Control Soundbar Volume With Tv Remote

Control Soundbar Volume With Tv Remote. Sometimes, while you are using a device with a sound like a soundbar, you might need to lower the volume because it is too high. It can also be the opposite of that. You might want to increase the volume of the device.

You do not have time to go to the device and set it manually. What you need is a remote to control the volume of the device. A remote through which you can level the sound.

A remote performs its function according to the device it is connected to. The functions from remote to remote and device to device.

Control Soundbar Volume With Tv Remote

control soundbar volume with tv remote

Suppose you do not have a remote to control the soundbar of the device. There is no need to have any fear. You might have lost that remote, but you can use the remote of your TV to control the soundbar.

You need to navigate the settings using your TV remote. You just need to select the sound option and then the output of the sound.

You can then close the output of the sound after selecting it. By doing this now, you can control the level of the sound by using your television remote.

Steps for controlling and setting up

There are two major differences in this area, a universal method that works in most of the remotes, and then there are different methods according to the brand.

Let us discuss the steps to set it through the universal method.

Port or cable selection

Checking for compatible connectivity options is the basic step. You should check the type of choices you have in the connections.

These options are usually located at the back or the side of your device. It can be HDMI ARC or optical.


After selecting the mode, what you need to do is insert the cable into the port. Make sure to plug tightly.

When the cable is attached completely, you will hear a clicking sound. The sound means the cable is perfectly attached.


The cables are given to your device. In case you do not have them, buy them in version 2.0 or above, as they are faster and mostly compatible.

And in the case of optical wire, make sure it is a match before the insertion.


Power on both the devices and put batteries in the remote as well, as they are needed for its functioning.

To power them on, make sure that they are plugged, and the switches are on such that devices turn on as well.

Finding setting

Now that your device has been connected successfully, you can probably hear the audio now.

If not, go to the settings through the control panel or the remote. Scroll to find the TV speaker option.

Other option

After finding the option, turn the option off. Another method to perform this task is to convert the audio settings to the cables that you have installed or inserted before.

Doing this will stop the sound from the TV speaker and then direct it to the soundbar.



Now try adjusting the sound. Make sure it works. You can also set the frequency and the pitch according to your desire. You can also change the brass level.

The option of slowing and fasting the playback speed is also available.

If the device is being controlled by the device, that means you were successful. If not, then repeat the steps carefully.


Sometimes the speakers of your TV might not work and you want to watch something like your favorite show. But it will not be so entertaining without the sound. The fun will all be gone from it. You won’t be able to enjoy it the way you should.

But there is a quick alternative way to deal with the problem. It is to convert the medium of sound. You can use your soundbar for it. You can control the volume.

The base is easily controlled by it as well. You can enjoy your favorite show without worrying about the sound. Remote can help you control sound easily.


Using your remote to control the sound and changing the medium of the sound is a splendid idea. The steps are also easy to follow. You can convert the medium of the sound anytime and control it with ease.

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