Repurpose Used Coffee Grounds

There are ways to repurpose used coffee grounds. I have tried them, and so should you.

Coffee grounds are actually thrown away by many people thinking that they is just waste materials, but they can be used again in different things and ways. So I dug and made this article for you, so you do not throw them away.

Starting with the simplest trick using coffee grounds to fertilize your garden or the soil in your backyard to plant vegetables is a good way to repurpose them.

They can also be used if there are bugs in your house as they are actually very good repellents.

Repurpose Used Coffee Grounds

repurpose used coffee grounds

The uses have a big variety; 9 of them are given below.

  • Wonder fertilizer
  • Pro repellent
  • Worm growth
  • Odor-freeing
  • Home shampoo
  • Hand freshener/soap
  • Meat softening
  • Furniture caring
  • Dark circle removal

You can read more about them from their related points.

1. Wonder fertilizer

Soil has nutrients that are essential for plants but with the constant growth of plants in them. They get depleted. There is a need to fertilize them.

Coffee beans contain the minerals that are needed by the soil. The minerals are potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, etc.

You can apply them easily by just sprinkling them on the soil.

2. Pro repellent

The coffee has caffeine and diterpene in its chemical formula. They prove to be toxic to insects and bugs. Thus, they can be used as repellents. You just need to put them in areas like entrance points and in your rooms.

They can also be placed in gardens to save your vegetables and other plants.

3. Worm growth

worm growth

You can use it to attract the worms and even keep them around.

Earthworms are pretty friendly to have around as they do not damage your garden. They also better the structure of the soil as well as increase the nutrients in the soil.

They improve the water drainage, which will help nurture your soil.

4. Odor-freeing

The smell is something no one can withstand for long. It can cause you to vomit, especially when it comes to trashcans, as waste material is thrown in them and keeps gathering there. The smell can be too much to handle.

But we can use ground coffee to actually get rid of the stink. Just putting some of it at the bottom of the trashcan is enough to work.

5. Home shampoo

Here, I don’t mean that you’ll just get shampoo, but it will help you in dealing with yourself. The impact it has on hair is quite outstanding. It will aid in the removal of any residue present in your hair.

You just need to put some of it in and on your hair. You can do this by rubbing it in your hair. Then you can wash it off with the help of shampoo. Now you can run your fingers through your hair and test it out.

6. Hand freshener/soap

Our hands are used in everyday life, whether or not we want them to. When we cut vegetables like onions and clean other things. The smell of the things gets attached to our hands. The smell can be irritating.

But we can get rid of it easily with coffee grounds. The chemicals like caffeine act as antibodies against the chemicals that cause the smell. They envelop them completely and we get free of the odor.

7. Meat softening

meat softening

The fibers in meat make it tough and consistent. By tenderizing it, we can soften its texture and make it more delightful.

The enzymes and the natural acids present in it coffee act as agents for tenderizing it.

Powder and mix in the recipe. Apply the mixture of the recipe to the meat before cooking.

8. Furniture caring

Wooden furniture, because of some kind of collision can get scratched and damaged. You might see small holes in them too. You may want to fill the holes and scratches. To do this, you will buy chemicals but before that, you should try ground coffee.

You just need to make a paste with it by adding water. Then apply the paste to the damaged area or the hole. Rub it with cotton and then clean it off after 15 minutes. The scratches get eradicated the color will blend with the furniture.

9. Dark circle removal

Dark circles appear under your area. They might be caused by aging or lack of proper sleep. Caffeine has proven to be useful against these circles and can help to reduce them.

You just need to form a paste using coconut oil and the grounds. You also need to add water and apply it to the circles. Let it stay for 10 minutes. Use it daily for better results.


Repurpose Used Coffee Grounds. Used coffee grounds should be brought into use rather than just thrown away. You can just see a few of these uses in the article.

There are plenty more. So try them before you decide to get rid of them.

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