Replace dimmer switch with regular switch

Replace dimmer switch with regular switch. A switch is a networking device that conducts the flow of charge. With the help of a switch connection of things is opened or closed.

When a switch is on then, the flow of current starts moving, and when the switch is off, the flowed of current stops moving.

The second is that if you release the switch, the current in the circuit will stop flowing, and the device will go off.

Dimmer switches, speed switches, joystick switches, etc., are also used nowadays in our houses and workplaces.

But the common problem with dimmer switches is that their continuous buzz and sound come all the time.

This is due to the fact that some dimmer switches do not compete with the light in that place. For that, we replace the dimmer switches with regular switches.

Replace dimmer switch with regular switchreplace dimmer switch

The dimmer switch is used to increase or decrease the speed of light or fan. It controls the speed of current flowing in a bulb or a fan.

Dimmer switches are used in our homes and workplaces to use the atmosphere according to choice by increasing or decreasing light.

Dimmer switches are used by people to save energy.

A dimmer switch is not suitable for all the appliances. Be it a light or a fan.

You might install a dimmer switch, but it will not work because it is incompatible with the appliance. So it is better to replace this with a regular switch.


If you want to replace the switch, then the first thing to do is close the electricity of that place or room from the circuit breaker box.

Wear gloves and use proper tools for opening and closing the socket.

Approach to wiring

When you are sure that there is no electricity connection in the room, then detach the screws of the dimmer from the wall. Now use the circuit tester to check the black wires in the circuit panel.

If the outlet tester gives a reading of zero, then remove the two other screws of the dimmer switch in the circuit panel.

Removal of wires from the switchremoval of wires from the switch

Now, after this, drag out the dimmer switch from the panel and disconnect the wires from the old switch.

These switches are fixed to another wiring by small wires so they can easily come out without any screw.

Suitable regular switch

Confirm that you have some type of regular switch, which was a dimmer switch.

If you had a three-way switch or dimmer, then you would have to replace the regular three-way switch and so on.

Identification of wires

Now see the wires in the circuit panel. Green and copper-colored wires are thick wires which are grounding wires. Black and red color wires are small traveler wires.

Connection of regular switch

With the help of curved needle nose pillars, ground cable to every side of the green screw to the base of a new standard switch.

After tightening the screw, link the common wires from the switch panel to those screws which are at the sides of the new switch in the same way.

Close the switch box

Now press the new switch and wires back into the circuit panel and tighten the screws with the help of a screwdriver.

Test of the new switchtest of the new switch

As you have closed the power of the room from the circuit breaker box, so on the power and make the connection of current to the circuit panel of the room again.

Test the new regular switch by pressing the button.


What is the best thing about dimmer switches?

The best thing about dimmer switches is that they can be adjusted. We can increase or decrease the speed of light by them.

What is the drawback of dimmer switches?

Sometimes, dimmer switches continue to start buzzing, and sound comes from them all time.

How many types of regular switches are on the market?

Regular switches are normally of four types.


If you want to transfer your room light from dimmer switches to regular switches, then if you have experience in working electrical circuits, you can do it easily.

Otherwise, you can hire an electrician to replace a switch. Always make sure that power from the main circuit box is off.

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