Sunbeam heated blanket blinking

Sunbeam heated blanket is an electric blanket used in cold winters to warm the body. The heating element is fixed into the sunbeam blanket.

If you are worried about the Sunbeam heated blanket blinking light. In that case, it may be an issue with the power cord’s connection, heating wires inside, incorrect thermostat settings, a heating pad, or digital control.

The sunbeam blankets also start blinking lights when there is a power supply issue due to a loose connection of the power cord or a broken wire inside.

Keep reading my research on this issue of why an electric blanket is blinking and what are the troubleshooting tips to fix this problem.

Sunbeam heated blanket blinking

Sunbeam electric blankets are the latest technology to save yourself from extreme cold weather, but you must be very careful using these electric blankets.

If you see the electric heated blanket flashing red light, immediately check the error code on the control unit. Read the manufacturer’s manual for more details.

If you recently bought a new blanket and did not know much about the sunbeam electric blanket and see the red light flashing on the digital control unit, read these points for troubleshooting.

Fold test

fold test

If you see your sunbeam heated blanket blinking red light, perform a fold test to check whether the blanket is appropriately heating or not.

It is straightforward to perform the fold test; first, fold the blanket as you put it at a side.

Now get the controls, ensure that the control is closely attached to the module, and plug in the power cord in the wall socket.

Now set the heated blanket at the highest temperature and turn on the blanket.

Wait for ten minutes and inspect whether the electric heated blanket is hot to touch or not.

If you feel that the blanket is not heating efficiently and continuously blinking, there is something wrong with the blanket.

First, reset the blanket if you see the heated blanket blinking.

Reset sunbeam electric blankets

If your sunbeam electric blanket is blinking light on the gradient control, reset the heated blanket.

It is not hard to reset the digital control. Press the power button on the device for five seconds, and the control unit will auto reset.

If the flashing light is turned off, you can use the electric blanket to warm the body, but if the light is still blinking, read the next point.

Power supply issue

power supply issue

Usually, people do not plug the power cable accurately into the wall socket. Reconnect the power cord in the electrical outlet.

If you feel the electric blanket is not heating properly and the sunbeam heated blanket flashing light on digital control.

Circuit breaker is tripped

circuit breaker is tripped

Inspect the wall outlet circuit breaker in the primary circuit box because if there is an overload of other electrical appliances like the water heater, electric heater, refrigerator, etc., the circuit breaker is tripped due to overload in the circuit.

Change its position so that the electric current can access the wall outlet.

You can also check the heated blanket by plugging it into some other electrical outlet in the home to confirm whether it is an issue with the power cord or wall outlet.

Internal wiring

internal wiring

If the sunbeam electric blanket flashes light, it may have an issue with a power source and internal wiring, so check all the connections, like the power cord’s connections, broken wire, etc.

If you see an F2 error code on a heated blanket, the electric blanket is not accessing the current because the power cable has a connection error and is not tightly connected to the wall socket.

Power cord is broken

power cord is broken

If you see a sunbeam electric blanket flashing on the gradient control, check that all the wires are tightly connected, and there is no issue with the extension cords.

If the power cord connected to the module is tangled or twisted, there will not be enough power for the digital control.

Therefore, if you see the digital control flashing e then check the all wires connection and blanket controller and replace it if any wire is broken.

Incorrect thermostat settings

incorrect thermostat settings

Incorrect thermostat setting is also one of the leading causes of sunbeam heated blanket blinking.

If your electric blanket is not heating and flashing red light, hire a skillful professional to fix this incorrect thermostat setting on the digital control.

The sunbeam blanket was not washed correctly

You can not wash the sunbeam electric blankets in the washing machine; also, do not wash them in hot water because it will damage the sunbeam heated blanket and start blinking.

Always use cold water instead of hot water when you wash the electric blanket because hot water can damage the wiring.

Wash with hands

wash with hands

Carefully remove the control cord from the sunbeam blanket and wash it with your hands and mild soap for twenty minutes, as machine washing is unsuitable for a heated blanket.

Do not dry the heated blanket in the dryer machine because it is dangerous for all the connections, heating pads, heating fibers, and heating elements.


The article’s bottom line is that the sunbeam heated blanket is the latest technology to warm the body in cold weather. Still, it would help if you carefully use these electric blankets.

Make sure to tightly connect the power cord to the wall outlet because if there is a loose connection, the current will not pass through entirely, and the blanket will start blinking.

I will be glad if this research will help you to save money. However, still, if you do not know the meaning of all the error codes displayed on the control panel and understand why the sunbeam heated blanket is blinking, you can contact sunbeam’s helpline to know the meaning of error codes.

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