How to reconnect ring to wifi

How to reconnect ring to wifi. Ring doorbells are the latest devices to protect your home from unknown people because a security camera is installed inside the doorbell to record the external and internal clips.

Ring doorbells are connected to the internet router through wi-fi signals to record video clips and pictures to show on your smartphone or desktop computer.

First of all, the Ring app is downloaded on the mobile phone from the google play store, and then this app is connected to the doorbell to work.

This doorbell uses the same signals that other smart devices use in the home, and if there is any issue with the network router, then the Ring device won’t function efficiently.

If your doorbell is not connecting with the wi-fi, read this entire post to reconnect the device.

How to reconnect ring to wifi

The doorbells are connected to an internet connection to record clips and adjust the view to the smartphone.

If your ring is not connecting to wi-fi, firstly, recheck your network connection and make sure that the authorities are correct.

The next thing to check is the Router because if you place the router close to your Doorbell, then it will reconnect; otherwise, the out-of-range router will not connect to the ring.

If the Internet connection is unfortunately malfunctioning, then don’t annoy because you can easily reconnect the ring to wi-fi.

Keep reading this post to learn various instructions to perform this task and resolve the problem.

Poor wi-fi signals

poor wi fi signals

Poor signals are the most prominent cause of the ring not reconnecting-fi. It would help if you had strong network signals to reconnect the ring to wi-fi.

Doorbells are usually installed outside the home gate to protect your home and record external clips, so if the router is placed out of range from the device, it will not connect.

So, fix your router close to the ring to reconnect the device to the internet through wireless signals.

Restart the router

When you see a low internet signal speed from the internet router in the home, restarting the router is the best bet. You have to give a proper power cycle to your router to remove the software glitches.

Disconnect the modem cord from the wall power source for sixty seconds, and then reconnect the cord to turn on the modem.

Wrong wi-fi Password

wrong wi fi password

If you are reconnecting the ring to wi-fi and failing to do so, then recheck the password you are typing.

Sometimes, special characters are added to the password, so be careful when you mention the password to reconnect the device to the network.

Sometimes, it happens that somebody in the home changes the internet router password. When the password is changed then, all smart devices are disconnected from the internet until the new password is entered.

If you have more than one device and account, it’s suitable for you to write the internet password in your diary so you can easily type the correct password instead of the wrong one.

Electrical wiring Issues

Check the home’s electrical wiring if your doorbell is malfunctioning and not connecting. Internal wiring becomes faulty due to tripped breaker, blown fuse, and short circuit.

So, check the circuit breaker and blow a fuse. If there is no breaker issue, turn off the home electricity and contact a professional electrician to inspect all the internal wiring in the home and repair the broken connections.

Check the battery power

check the battery power

If the wired electricity does not power your doorbell and works on the battery power, then you should check the battery status because if the device battery is low, it will not connect to the internet.

Remove the dead batteries from the device and replace them with a new quality battery to charge the device. Once the new batteries are entered into the device, it will immediately reconnect.


It’s important to check the compatibility before you upgrade your internet from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. Some old doorbells are not compatible with a 5GHz network. That’s why to look at this point if your device fails to reconnect with the network.

If the above network issues are fixed, then follow these steps to reconnect the ring to the wifi.

  1. Open the app on your smartphone.
  2. Click the three lines (≡) on the top left of your screen.
  3. Click Devices.
  4. Choose the doorbell.
  5. Click on Device Health.
  6. Select Reconnect to Wifi.

Dont forget your router password in any case because if you forget the password, you can not change the modem’s password, and you cannot reconnect the doorbell once it is cleared.

Power outage

On some occasions, there is power loss or electric surge in the circuit, and the wi-fi will turn off, due to which the router is not functioning.

In this case, the internet connection is sometimes lost, and the ring is not connected. Ring doorbell live view not working


The last thoughts on this informative post are if you have a ring doorbell or ring camera in the home for security purposes.

Always install it at a place where it has easy access to wi-fi signals because if the router is out of range, then the device will not connect to the network.

Follow all the steps described in this article to reconnect the ring to wifi.