Staining fence with pump sprayer

Staining fence with pump sprayer. People like different types of fence walls to increase the home’s beauty. In some areas, the wooden fence is preferred by people, while some people like concrete walls for better home security.

Everyone likes a new wood fence outside the home to give a good impression to guests. However, there are a lot of issues with the wood fence because the wood stain comes on the wall after some time when the wood dries out.

The wood fence faces different weather, like sunshine, rain, and snow. So, bringing the wooden fence back to its original shape is not difficult, and there is no need to hire a professional painter for this DIY project.

In old times, a paintbrush was used to paint the wood fence in the traditional way, but it was time taking and tiring job.

But, nowadays, a large variety of stain sprayers are available in the market for fence staining. Using a pump sprayer is the best for the painting process to enhance the beauty because you can work with more accuracy and speed with less effort.

So, if you want to paint the entire fence with a pump sprayer to save your time and accuracy, then keep reading the article to learn all the details about this procedure step by step.

Staining fence with pump sprayer

If you don’t want to waste your time staining a fence with the old traditional way, then pump sprayers are the best alternative to brush paint because you can use these pump sprayers to stain a wood fence in a quick time with more natural beauty.

Different varieties of pump sprayers are easily available in hardware stores.

Staining the wall with a pump sprayer is a different method than a standard paint sprayer because it combines air with the paint and flashes it on the wood fence with adjustable pressure.

Staining fences with a pump sprayer is also helpful if you don’t know how much stain is required to paint a wood fence and you don’t know how to use a paint gun.

Let us discuss each point in detail to guide you the how to stain a fence with a pump sprayer without hiring a professional painter.

Types of paint sprayers

types of paint sprayers

There are different types of paint sprayers available on the market and internet with high quality and affordable prices.

But make sure to purchase the right kind of paint because every painting is not made for paint sprayers.

Because some paints are specifically supposed to be applied with a roller or brush, and some paints are specially made to use them with a pump sprayer.

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Tools required

Before you start your DIY project, collecting all the essential tools you require to complete your work is necessary.

First of all, keep a face mask, hand gloves, and safety glasses to protect your skin from paint. Then it would be best if you had a stain pump sprayer, water pipe, large bucket, bristle brush, wood color, power washer, Sandpaper, etc.

Prepare your wood fence for staining

prepare your wood fence for staining

Firstly, wear your face mask, eyeglasses, and hand gloves to protect your skin now; if you are staining a one-year or two-year-old fence, then it’s essential to clean the dust and debris from the stain before you stain fences is necessary.

Cleaning the dust and debris using a pressure washer is not a good choice because it can damage the wood.

It’s better to use a bristle brush to clean the fence. Rub the fence with a brush to remove the thick stains.

You can also use a wood stain cleaner according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

You also have the option to clean the old stain from the wood fence with a hose with an attached nozzle or pressure washer for the cleaning process.

But, you must be very careful if you spray the water with high pressure because pressure wash will damage the wooden fence. So, always spray the water with less pressure to protect the fence from damage.

If you live in a rainy area, then the fences in those areas are also damaged from mold, so if you are painting the wall after many years, then put some bleach in a bucket and add water to make a solution.

Now, dip a bristle brush or soft cloth to dip in the bucket and scrub the wall to clean the area. Always use fresh water to wash the wood wall on the lawn.

Air-dry the fence

air dry the fence

After cleaning the fence with water, let it air dry for some time because if you tend to apply the paint because applying the paint on wet wood is not a good practice.

When the fence is completely dried, fill any cracks and holes with wood filler. If any slat is broken, then replace the broken slat with the new slat.

If you have replaced a new slat in the fence, then remove all the dust with Sandpaper to make it easy for the color to stick to the wood.

After getting ready for the fence, it’s better to place drop cloths to save the grass and plants from paint to protect them from fence stains.

Apply pump sprayer

apply pump sprayer

After preparing the old wood fence to stain properly with a stain sprayer, fill the paint with a pump sprayer container with stain because there is a spray nozzle attached to it to paint the fences and switch it on.

If you are painting the outdoor fence or indoor wall, then cover all the closed things to save them from stains.

I mentioned this point because last month, when I was spraying the paint on the fence, I did not cover the adjusting door, and my door got dirty due to a stain.

Start the paint spray pattern by coating all the slabs in vertical and horizontal positions.

Keep on painting each slab one by one in the same direction, and ensure to paint each wood slab and do not leave a slab without painting.

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You will have to move fastly during spraying because it takes only 1 or a maximum of 2 minutes to coat the one slab.

Apply brush on the wood fence

apply brush on the wood fence

After coloring the first coat on the fence panel completely, the main question is how many coats are enough for the wood fence.

After entirely painting the fence frame one time, before starting the second coat, take a paintbrush to back brush the color into the fence surface.

Using the back brush to paint to stick the color on the wood instead of sitting on the fence top is essential.

When you paint any wood frame with the air seal stain sprayer, it dries quickly compared to a traditional paintbrush, so immediately apply the brush on the fence after spraying the first coat.

Final coat

If you want a brighter look, then apply a final coat on the woof frame to enhance the beauty. When you apply the second, the paint will extend the color effectiveness to save the wood fence from damage.

So, your wood fence is ready to shine after an airless paint sprayer. Great job, because your old and dull-looking fence is now giving a shining and new look.

After completing the task, clean the area and remove all the cloth from the adjusted places.


The final thoughts on this post are if you have the woof frame outside the home, then it’s important to keep cleaning the wood with wood cleaner and pressure washing to protect the wood from mold and other damage.

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