Screens to hide hot water heater

Screens to hide hot water heater. Water heaters are used in cold winter to get warm water, but sometimes they look ugly due to their large sizes.

If you are searching for different ideas and screens to hide that unattractive water heater, then you are on the right page because I will share with you various and spectacular ideas to hide the water heater.

It becomes difficult and frustrating to continuously see an unsightly water heater for 1o to 15 years, so it is better to place it where you can store it easily because big-size water heaters do not give an excellent sight to view and ruin the other home decoration also.

It depends on the size of the water heater because of how small or big the water heater size is.

If you have a small size water heater, then you can conceal or hide it beyond a curtain. You can also fix a decorative screen in front of the water heater.

Screens to hide hot water heater

There are various methods to disappear the unsightly water heater because the average life of the water heater is about 1o years, and you can watch big-size water heater for such a long time.

Please keep reading to get more ideas to hide the hot water heater because it is not a thing that you take help from someone.

Install a curtain

install a curtain

If you want to hide your big-size hot water heater in a laundry room because it does not give an excellent sight to view, then installing curtains remains is the best and easiest method to hide your water heater out of view.

The fabric curtain basically acts like a divider, and the good thing about a curtain is that you can slide to the side when you want to check the water heater.

There are not too many things required to install a curtain in front of the heater because you only need a large curtain, curtain hooks, and a long rod.

You can purchase these things from the market for just a few dollars.

Whether you want to purchase a plain or decorative curtain is your choice. If you have a low budget, then you can also buy a simple piece of fabric to fix.

The curtain must be long enough to run from bottom to top, but ensure to keep it away from the water heater to save it from fire hazards.

Installing fabric curating is also a good idea because you can change it after some time to change the decoration.



You can also install new cabinets to hide the water heater in the kitchen, basement, or outdoor gallery. It’s up to your choice whether you want to fix all-metal or wooden cabinets for this purpose.

Some cabinets are concaved in shape, while some have separate freestanding designs. Installing a wooden cabinet to hide the water cooler is a good idea.

But it is not the cheapest, and you will have to pay a handsome amount for this idea, but once you install the cabinet, it will work for you for a long time.

Decorative screen

decorative screen

Decorative screens are also a good choice if you want a decorative water heater.

These screens are available in different types, like regular divider screens, or you can also use freestanding shutters.

You can easily move the standing screen whenever you want to check the water heater. You easily paint these screens to give them a decorative look.

Water heater enclosures shed

water heater enclosures shed

If you have a small house and there is no place to install hot water heater inside the home, then you can fix the water heater outdoors.

But, it will be costly because you need to construct the water heater enclosures to save the water heater.

You will have to buy long pipes and also pay the plumbing cost to the plumber for this formation.

You can also utilize the enclosures as a decorative corner in your lawn or backyard. Ensure the water heater is saved from extreme weather conditions, especially rain.

Add closest

If you want to hide your water heater, it depends on the free space in the room, but if you have free space in the laundry room, you can fix drywall and a door.

The best thing about this idea is that adding a closet is that you can inspect and go to the hot water heater whenever your heater starts malfunctioning.

If you want to sell your house, this option is best. You can add the closest by hiring a skillful professional.

This closet needs less space in the room as compared to a drywall closet and still provides you the convenience of a door to enter.


The final thoughts on this article are if you have a hot water heater in the home and you want to hide it because it gives an unsightly view, then the best and cheapest option is to install a curtain in front of it.

You can also use decorative screens, wooden cabinets, water heater enclosures, and closest for this purpose. These ideas will not only hide the water heater but also increase the decoration of the home.

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