How to clean couch cushions that cannot be removed

How to clean couch cushions that cannot be removed. Use cleaners on the stained cushion areas and then rub with the brush to remove the stains on couch cushions and then put gentle pressure of water spray to clean the cushion. Repeat several times.

Cushions are usually washed by removing their covers and using washers. But some cushions are irremovable, meaning their covers cannot be removed as they are made directly by stuffing material like cotton into the covers and then sewing them.

Because of this, you cannot wash the joined cushions directly. I faced the same cushion problem. I spilled beer on my cushion accidentally, and the stains became tough.

I thought of washing them but realized they were irremovable. So I asked my colleague as she had worked in a store, and she told me several couch cushion cleaning ways. I wrote cushion cleaning ways and extra tips for better cushion cleaning. So keep reading.

How to clean couch cushions that cannot be removed

how to clean couch cushions that cannot be removed

Take the cushions that are stained outside in direct sunlight. Pour decent quality enzyme cleaner. The enzyme cleaner will start acting immediately.

Enzymes in cleaners boost cleaning because they are boosters. Now with a brush, use a toothbrush and gently, without damaging the fabric, scrub it.

You need a water hose, the nozzle spray of the hose should be gentle. Using the gentle hose, spray water on the cushion. You may need to re-clean the cushion by repeating the enzyme cleaner and all the spraying processes.

Don’t forget scrubbing. Let sunlight get absorbed by the covers and dry them. Let’s discuss other Couch cleaning methods below.

Using vacuum cleaners

Some covers don’t need tough cleaning. They just have dust attached to them. Suppose dust or possibly dirt is the problem. A vacuum cleaner is good for cleaning and sucking dirt.

No dust remains after getting sucked. New vacuums have an upholstery attachment. So use the upholstery attachment to clean the cushions from different angles.

The dirt and even hair present on it will be sucked, and the cushions will get cleaned. Now wipe it using wet wipes or a dry cloth. This will remove all hairs and fur that remain.

You can also use a slightly dipped sponge. Use detergent on a sponge in a moderate amount. Clean them often. After wiping, use an air freshener on the cover by spraying it. It will make the cushion look new and elegant. Try it out.

Using Steam cleaners

using steam cleaners

If vacuum cleaners don’t work on cushions, then try using a steam cleaner. If you opt for a steam cleaner, they will surely clean better.

They are available online, and even nearby stores have rental options. The heat from steam cleaners helps deodorize by removing all smells. It also sanitizes with steam.

The bright colors of the cushions aren’t affected by the steam from the cleaner. Thus you get a thorough cleaning.

The cushions absorb the steam and become wet or damped. This damping can cause a smell later. S0 put the cushions in sunlight or dry them using a fan.

Steam cleaners do great as furniture cleaning agents. So, for spending the worth, use a steam cleaner on the furniture. Use on the carpet. No dirt can outrun the steam cleaner. Try it out. Clean well.

Spot/stain cleaning

how to clean couch cushions that cannot be removed 2022

Spot cleaning is done after the use of vacuum and steam cleaners. They remove dust, while stains need to be removed with this method.

Use a spoon to scoop the solids that remain on it. You can use a butter knife too. Use a cloth or blotting paper to absorb the stain.

On the cushion, dab the stain by using another white cloth and dampening the white cloth with water.

Do it from the edges so that the stain won’t get pressed or rubbed. Rubbing and pressing the stain only increase its spread and can harm the cushion.

Some stains need further coaxing, while others just get removed with water. Use a detergent or a stain-removing chemical. Use half detergent/stain remover and water, or the solution will make the cushion too soapy.

Now with the white cloth, dab the stains. Apply the solution to the cushion and let it stay. Wash it with a damped cloth. Repeat if necessary. Deodorize it at the end.


Cleaning irremovable couch cushions can be a headache. The above methods can be thoughts of steps and separate points too.

Follow them and remove the stains on the cushions. Repeating can help.

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