Running downspouts underground

Running downspouts underground. A downspout is actually a pipe that is used to carry rainwater from the gutter. It is very commonly used in houses to perform the function of draining rainwater.

It is also referred to as a drain pipe or food drain pipe. The main function of the downspout is to move or carry the rainwater away from the roof to the gutter and do it so that no water is spilled or thrown anywhere on the building itself.

This is to make sure that the structure of the building is safe from any type of damage.

The damage which we are talking about is damage caused by the rainwater entering the building material, making moisture, and inflicting damage to the building.

The use of a downspout is very handy in defending against rain and rainwater. It can be located on roofs of houses and even other buildings.

Running downspouts underground

running downspouts underground

To carry the water at a further distance from the house we need more ten just roof spouts we need something else that is where the underground spouts come into play.

They have a filter that keeps things like leaves from entering the pipe. The pipe ensures only water enters the pipe. The pipe takes the house a bit far from the house and ends there.

The water exits the pipe in the ground. The water is then absorbed by the ground and our building remains safe from the rainwater that might have had entered if there were no downspouts.

Steps to install downspouts underground

The downspouts of your home carry a lot of rainwater to a distance. From your roof to the ground, but sometimes the distance is not enough.

At this we install underground downpours. They carry water away from your house at a further. The distance depends upon the length of the pipe or downspout buried under the ground.

Steps for burying it are given below.

  • Digging


The first step in putting the downspouts underground is to dig. Digging is a simple process that involves the use of shovels and other tools.

The only thing to keep in mind is to dig at the required amount of length, width, and height.

It mostly depends upon your choice of the size and length of the downspout. You can even use the default chosen size manufactured by the company.

  • Putting joints

The pipe coming from the food is probably straight, so turn it or change the angle of the pipe. You will need a PVC arc of 45 degrees.

The PVC pipe will turn the pipe and change the angle of the pipe from vertical to horizontal.

Use glue or other material to make the joint strong and attach the other pipes. You also need to make sure that joints of pipes are joined properly or otherwise you might get a leakage.

  • Setting angle

Setting the angle is an important task. Always bend the pipe a little bit on the exit side or keep the surface low on the exit side.

This will make the water get out of the pipe completely, otherwise, the water might just stay where it was and not even get out of the pipe.

  • Filter

Filter is an important part of the downspout. Filter is to stop other thongs from entering the pipe. If things like leaves enter the downspout, there will be a blockage.

So set the filter properly. This will benefit you put the filter on the downspout and use screws to fix it there. You can also use glue to make it stick stronger.

  • Pea gravels

pea gravels

Dig another hole in the ground about two to three feet deep. Then pour some pea gravel in it. The hole should be at the end of the pipe.

The extra water is absorbed by the pea gravels. So there is no damage to your house.

  • Setting the pipe

The pipe is already set, so in this step, we will make sure all the things are properly attached. We must know that there is no leakage.

If there, is we must seal the pipe from there. Then check the joints if they are properly attached. Then comes the filter. We must check if the filter is not damaged.

If yes, change the filter.

  • Burying

After all the things have been checked, then comes the step of burial. We use the sand and dirt that we got when we dug the holes.

Then we just pour it o the popes slowly without damaging them. After that, we make the sand and dirt hard.


The use of downspout is getting common due to its benefits. The method to install or put the downspouts underground have been listed step by step.

You can also call the drainage system professionals and ask them to do the job for you. Though that will cost you money.

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