Ring chime keeps going offline

Ring chime keeps going offline. It is a wonderful addition to increasing security in homes and workplaces. It immediately detects the motion when anybody presses the ring doorbell.

It is connected to different smart devices like computers and smartphones via Wi-Fi connection to capture the live view and video clips.

Although it’s very easy to use the ring chime, some users face different issues; like Ring chime keeps disconnection from the internet connection and displays offline.

The first reason behind the ring doorbell continuously going online is no wifi internet connection. The ring chime device works efficiently depending on the internet speed and stability.

If your internet connection speed is low or you have connected the device at a large distance from the internet router, then the ring chime will keep going offline.

If there is an issue with the router or an electrical problem in the home, then it can also lead to the ring doorbell keeps going offline. Please read this full article to troubleshoot the ring doorbell internet problem.

Ring chime keeps going offline

If you are worried about the ring chime getting offline problem, then, first of all, check the internet status on your router because if there is no internet service, then the device will obviously go offline.

The next thing to check is your ring chime is connected to the right WI-FI internet connection. Please make sure the WI-FI signal strength is fast.

Outdated Ring chime software is also one of the big reasons behind this problem. Let’s discuss each reason in detail and what to do in this situation to connect the ring chime with an internet connection.

Wrong Wi-Fi network

wrong wi fi network

If your ring chime is continuously going off, then the first thing to check is whether it is connected with the right wifi internet connection or it is connected with the wrong wifi internet connection.

Sometimes, you don’t know and try to connect the device with the wrong wifi network, which ultimately displays that the device is offline.

So, when you connect the device to the internet router, then make sure you are connecting it with the right internet connection, and both devices are placed close to each other.

Change the router place

The ring chime is obviously fixed outside the home for security, and it is also important for the device to connect with the internet router properly, so you need to place the router at a place where WI-FI signals access the device at fast speed.

If the ring chime is connected to the router but keeps going online, then it’s possible that the device is not able to access wifi signals at a fast speed due to the large distance.

When the router is placed at a far distance from the device then, physical interference like concrete walls, windows, and doors stops the signal’s speed.

So, make sure you have placed the router in the right place in the home where all smart devices like smart tv and phones can easily access the WI-FI signals at a fast speed.

If you can’t change the router place, then don’t worry because you can add the main network router with a second router in the home through ethernet cable for fast and stable WI-FI signals.


Reboot the router

After making sure the ring chime is connected to the right WI-FI network then, reboot the router. Sometimes the problem is easily resolved just by rebooting the router because minor bugs and glitches are removed by booting the router.

Unplug the internet router’s cord from the power source for one minute and put in the cord after one minute. Please wait for another 20 seconds for WIFI signals and try to reconnect the internet with the router.

2.4GHz Network

If you have a first-generation Ring Chimeb device, then read this point; otherwise, skip this point if you already have a second-generation Ring Chime device for security at home.

The first-generation Ring Chimes only work on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi bandwidth, while if you talk about the latest second-generation devices, they support both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidth.

So, if you have the old ist generation ring doorbell and it is continuously going online from an internet connection, then it is possible that your internet modem has the 5GHz Wi-Fi bandwidth, and you need to change any one of both devices.

It is your choice whether you want to purchase the new latest ring chime device or you go for changing the wifi bandwidth to 2.4GHz from 5GHz.

If you don’t want to invest the money in purchasing a new ring chime, then I suggest you change the WIFI network bandwidth in your internet router.

Ring Chime Pro Troubleshooting

Low voltage

low voltage

If there is no problem with the WI-FI internet connection in the home and other smart devices are browsing the apps fastly, then it could be a power issue with the device due to low voltage in the home.

If the low voltage is transmitted to the ring chime from the transformer, then it will go offline. Low voltage issues can easily be checked from the Ring app on your smartphone.

Open the Ring app on your phone and navigate to the ‘Device Health‘ option.

The device must be connected to the transformer, which releases the 16V. But, if your transformer is releasing less than 16V, then your device will go offline. You have no option but to change the device.

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Outdated software

In modern smart devices, it’s important to keep updating the latest software version to update your device and download the new features.

So, if you are suffering from the ring doorbell that keeps going offline, then check if there is a pending update in the ring app. Open the ring app in your device’s play store and update all teh pending app updates.

If you do not update your ring app within the time, the device will stop working properly, so always keep an eye on the app updating notification and immediately update the ring chime app on your phone or laptop to download the new features.


If the Ring chime device stops connecting with an internet connection or keeps going online, then make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection in your home, and the device is fixed close to the router.

If you have the old device, then change the router bandwidth to 2.4GHz from 5GHz.

You can ignore the low voltage and outdated software version in the ring app because these reasons are also responsible for this issue.

If you can’t find the solution after these troubleshooting tips, then contact the Ring customer help center. Ring doorbell not ringing inside