Washing machine not draining completely

Washing machine not draining completely. What is life without all the necessities? Electronic gadgets have made our life so easy that we can’t imagine living without them now.

Every machine that we possess holds a lot of value in our lives as it makes us do so much in such little time.

Therefore, if your machine gets broken or is faulty, you tend to panic.

When it comes to washing machines, they are a part of our everyday routine. Not a single week could we survive with our dirty laundry; hence when your washing machine shows signs of trouble, you start to worry.

Washing machine not draining completely
why washing machine not draining completely

Do you think about a replacement? You don’t have to now because we are here to tell you how to fix this problem.

Reset your machine

Is your front load washing machine not draining? The first thing to do when you experience an error in your machine is to unplug it for some time and then re-plug it again.

It’s mentioned in the instructions of some machines on how to reset it completely.

Mostly the instructions say to re-plug the machine again and open and close the door of the washer several times quickly; by doing so, your machine will restart completely.

Once it’s restarted, check if it’s functioning normally again.

Check if the door is faultycheck if the door is faulty

Why is my washing machine not draining or spinning? This is a common question asked by many worried users.

The main reason for your washing machine not spinning and draining could be a faulty or unclosed door.

Most washing machines, by default, have a feature of not operating unless the door is tightly closed.

This is to ensure that there is no water spill during the washing period because of the open door.

If your machine is not spinning, check the door of your washer to see if it is closed completely.

If you have a faulty door that is not getting closed at all, contact someone who could fix your door so that your machine starts working like normal.

Check the drain hose and the pumpcheck the drain hose and the pump

After resetting your machine and making sure that the door is shut.

This indicates that maybe there is some problem with the drain hose or the drainpipe; to check that, you will have to open up your machine.

Start by unplugging your washer from the main switch. Next, you will have to unscrew the back of your machine to remove the body panel.

Locate the drain hose and the pump. Check for any unwanted item, such as a small piece of cloth or any accumulated dust. Remove whatever has clogged your drain hose or the drain pipe.

Lastly, put back the panel and start your machine to get proper drainage once again.

Check if the pump is shot

There could be a possibility that your pump is shot. Listen for unusual voices from your pump or see if it is leaking. If so, your pump is shot for sure, and you will need to replace it with a new one.

Check the coin trapcheck the coin trap

The coin trap is a component of some washing machines. It is present to trap any foreign substance, lint, or dirt.

This prevents all the unwanted material from getting stuck into the drain hose or drains pipe.

Usually, the water is unable to drain because of excess accumulation of foreign substances.

Clean your coin trap properly to ensure better washing quality and better drainage.

Drainage without flooding

After you have solved your issue and reached the root cause of why your washing machine is not draining, the next question that people tend to have been asking is, “how to drain a washing machine without flooding?”

This question is very commonly asked because people face issues in draining the machine if it’s not getting drained by itself.

This process is not as hard as you think. All you have to do is unplug your machine from the primary connection. Then, open up the machine’s panel.

After that, locate the hose. Keep some towels and a bucket. Take out the hose for manual drainage of water.

Make sure the hose is clean and not clogged. Collect all the water in a bucket and put everything back in place.


There can be many reasons why is your washing machine not draining. But most of the time, if we notice, it is our fault or negligence because of which electronic machines show errors.

Hence, to avoid inconvenience, make sure to follow all the instructions provided with the machine and keep your gadget clean and protected.

Front Load Washer not draining


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