Samsung refrigerator not making ice

Samsung refrigerator not making ice. A  refrigerator is the most important appliance in our kitchen. But sometimes it may put you in some trouble when it won’t make ice.

The Samsung refrigerator manufacturers provide you with durability in their products. But as an appliance contains different components that able an appliance or a device to do its work properly.

So, a defective or broken component may stop your refrigerator from making ice. Calm yourself and follow the instructions while troubleshooting.

Samsung refrigerator not making ice

Check Ice Maker Turn On

check ice maker turn on

Before going too deep about discussing the different ice-making components, confirm that your Samsung ice maker is not turned off or it is not paused.

It may happen accidentally or unintentionally by another person, who switched OFF the ice maker.

You may easily check out if it is OFF then turn the setting of the ice maker to ON.

Most Samsung refrigerators have a digital screen to change any refrigerator’s settings.

Samsung ice maker not filling with water

You can easily approach the ice maker settings on the screen and turn it ON or OFF with a tap. When the ice maker is off, you’ll see the light, and light become dim when you turn it ON.

Another option is to find out whether your ice maker is turned ON or OFF, is pressing and holding the ice maker’s buttons for at least 5 seconds can turn the ice maker ON.

Unsettled Temperature

You can easily suspect that your refrigerator is not icing properly. If it is smaller in size and does not produce solid ice cubes then you may be blame the incorrect temperature.

If your Samsung refrigerator ice maker have ice production issue then make sure to fix its temperature.

If you set it to a high temperature it’ll not make enough cooling that may able the freezer to make ice cubes properly.

But if you set the temperature too low that may cause the freezing of the ice maker component. It may freeze the water tank too and develop a blockage of ice, which may cause of not making quality ice.

So for a perfect icing fix the temperature to -2 and 0 Fahrenheit. You can tap to change the temperature settings from the screen.

Frozen Ice Maker

Building up ice in the ice maker tray is a normal issue, that may stop your refrigerator from making ice.

If the basket gets blocked with the frozen ice then you need to melt the ice buildup to get smooth icing again. Some refrigerators have an auto defrost system, if you have one then you can defrost the ice maker.

You may follow another method, but first of all, you need to unplug the power cable and water supply. Then take some hot water and pour it into the ice tray. Gently scrub it using a spoon.

You may also use a hairdryer to defrost the ice maker. Make sure to set low heat and then use it on the frozen area. You may also use the hairdryer for defrosting the dispenser tube.

It is not necessary that each refrigerator have a dispenser tube. It totally depends on the model of your refrigerator.

GE ice maker reset

In most models the dispenser tube gets blocked when it is located inside the ice maker.


We suggest don’t use the high heat of a dryer to defrost the ice build. Make sure to keep moving the hair dryer all over the frozen area.

Water Inlet Valve Failure

water inlet valve failure

Another reason for ice production issue is the failure of the water intel valve.

Your refrigerator requires water to make ice, and whenever your refrigerator needs water to make ice the water inlet valve turns on automatically and fulfills the need for required water.

There may be an electrical problem with the water inlet valve or with the passage of time the inlet valve stops working efficiently.

So, we will help you to check the problem in a possible way.

First of all, disconnect the power cable of your fridge. Then, make sure to turn off the water supply.

Depending on the Samsung refrigerator models you may find out the water inlet, but commonly it is located behind the refrigerator in the access panel.

Now, remove the water inlet valve by removing the holding screws of the water inlet valve.

After that, you need to verify the continuity of electricity. For this purpose, you required a multi meter and join it with the terminals of the valve’s coils probs.

If it doesn’t show any reading or if it is broken or expired then repair it or it need to be replaced.

Defective Water Line

defective water line

If your Samsung refrigerator is not working then you may also check the water lines.

It supplies the water for icing and able the Samsung ice maker to freeze ice cubes.

Because when it is failed in flowing the water, then the refrigerator stops making perfect cubes or stops making ice entirely.

But sometimes, because of water leakage of the water supply, arise problems like a stuck or ice buildup, which may cause not producing ice.

To resolve this issue you need to get an approach to the back side of your fridge and then remove the access panel.

Check the water lines physically, if it is damaged or broken or if there is a clog. If there is a clog then remove it and if the water line is damaged and making water leakage then it’s better to replace it as the installation is not much complicated.

Clogged Water Filter

clogged water filter

Most Samsung refrigerators have a water filter. It makes the flowing water pure and clean.

But with the time water filters may clog and develop some issues.

For example, it stops the required water flowing in the ice maker which causes ice production issue.

When it becomes expires you suspect that the ice cubes are not fresh and cleaned. Then proceed to check out the filter and high mineral deposits.

You feel the ice cubes are smelly, dusty and clumped ice. It is a clear sign of dirty water filter of your fridge is clogged.

Depending on the models it is not located on the exact spot. So, approach the water filter and then you may remove it with a little twist.


It is better to change the water filter of your refrigerator once in six months. That will be very helpful to you to prevent any hurdle in the quality of icing.

Check Water Pressure

The water pressure affects a lot of making ice in the ice maker. If your refrigerator is not getting the required pressure of water then you may not get the standard ice cubes.

Low water pressure stops the ice maker from working correctly. Most probably your refrigerator wants 20 psi pressure of water.

You may use a gauge to check the water pressure. It’ll give you the exact measurement of the water pressure.

Another way is that you may fill 3 to 4 cups of water into the dispenser after disconnecting the supply line and then press the button of the water dispenser for 10 sec.

If all poured water doesn’t flow in the limited period, it is the sign that the water pressure is too low. Check the water line and water filter for any leakage or clog.

It is also essential to verify the water supply valve of your house is opened fully. If there is no pressure in the water then increase it by yourself or contact a professional.

Check Dispenser Gear/Auger Motor

check dispenser gearauger motor

If you have checked the other components of the ice maker, and it is still not working then you need to check for gears and motor.

These components are responsible for releasing the ice from the ice maker.

If the motor jammed or gears broke then the ice maker may not be able to release the ice and it start making noise.

You need to have an over view to the gears to examine if they are working properly or if they are damaged.

To get access to the motor first you need to remove the ice bucket according to your Samsung model.

Then try to spin the motor physically. If it turns easily without using much power then you need to check its continuity of electricity.

Take a multi meter and test the readings. Zero or infinity readings mean that your motor wants a replacement.


Replacing a motor is a bit complicated. So, it’s better to contact a professional.

Reset Samsung Ice Maker

Here is the last option that you may try to get your perfect Samsung ice maker. If you have checked out all the following options mentioned above then you have to follow the reset option.

For resetting your ice maker, you need to find out the test button. If you are not able to find it then remove the ice bucket. Hopefully, you’ll find it there.

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Press and hold the button until you don’t hear a chime sound. Wait for 6 minutes as it takes time to complete the test cycle.

After the time period, you’ll hear the sound that is a sign of dropping ice in the bucket.