outlet.

If it’s not, start charging your phone or running your device, then the wall socket is defective. You may also try plugging your TV’s power cable into another circuit board.

Update Firmware

update firmware

If your Roku TV is using old firmware, it may have some errors or bugs that become the reason for your black-screen TV.

Act upon the simple Steps to get updated firmware.

Push the Home button on your TCL TV remote. Select Settings. Choose System. Select System Update. Choose the Check now option.

If your TCL Tv has an update, then examine the issue after installation.

Ways To Factory Reset TCL TV

ways to factory reset tcl tv

If you have tried all the previous methods and your system issue is still not resolved.

Now, we have the last method, factory settings TCL Roku TV by factory resetting.

In this segment, we have described two methods for your TV factory resetting.

The first method uses the screen visually, and the second uses the remote buttons sequence.

  • Factory Reset TCL Roku TV

Resetting TCL TV will erase all the data history and make your TV default settings.

After that, you must require a flawless internet connection for the introductory setup to finish the process.

Let’s look at the steps mentioned for factory resetting TCL TV.

Firstly, push the Home button with your TCL TV remote. Navigate Settings. Now choose the System>Advanced System Settings.

After that, select Factory Reset Option> Factory Reset. Provide the Pin Code. Now, you have to wait till the reset process get finished.

After completing the reset, you may start the initial setup with screen prompts.

If you have tried the previous method and it doesn’t improve, then we have an alternate method for you to power cycle your TCL TV.

  • TCL TV Factory Reset Without Remote

tcl tv factory reset without remote

Follow the steps carefully.

Firstly, you have to switch OFF your TV via the power button and then unplug the power cable from the power outlet.

Now, access the reset button on the TCL Roku TVs’ sides.

So, you must need a paperclip for inserting and pushing it into the hole.

Press and hold it for thirty seconds. Plug the power cable into the socket.

Turn On your TV. Check whether the issue is resolved or not.


In this post, we have shared the simple methods to fix your TCL device’s black screen issues. Be confident while troubleshooting your TCL Roku TV.