Water heater pilot light keeps going out

Water heater pilot light keeps going out. This article will deliver you all the general information about the water heater pilot light.

In this article, the causes and remedies are discussed for the reason that the light keeps going out.

Water heater pilot light keeps going out
Does Your Water Heater Pilot Light Keep Going Out

The main common cause of this may be the damaged or dirty thermocouple of your water heater.

So, what is a Thermocouple?

We can simply say that thermocouple is a device that is used to measure the temperature.

This thermocouple is responsible for the regulation of the inside gas flow.

The thermocouple comes in two wires. One is for the thermostat and the second one is for the pilot light.

How pilot light is defined?

A pilot light is a blue-colored flame. This blue flame is responsible for burning petroleum gas to produce heat. So, if there is no flame, petroleum gas is inoperable. Hence, no heat will produce, so there is no warm water.

You have to take a shower with cold water, and there is nothing worse than taking a shower with cold water in the morning. We can say that the pilot light is the heart of our water heater.

So, let’s find what are the causes along with their possible solutions

Dirty pilot tubeDirty Pilot Tube

Dirty pilot tube is the most common issue with all types of water heaters. For the combustion of the heater, pilot tubes assist in the supply of gas.

The pilot tubes may get dirty or clogged over time. So, thanks to dirt, the blue flame comes out, and hence the pilot light keeps going out.

Solution for it?

To clean the water heater from dust, debris, and dirt, do thorough cleaning. You will need a trim needle. Use this needle to open and unclog all the holes. Some may take more time so have patience until it gets unclogged.

An unclean dirt thermocouple

If a thermocouple is dirty it means that it will block the gas valves. When dirties obstacle so the current will not reach it. So, the supply will not be provided and might be cut off; hence water heater pilot light keeps going out.

Solution for it?

To unclog the thermocouple, you have to clean it. Remove all the dirt and debris from it. So before starting the cleaning, turn off the gas supply and let it cool.

To remove the dust and grime, you will need a san-paper. Take the sand paper and scrub off dirt from it.

Damaged or broken thermocoupleWater Heater Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

Now, when you have finished cleaning the water heater. But, wait! the pilot light keeps going out? Check your thermocouple.

This may be due to a broken thermocouple. If your thermocouple is supplying a voltage of less than 20MV, it means your thermocouple has to be replaced.

Solution for it?

Replace the damaged part with an expert.

Poor wiring

The main issue that happens to every water heater is poor wiring. Call the technician and let him install it for you. If it stops working abruptly, then it is a surety that the wiring is poor.

Solution for it?

Switch off the water heater and let the technician fix it.

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