Symptoms of a clogged drain vent pipe

Symptoms of a clogged drain vent pipe. A vent pipe works in conjunction with the drain pipes of the home. But the vent pipe does not take water. Rather they control the fresh air in the plumbing system.

These pipes are very important to install in the homes because they circulate the air and ensure that waste and other clogged materials and sewerage smell drain out from home.

With the passage of time, stack pipes are clogged with different things like leaves of trees, dead rats and birds, nests of birds, and at times snowfall.

Due to all these factors, vents and pipes become clogged and stop the circulation o air from stack pipes.

If you are slow in draining pipes, then a sewer gas smell will spread into your home, which is a sign of clogging ventilation pipes.

You will have to clear the vent pipes if there are gurgling toilet sounds for circulating fresh air from the pipes. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to bear a sewer gas smell in the home.

Symptoms of a clogged drain vent pipeclogged drain vent pipe

The draining vent pipes are the main source of keeping the pressure balance between the outside air and the inner pipes.

Gases and liquids move openly due to stack pipes because the air gets away from the surrounding environment.

If the ventilation pipes are clogged, then it causes many problems like sewer gas smell which can un-comfort you.

Following are some symptoms of a clogged vent pipe and also other solutions that how we can fix these issues.

Gurgling toilet sounds

Sometimes after flushing in the toilet, you listen to the gurgling toilet sounds from the drains. This sound is coming because air is not circulating due to clogging in the vent pipes.

If the air does not find a way to escape from the vent pipes, then it will find another way to escape which is a toilet or sink in the bathroom.

This air will make a noise while escaping so whenever you listen to the gurgling sound then it is symptoms of clogging in the pipes so you should hire some expert to clear the vent pipes.

Slow-moving of drain

If all the drains are flagged up, then it could be symptoms of the clogging in the vent pipes due to which air is not circulating completely.

If the air pressure decreases in the vent system then it will be a slow-moving drain. You will have to clear the blockage in the stark pipes to solve the issue.

Overflowing of a toiletoverflowing of a toilet

Overflowing of toilets is another possible reason for the jam in the stack pipes. You will need to inspect the stack pipe if a smell is coming from the overflow of the toilet.

This jam needs to be removed immediately by hiring professionals so that the air and drains flow easily without any stoppage.

Bending of vent pipe

Sometimes it happens that due to heavy snowfall or thunderstorms, the plastic stack pipes change their position and bend down to one side, due to which air does not escape easily.

If the position of the pipe is changed, then you will have to straighten it like the previous position so that air can circulate easily.

Nest of birds and dead rodents

Nests of birds and dead rats in the vent pipes are other symptoms of the clogged vent pipe. They cover the space of passage of air and make it difficult to escape.

Drains will also not move fastly due to clogged pipes. So it is better to check the vent pipes regularly so that there is no blockage in them.

Repeated stoppage of the toilet

If your toilets get blockage after some days repeatedly, then it might be a problem in the stack pipe. The air is not circulating completely so that the waste of toilets does not drain off completely, resulting in blockage of toilets.

You will have to clean the vent pipes completely for getting rid of this issue.


Symptoms of a clogged vent pipe show when you listen to the gurgling sound of the toilet or repeated blockage of the toilet.

Overflowing of toilets is also another reason why sewer smell spreads in the home.

To solve all the above problems, the only solution is to clear the clog completely from the stack or vent pipes so that air can easily escape from the pipes and drains can flow to the gutter.

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