Some vents not blowing air in house

Some vents not blowing air in house. Vent blockage is usually the cause of some vents not blowing air in the house. You may have caused the blockage unknowingly. The blockage can disrupt the airflow.

Midsummer, I noticed that the ventilation is not proper and bills are high. I started to put my hands in front of them to see if there was air coming from them.

I found out that quite a few of the vents weren’t giving air. I didn’t know the vents weren’t working properly. Then after checking, I found that it was mostly because they were blocked, and there were other reasons too.

I had to call a professional, and he was expensive. I learned by watching him, and it wasn’t that difficult. I have listed the solving methods. So keep reading!

Some vents not blowing air in house

some vents not blowing air in house

Most likely, the vents are blocked, and thus, they aren’t blowing any air. The vents may be blocked without your knowledge. Furniture, when in front of vents, will disrupt the flow.

Maybe the vents aren’t open as you have forgotten to open them after a chilly day.

The furnace may not be giving air. The ducts are leaking and are blocked. The issue can be with thermostats. The coils are too dirty, so they don’t work.

The fans have gotten sluggish. The level of refrigerants is low. The AC unit is not of a fixed size. You may have power issues with some vents.

Causes and solutions

Suppose your vents aren’t blowing. Read the following.

Blocked vents

Some vents not blowing air usually mean that they are blocked. The blockage here isn’t because of dust or dirt. It isn’t because of debris, either.

It is usually because the furniture is placed in front of them. The furniture doesn’t let the air go smoothly.

This usually occurs when you change the setting of the house for winter. You forget to take the furniture off the vent or from the vent. It’s common in offices. Some people feel chill and put something in front and later forget, so this happens.

Partial power

Some vents may not be getting power. At the same time, the ones working have a perfect supply. You need to check the wires.

They may have loosened or broken. The connection to power may be cut somehow.

You need to put the wires back and attach them. The loose wires should be reattached too. Make sure connections are tight.

Clogging of filters

clogging of filters

Filters perform the job of cleaning the air. They make the air safe to breathe. Filters remove dust from the air and keep it out of the house.

The air can be stopped if debris and dirt block or clogs the filter. If half of the filters are blocked, then half vents will work.

You need to unclog the filters of the ducts that aren’t working. Use methods that won’t damage them. If they are too damaged, replace them. Check the instructions by the manufacturer for more.

Broken fans

Fans are present in the system. They take the air from the filters and then blow the air through the vents. If the fan motor doesn’t work, then the vents with these motors will not give air.

Sometimes the fan gets covered with too much grime and doesn’t move. The fans can be broken, and the motor can be fried too.

If the problem is with cleaning, then it is minor, and you can clean the fan and the motor. But if there are broken fans and fried motors, they will need to be repaired and replaced.

Other reasons

some vents not blowing air in house 2022

Blockage of fans and filters are the common reasons.

The power issue also aligns, but the blockage of ducts is also a reason for no air. Ducts are narrow, and so they get clogged too.

Rodents, instead of dirt, can also block the ducts.

They should be cleaned. Proper maintenance should be given to them.


Test the components if there is no air coming from the vent. If filters are clogged, then remove the debris. Same in the blockage of the vents and the blockage of ducts.

Keep the furniture away from the vent opening. Call a professional. A professional will solve it after finding it.

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