Element tv black screen

It is horrifying to see a black screen on your element tv when you sit with your family to watch your favorite film. If the green light is blinking on your element tv sensor, then it means the tv is powered, and yet it is showing a black screen due to some hardware or technical issue.

Dont fret about this situation because you never know if any smart device that starts malfunctioning for any reason before you call the tv technician to come and watch your tv. Read this article to fix this element tv black screen issue by yourself.

First, restart your tv to remove the glitches and bugs issue, then check your all-element cable connections because sometimes the loose HDMI cable connection in port can cause the black tv screen.

Factory resetting the tv is another option to bring back the tv screen display. Lastly, contact with local tv repair professional for hardware problems. Do not go anywhere and read the post to find tv black tv screen solution.

Element tv black screen

If your element tv is showing a black screen when you power on your tv, then it is painful because you can not watch your favorite tv program.

First, reboot your element tv, remove all inputs, and check the power supply. Sometimes you don’t know, and the sleep timer is turned on the tv.

Now, I will discuss each solution tip one by one and share my personal experience in troubleshooting the element tv.

Reboot your tv

reboot your tvs

If your element tv screen remains black after turning it on, then don’t get panic and reboot your tv. Sometimes a minor technical error, software glitches, and bugs stop the tv from showing the display.

Similarly, suppose you keep turning on your element tv for a long time.

In that case, it is overheated and can blank your tv screen, so if you are watching your tv for a prolonged time, then immediately switch off your tv with the remote control and disconnect the tv power cord from the socket.

Touch your tv screen, and if it is overheated, then wait for half an hour. However, if the tv is not overheated, then 4 or 5 minutes are sufficient to remove bugs and glitches.

Reconnect the cord to a power source and turn on your element tv to test if the problem still persists.

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Check power supply

check power supply

The first check is the wall outlet if your screen is not turning on and showing a black screen. If your tv screen is not responding, then make sure the wall outlet in which you have plugged the power cable is working.

If the wall outlet becomes faulty and there is no electric current in it, it will not supply electric current to the tv due to the tripped breaker ir blown fuses issue.

In this situation, remove the power cable from the outlet and try to insert the cable in the next wall outlet available in the room. If the tv turns on immediately then surely the power outlet is faulty.

You can also test the wall outlet by connecting some other smart device to ensure it turns on or it is also not working on the wall outlet.

If no other wall outlet is available close to the tv, the tv then reset the circuit breaker and change the blown fuse to turn on your tv.

But. if the power outlet is faulty or worn out due to usage or the circuit breaker is continuously tripping, then contact a professional electrician to fix the power outlet.

Check cables

If there is no problem with the wall socket and there is a proper supply of electric current to other smart devices, then the next thing to check is tv cables and connections.

If your element tv is too old, then its cables may be worn out due to twisting and usage. Some rats also chew the wire to top the electric current to flow from the electrical outlet to the tv.

So, if you see the electric wire is damaged and broken, then always purchase the new power cable from the Element TV dealer.

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Check the HDMI cable connection

check the hdmi cable connection

If all the power cables and HDMI cables are absolutely fine, but if your element tv screen is black, check all the cable connections.

If you have connected an external smart device like Roku or DVD player, then make sure the cable connections are tightly connected in respective ports.

If the cable connection remains loose in one port, then pull out the cable and clean the dust and debris from the port. You can also try to connect the cable to another port.

It’s also important to know if you have connected an external device to an element tv that always inserts the cables in the respective ports. The tv screen remains black when you insert the wrong color cable in the wrong port.

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Hard reset

Hard reset is always the last option when any issue happens to a smart device. If your element tv is still not fixed and showing a black screen, then your last option is to apply a factory reset to the tv.

However, it will clear all the stored data, apps, and accounts from the tv, so you must be very careful and remember all the emails and passwords before you do a hard reset from the side panel button.

Contact Professional

Sometimes, there is no technical issue, but it is some hardware problem like a backlight issue or faulty capacitor inside the tv unit.

In this situation, contact with experienced professional or contact support to check your element tv and repair the faulty part.


The last thoughts on this issue are if your element tv is showing a black screen, then power cycle it after five minutes to cool down the components.

If the tv is not overheated, then recheck all the cable connections, check the power supply, etc. Hopefully, this post helped you to bring back the tv screen.