Skybell flashing red and green

Skybell flashing red and green. With time, people have been using different electronic devices that are able to aid us in our daily lives. One of those devices is a doorbell.

The doorbells have also evolved with time. They are not just limited to ringing anymore. Skybell can help you see and even talk to the person outside the door who is waiting for you.

But with modern technology comes modern problems, and they also require modern ways to deal with them. It is always better to understand the device you are using.

The bells have some error codes that you can see through the blinking of lights. If you know them, then it will be easy for you to perform your action.

Skybell flashing red and green

skybell flashing red and green

The error that relates to the blinking of flashing red and green lights is the syncing mode. The blinking indicates that the device has entered the syncing mode. You can make your device work properly if you sync it before restarting it.

This is done using your laptop or your mobile device. You can either use the web page or the app to control your device’s functions.

Just link the app with the device and set the functions to how you want them to be. You should make an account first; only then will you be able to control it.

What to do if the bell is flashing Red and Green

As I mentioned above that this blinking indicates the device is in syncing mode. You need to sync the device completely and properly to use it again.

The device will not function if it is in this mode. There are steps through which you can sync your device. These steps are given below.


The first step is to download and launch the app. Go to the store and type “Skybell app.” When it appears, click download and wait for the downloading. After downloading, tap the app icon to open it.

Signing in

After the app opens, tap sign in. Enter your email and password if you already have one. Otherwise, you need to create an account.

Just click sign up and enter your details, and you are good to sign in. Click sign in, and you will be signed in.

Adding the device

If your account is old, you might have already connected to the doorbell. If your account is new, you will see the option of new, so tap it.

The device might not appear sometimes, but you can manually add them. Just go to the accounts and tap the “add new bell” option. Tap, continue, and you will be connected.

Sync mode

If the light is blinking, then that means your device is already in the mode. You just need to press the continue option. But if the device is not in syncing mode, you will have to do it manually.

Press the device button until the green light starts blinking. After about the time of 10 seconds, the green light will turn into red and green light.  Just press continue and move on to the next step.

Airplane mode

Open your device settings and then go into wireless and network settings. After that, scroll to see the airplane mode option.

Tap airplane mode to turn it on. Now return to the app and press continue.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

connecting to wi fi

  • Go back o settings.
  • Open Wi-Fi settings.
  • Tap on the icon to enable Wi-Fi.
  • Connect to the device named SkyBellHD.
  • Enable smart Wi-Fi options by using toggle control.
  • Another screen will appear where you can connect to the Skybell option.
  • Again, the press continues option after connecting.
  • Now enter the details of your Wi-Fi and connect it to the device.


After connecting, go back to the app to continue. Then go to the settings and disable the airplane mode. You can now press the thumbs up and close the app.

The light will turn to solid green after some time. Then enter live stream mode. Just close the mode, and your device is back to normal.


This device can show different types of errors with lights and their combination. All of these codes will have a meaning, so stay calm and act according to the error you are facing.

Look at the light, and then you can see the type in the guide.

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