Ge washer won’t start cycle

Ge washer won’t start cycle. When you’re at the laundry, move a batch to a drying chamber and discover the washer is blocked just on the wash cycle. Usually, people expect to incur significant money and end up with soiled clothes shortly.

Before calling your nearby service tech in a rush because your washer is jammed in a spin, take some deep breaths and consider restarting the machine instead.

The reset technique for GE washers is rather simple, and that could be quick too, and sometimes it won’t work, so let’s get into the article to find the reason and how you can fix it.

Ge washer won’t start cycle
why ge washer won't start cycle

Here we are mentioning the general reasons that your GE washer won’t start the cycle.

Unleveled Washer

If your washer is not leveled, it won’t work properly and will make excessive noise and vibration.

Loss of electrical power

Loss of electrical power will affect the washer, and it will not spin as you may have a defective fuse or a wall outlet that is not working.

Water level controlge washer parts

If your washer is not spinning, but it is washing your clothes, and the water pump is pumping water out, then the fault can be in water level control.

Water pump

It is the most common problem as it happens due to blockage of the water pump or due to a bad water pump.

Transmission lock

It can also be caused by bad transmission; the motor clutch and belt can also cause this problem.

Thermal fuse

If your GE washer is not working and is stuck, then it might be due to overheating, which also burns out the thermal fuse.

How to fix the Ge washer that won’t start?

Now, let’s have a quick look at how we can fix all these problems

Unleveled washer

You can easily fix this problem by leveling your washer. Place your washer on level ground or you can level your washer by placing the leveler on top of the washing machine and checking that your machine is leveled.

Loss of electrical power

To fix this problem, you can check your plug pin. You can also change your fuse and you need to contact an electrician to check your wall outlet.

Water level controlge washer water level control

To check Water level control, you need to open your control panel. But first, unplug the power source, so you don’t suffer an electrical shock.

The terminals in the control panel should be numbered 7, 15, and 16, and use a multimeter to check the control.

Turn the knob to the ohm (Ω) sign and set it to check continuity. It should be continuous from 7 to 15  without any water and with water.

There should be continuity from 7 to 16. If it’s not continuous, the control is bad and needs to be replaced. 

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Water pump

You need to dry the washer because it will not work if there is water in it. Then you need to clean the water pump properly. If your problem is not solved, then you need to change your water pump.

Transmission lock

To check your transmission lock, you need to remove the belt from the pulley and rotate the pulley in both directions.

If the pulley is not rotating, then your transmission is locked, and you need to replace your transmission lock.

Thermal Fuse

To fix this problem, first, you need to check if your thermal fuse is working or not. For that, you need to take your multimeter and check the continuity.

If the thermal fuse is blown out, you just need to change it with a new one.

Main control boardge washer main control board

Your main control board might be defective, but the main control board doesn’t get faulty easily.

If it has happened, you need to change your main control board.

How can you Maintain your GE washer?

Here are some tips and tricks that are useful to maintain your washer

  • Don’t overload your machine. If you overload the washer, it will strain all the mechanical components, which results in a short lifespan of your washer.
  • Don’t leave wet clothes in your washer. You are creating ideal ground for bacteria, and it will cause your washer to be smelly.
  • Clean your washing machine regularly. It will keep the filter and hoses to be clean.
  • Check the balance of the machine because if your machine is not balanced, it may produce several problems.


So, we have mentioned all the possible reasons the GE washer won’t start the cycle with solutions and if it’s still not working, contact your local technician.

Ge washer won’t start cycle | Easy fix

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