Sourdough starter smells like alcohol

Sourdough starter smells like alcohol. It is a collaboration of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria. The yeast and bacteria both are fed into the carbohydrate present in flour when moistened with water and allowed to rise.

Sourdough is a special type of bread that has characteristic features that do not require the addition of yeast to ferment. Rather, sourdough assembles sourdough starter, which mainly consists of fermented flour, water, bacteria, and yield.

It is complained by most people that our sourdough starter smell like alcohol. There might be several reasons behind this. Here we go to discuss some reasons why sourdough starters smell like alcohol. Their solution also;

Sourdough starter smells like alcohol

sourdough starter smells like alcohol

A starter is an essential component in the formation of sourdough bread. But at the same time, peoples face many complications in their sourdough starter.

Sourdough starters produce a smell like alcohol or like nail polish. In this article, we will discuss all the detail regarding sourdough.

We will see the detail of why sourdough starts to smell like alcohol. And we suggest you some tips to avoid the smell of sourdough starter.


Always keep one thing in mind sourdough is just not only a mixture of flour and water at the same time. It contains a microorganism also, which makes it more than a mixture.

Fortunately, it is surprising that it is resilient that has characteristics and features to change it into its original state if you do wrong with it.

Comparatively, a reason behind the smell of starter in sourdough is that you have not fed it properly. It is important to know that a starter if fed not properly, begins to eat its wastes and also the discarded yeast present in it.

Always remember one thing you have to need a fed a starter carefully and properly, same as your child and your pets if the starter is not fed right according to its feeding requirements or in a proper way.

It will negatively impact the starter’s health and cause it to produce a smell like alcohol. I hope after reading this, you will be able to know better about the reason for the sourdough smell.

In the next session, we go to discuss its solutions if your sourdough starting smell like alcohol. So without going into any else discussion, let’s see the tips.

Solve the issue

solve the issue

As we discussed earlier that it is not just a mixture. It is something more than a mixture; in other words, it is known as resilient also.

So if your starter produces a bad adore like alcohol, it has a more chance that you have done something mesh with it. The first thing is you have to start feeding it regularly.

Note that you have to feed the starter many times, not even its once meal.

It comes to your starter back to its original state if they are not too much damage. However, if you still feel a smell in your starter, you have to follow the following instructions:

  • Attentively, abstract about 2 tables spoon of starter.
  • Secondly, you can add ¼ cup of water to the container where you store the starter.
  • And you can also add roundabout in ¼ – ½ cup of flour in the container as well.
  • Leave a starter to a room temperature starter where it gets nicely fermented and looks bubbly.
  • If you can, you have to use a reminder that reminds you to ensure the proper timing to feed your starter.
  • Make sure to start feeding your starter regularly without skipping any meal to avoid it from producing a smell like alcohol.

All these steps prove to be helpful and give you an effective result in a situation when your sourdough starter produces a smell and contains a sour taste. So keeps all instructions in your mind to solve this issue.


In the above section, we will describe all the reasons why sourdough starters smell like alcohol. And also we discuss its solutions to avoid this issue from happening in future.

So dear readers, as we discussed earlier, the starter is something more about a simple mixture, so I suggest you treat the starter like a human being and feed it properly at a time to avoid smelling like issues in the future.

I hope after reading this article, you will be able to know about the blunders you do with your starter, and if your starter get smells like alcohol, you will follow the instructions mentioned above.

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