Samsung washer filter cleaning

Samsung washer filter cleaning. Regular cleaning of an appliance extends its life span. For example, if you have a Samsung washer and have not paid attention to its cleaning, you may face issues with its performance.

So, if you suspect spots on fabric after cleaning your Samsung washer or feel that your washer is taking more time than usual to drain water, the washer’s filter needs to be cleaned.

If your washing machine filter is clogged or filled with debris, you may also face further taking time for the washer to complete its cycle.

So, if you require to clean the debris filter but are unaware of how to start and what things you need while cleaning the filter, here is a proper guideline.

In this article, we will explain the procedure of cleaning the filter of the Samsung top load washer and front load washer appropriately. You may follow the instructions carefully to get proper results.

Samsung washer filter cleaning

steps to clean samsung washing machine filter

You may find the detailed facts you may keep in mind while cleaning a top or front-loading washing machine filter to get back the efficient working of your washers.

If your washer’s filter is filled with the clog, you may go in that direction.

But we suggest you follow the instructions regularly to prevent any filter-clogging issues.

Samsung Top Loaders Filter Clean

samsung top loaders filter clean

Here is a guideline for cleaning top loader filters.

Step 1: Access The Filter Spot

Before starting any cleaning procedure, it is necessary to know the exact location of the load washer filter.

You may consume much time finding the filter if you don’t have the proper knowledge.

So, in top-load washers, you may access the inner side of the washing machine’s filter. Depending on the washing machine model, it might be different in size.

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But you may find it rectangular or round in shape after opening the cover or lid of your washing machine.

It must be wrong if someone says that the filter doesn’t matter much. Samsung washers efficiently work if they have a clean filter. So, let’s get started to go through the washing task.

Step 2: Initial Preparation

In the first step of Samsung washer filter cleaning, you require a few items to make your task more convenient.

So, it would be better to use plastic gloves to keep your hands safe during the task. Secondly, you require to prepare a cleaning solution to get efficient results.

Well, the items you need on the spot are white vinegar, a brush, and a bowl to make a solution. You may also use bleach instead of white vinegar. Or purchase a washing machine cleaner.

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Step 3: Mix Ingredients For the Solution

Let’s start making the solution by adding the items. Get ready by wearing your gloves. So, take a bowl and add vinegar and water to it.

You need to put 3 parts of water compared to vinegar. For example, three cups of water and one cup of vinegar. You may make the solution with water and bleach following the same quantity measure rule.

Step 4: Detach Washing Machine Filter

detach washing machine filter

As you already located the filter of your washing machine. Now, it is time to detach the filter by pressing the lock button and taking out the filter.

One thing that needs your attention is that there are different Samsung appliances available in the market with different features that vary.

So, some high-efficiency top loaders don’t contain removable filters. They own a pump filter and do their cleaning automatically.

So, if you want to clean the filter, you may use any old toothbrush or paper towel without removing the filter from its spot.

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Step 5: Soak The Debris Filter

So, are you ready to clean the washing machine filter with the prepared solution? So, if you have removed the Samsung washing machine filter, you must put the debris filter into the solution. You may also dip it into the washing machine cleaner.

Step 6: Scrub The Filter

After soaking the filter in the solution, grab the brush and start scrubbing the filter. Ensure that you have cleaned all the lint or dirt from the filter. You may also use a paper towel to clean the filter.

Step 7: Rinse Filter

When you have cleaned the ginks, you may rinse the filter with hot water. Now, you may insert the filter on its spot.

It would be better to start a warm water cycle after placing the filter. It will allow you to clean the Samsung washing machine from the inside.

Samsung Front Loaders Filter Clean

samsung front loaders filter clean

Here is a guideline for cleaning front-loader filters.

Step 1: Locate Front Load Filter

Before starting the procedure, ensure that you have turned off the power supply of the washing machine.

If you are going to clean the filter while running a hot water cycle or sanitize cycle, then we suggest you wait for almost half an hour to let the washer cool.

Mainly the front load washers contain the filter at the front of the device covered with the access door.

Step 2: Open The Access Door

Now, we want you to place a towel in front of the access door and a large bowl or a tub on the towel or a rag.

Now, you may open the access door to access the debris filter. Use something as a lever to pull down the access door, like the handle of a scissor for opening it.

Step 3: Drain Water Through Drain Hose

Now, you may see a drain hose holding it in its place. You may gently detach the hose from its bracket and remove its cap to drain water into the bowl you have placed before in front of the access door.

If you clean the filter during a spin cycle, your bowl may get filled. So, you can close the hose with the cap and empty the bowl to pour the remaining water from the washing machine into it.

After draining the entire water, you may place the drain hose cap firmly in its position and fit the drain hose too.

Step 4: Detach The Filter

Now, it’s time to detach the filter of your washing machine by turning the debris filter cap counterclockwise. You may get it out by a slight pulling.

Step 5: Clean Debris

Now, you may clean the filter using a paper towel or a damp cloth. Ensure that no junk is left on the filter and in the filter.

Please inspect the drain pump. Clean the whole area before placing the filter back in position.

Step 6: Replace The Filter

When you are done washing the filter of your washer, then you may place the filter in its housing by turning the filter cap clockwise.

Step 7: Run A Wash Cycle

After placing everything except the access door, it would be better to start a wash cycle. When the washing machine is running a cycle, that time your task is to inspect the filter.

You must check whether the filter surroundings are leaking or not. If you find any leakage on the seal, you need to tighten the debris filter cap.

Step 8: Close The Access Door

After inspecting that everything is fine, you may close the door by turning it up and using a little force while pushing it. You may hear a sound when the door gets adjusted to its place.


In this article, we have discussed cleaning the filter of the top and front loaders. You may get to know about the location to complete the task.

We also discuss to make a cleaning solution to get better results. These guidelines will surely help you while doing your task successfully.