Sink drain leaking rubber gasket

Sink drain leaking rubber gasket. The drain pipe of your bathroom’s sink is leaking. It must be leaking under your bathroom cabinet.

It is leaking from the plastic nut of the drain pipe, which meets at the bottom of the bathroom sink.

If the drainpipe of your bathroom sink is leaking, then firstly, you should tighten the nut under the plastic pipe of the sink.

One of the reasons for leakage must be because there is no plumbers putty has been used while installing the drain into the sink.

It may be because of the rubber or gasket sealing washer stuck in between the sink and the nut that is causing the leakage. It must be the reason for the sink drain rubber gasket.

There must be no sealing because the rubber or gasket sealing washer was not completely flat. Try to tighten the nut yourself if you can do so. Then check the leakage afterward.

If it is still leaking after tightening the nut, then remove everything apart, which includes the drain pipe and the sink outlet flange, after taking out all the parts, including the outlet flange of the sink and the drain pipe.

Check if there is any damage to the pipe. Is there any crack in the nut or drainpipe?

If there is no damage, then you don’t need a new part but still need some items to fix it again.

Sink drain leaking rubber gasketsink drain leaking rubber gasket

The following items will help you to stop leaking the pipe

Plumbers Tape

Plumbers tape will help you tighten any damage in the pipe if you are going through the problem of sink drain rubber gasket.

Plumbers Putty

It is very flexible and stretchable. It can mold easily.

Causes of the water leaking from the bathroom sinkwater leaking from the bathroom sink

  • If there is no plumbers’ tape has been applied, then there can be leakage between the drain pipe and the nut.
  • Another reason for the leakage may be that the sealing washer rubber could be tightened more excessively.
  • The nut may remain loose; it might not be tightened enough, so the water remains coming out through the pipe.
  • A tight seal is not possible due to the drainpipe being off-center.
  • Water might be leaking because of the damage or crack.
  • The sink is not fitted tightly.
  • It may drain due to the absence of the plumber putty.

Reinstalling the drained sink to stop the leakage

  • Take plumber putty and add ½ thick ring to the under part of the sink.
  • Now take a plumbers tape to apply it to the drain’s thread.
  • Apply the plumber’s tape enough and cover the thread fully
  • Tight the nut fully.
  • Take the drain and install it into the sink make sure it should be in the center.
  • Excessive putty should be removed.
  • If there is any thread left with the drainpipe, then add plumber tape to it.
  • Install the drain pipe.
  • Check the leakage by running the bathroom faucet.

Kitchen sink drain leaking rubber gasketkitchen sink drain leaking rubber gasket

Here we are going to tell you the method of fixing the kitchen sink drained pipe.

It will help you reinstall it yourself, which will save the money which you were going to give to the plumber. Sink drain leakage rubber gasket.

Tools that are required for the task

  • A screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrenchtools that are required for the task
  • A hammer
  • Locking pliers
  • Rotary tool
  • Slip joint pliers

Material that is required

Plumber’s putty

Replacing a leaking kitchen sink drain pipe

Fill the water in the sink and check where it is draining. If you have got the place from where the water is draining, then you can change it or reinstall it.

Lose the nut which is at the base of the kitchen sink. Use the wrench to enclose the nut. Move the drainpipe to a side and insert the handles pliers up on the grate of the strainer.

Apply the plumbers putty on the rope and wrap it around the kitchen sink, add a rubber gasket and lock the nut under the sink.

How to replace drain sink gasket?how to replace drain sink gasket

You just need some tools and material to fix the drain sink gasket. Fill the water into the sink and add little food color to it. It will help you to indicate that from where water is leaking.

Suppose you find that water is leaking through the sink strainer. Then you need some plumber’s putty to fix the damage.

Otherwise, in case of huge damage, you need to replace it. Unscrew the nut and remove the strainer and replace it with the newer one.


You can use the plumber’s putty and plumber tape to repair the sink drain rubber gasket. Repair the damaged plastic pipe with the help of a plumber’s putty.

You need some of the tools and material to change the crack pipe. You can repair your drained sink pipe following the steps given above. You can repair the sink at home.

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