Polk signa s2 troubleshooting

Polk signa s2 troubleshooting. Polk Signa S2 is a popular soundbar with crystal clear sound and value compared to the other Soundbar available in the market.

But as with other electrical devices, it also suffers various issues, whether hardware or software problems. You might face various issues with your soundbar system.

But don’t get frustrated; most of the issues, like HDMI connectivity issues, Bluetooth connectivity problems, etc. can be fixed in no time.

This guide will help you troubleshoot your pol signa s2 Soundbar by yourself without wasting dollars by getting help from a professional.

This blog post is all about the Troubleshooting of Polk Signa S2, so keep reading to get information about various issues related to this device.

Polk signa s2 troubleshooting

Suppose you have been using a soundbar for a long time. In that case, you might face different problems like connectivity problems, no voice coming from your device, and the device switching off automatically.

If your Soundbar device is creating issues and not working properly, inspect the HDMI cable connection first. Ensure the HDMI cables are inserted in the right port.

Use only the HDMI cable connection between the tv and the  Soundbar to stop the device from connecting to other sources. Read the following points for this troubleshooting.

Inspect HDMI cables

inspect hdmi cables

HDMI cables are the central part of the soundbar device and the most usual reason for no sound and connectivity problems.

First, inspect the physical appearance of HDMI cables to ensure there is no damage to the cables. It’s important to keep removing the dust and debris from soundbar wires after some time for their proper functioning.

If no sound comes from the Soundbar, check the wires and remove any dust gathered on them to clean them properly.

If you see the cables are chewed or damaged, you do not have another option but to change the damaged cables with new quality ones.

On some occasions, there is no physical damage to the wires, but still, they stop working properly due to overage, so in that case, it is suitable to change them.

If you are still having problems with the HDMI cable connection, you can make changes by starting to use optical cables.

Optical cables are slightly more costly, but these wires are a good replacement if you are unable to enjoy the quality of sound with HDMI cables.

Inspect the Ports

inspect the ports

If you see there is no issue with the HDMIO cables, but still, the sound quality is not good and interrupting again in the show, the next thing to inspect is the HDMI ports.

If you don’t have a habit of cleaning the ports, then dust and debris gather in the ports due to cables not connecting to the ports appropriately.

These dust particles obstruct the connectivity, so take a small brush and remove all the dust from the ports.

The last thing is to ensure that you insert the HDMI cables properly into the ports and  If there is a loose connection, change it.

Power Surge

Sometimes, there is no issue with the tv or Soundbar, but a thunderstorm or heavy rain can give rise to an electrical power surge.

A power surge is very dangerous because it can bring out your soundbar device to enter Standby Mode.

In this case, the troubleshooting tip is to reset your soundbar device by pressing and holding the Power switch and Volume Down switch at the same time on the device for 10 seconds continuously.

Check Bluetooth Connectivity

check bluetooth connectivity

Sometimes, the sound stops coming due to not having the proper Bluetooth settings.

If you have connected your smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity on your Soundbar, please ensure to connect it properly and use it within the range of the device.

The normal Bluetooth connectivity range is 30 feet. Remove all the physical obstacles like chairs and tables in the connectivity way.

Always try to operate the Soundbar standing close to it for crystal quality sound.

Connect only one device at a time to the Soundbar because the issue starts when too many devices are connected with one Soundbar. So, turn off all the other devices.

Connect the Soundbar to a Different Device

connect the soundbar to a different device

Sometimes there is no problem with the Soundbar, but the problem occurs with the sound output. Attach your Soundbar to some other device to confirm which device is malfunctioning.

If the sound quality is still not good after connecting it with another device, then it may be hardware trouble. In this situation, contact a  professional to repair the device.

If you recently purchased the Polk soundbar and its warranty card time is not over, forward a warranty claim to the company to get a replacement of the device.

Reset the Soundbar

If all the above tips are not functioning, then the last option is to reset the Soundbar because it will change all your settings to default settings and clear all the connected devices.

If there are any manual settings issues with the device, then resetting the device will solve the issue. You can change the settings on the Soundbar to improve the sound quality.


The final thoughts on this article are that Polk signa s2 is a reliable brand to enjoy sound quality, but sometimes you face little issues with this device.

Just make sure to clean the dust and debris from HDMI cables and ports regularly. I am hopeful this troubleshooting guide will help you to troubleshoot your Soundbar.

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