Sounds like water is running but nothing is on

Sounds like water is running but nothing is on. It is very disgusting when all the faucets are off but you listen to a sound like water is continuously running or dripping through the wall in your home.

When you listen to the sound of water running, the first thing that comes to your mind is either you forgot to shut off your kitchen faucet or the toilet is running.

It is very difficult to understand and fix because sometimes it is a leaky pipe inside the wall which is dripping water.

After checking if nothing is on, then the most reason for sound like water is that the seal of the flapper of the toilet is no more, due to which it is continuously running. This issue can be solved by just replacing the flapper of a toilet.

If you do not understand the reason behind the sound, like running water after ensuring all the hoses and faucets in the home, then it is better to call a certified plumber immediately who can fix the issue from the leakage place.

Sounds like water is running but nothing is on

sounds like water is running but nothing is on

If you are listening to the sound of running water and all the faucets are off, then normally it is due to the damage of the toilet flapper.

It can also be due to the leakage in the internal side of the pipes in the wall. There are various reasons behind this problem, and some of them are these.

Inspect the toilet flapper

Water flows away from the pipes if the flapper of the toilet is damaged. You hear sound due to the flowing of water from the pipes.

The first thing to do is close the water supply of the toilet and then hire a plumber who can change the damaged toilet flapper.

Walk around in the home

If you listen to the sound of dripping water, then walk around the inside of the home and check all the pipes and faucets. Maybe it is leaking from somewhere that you did not notice before.

Check the toilet and back tank of the toilet also; maybe they are continuously running and making a noise. Once you sort out the point of leaking water, then it is easy to fix it.

Cracked water line

If the hot or cold water pipeline under the floor cracks, then it will start dripping water and make a noise.

To ensure this shut off the valve of the water line and listen to the sound. If the noise is stooped then surely it is a problem under the floor.

It is a very bad thing to happen because you will have to dig the floor and then spot the place of a cracked pipe. After the inspection then, you can repair the damaged pipeline from leaking water.

Examine the water meter

examine the water meter

It is a small device that has a red pointer on it. This pointer moves when the water in the system runs.

You can confirm from the pointer that water in the system is running.  This device has a display screen on which it records the usage of water per day.

If the water supply bill starts increasing, then you should check that water is leaking from some point that is not visible.

You will have to hire a plumber who can investigate the issue and fix it properly.

Leakage in the slab of the boiler

Normally when you pass the water heater, then you listen to the noise of running water. It is the normal noise of cold water which is coming on the boiler and then going out after heating.

But if you listen to the noise of water after an hour of shutting off the boiler, then surely its slap is broken, and it is leaking. You will have to fix the slab by yourself or a plumber.

Check out temperature of the tile

Sometimes you do not understand the leaking of water under the ground due to the carpet on the floor. You can check the leakages in this way that pulls out the carpet and then walk on the tiles.

If the tiles are cold or hot, then surely water is leaking under the tiles, due to which the temperature of tiles is changed. It is better to hire a professional who can inspect and fix it.


Sounds like water is running but nothing is on. It is very important to fix the issue if you start listening to the sound of leaking water when nothing is on because if you delay it then water can damage the other property.

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