Reset circuit breaker still no power

Reset circuit breaker still no power. If multiple things are running on one circuit, then there are chances that your circuit breaker will shut off or trip.

This is because it gets overloaded and can cause a short circuit if not taken care of on time. You need to turn off all the appliances that are being run on that circuit and rectify the situation by resetting the circuit.

It is essential to dry your hands or to wear safety gloves before you turn off the breaker. You must take these precautionary measures to prevent any shocks.

There are instances where one only flips the breaker and does not reset the circuit breaker. Your circuit breaker may look fine, although it has tripped but shows the ‘On’ position, which is when you need to reset it properly.

Reset circuit breaker still no power
Breaker Is On But No Power

The proper way to reset the circuit breaker is to push the breaker to turn it off with firmness and then pull it back to turn it on again firmly.

If it still does not get functional that is when you need professional help from an electrician.

There can be numerous reasons as to why you do not have power, even if you have reset your circuit breaker.

The following are the possible reasons why it could happen.

1: Malfunctioned Circuit breaker

It is highly likely that your circuit breaker is defective or has gone out of order which is why it is not working even after you have reset it.

If it is not firm enough, does not click, or is too hot to handle, then you have a faulty breaker and you need to call an electrician to fix it.

2: Ragged wiresMalfunctioned Circuit Breaker

This could be another reason why you do not have power after resetting your circuit breaker.

This could happen because the wires might have worn out as a result of some renovation, heating, cooling, or corrosion.

You need to check for it and call for an electrician to amend it.

3: Faulty GFCIFaulty Gfci

In case everything looks fine, but still, there is no power, this can be because you have a defective GFCI.

If it is too hot, do not reset, and do not trip when the button is pressed, then you have a faulty GFCI.

These are used as false grounds for old wiring, but there will be no power until you get it repaired.


These are the reasons why you might not have power even if you have properly reset your circuit breaker. The ultimate solution for getting rid of this issue is to call for the services of an electrician.

You may have to replace the breaker or get new wiring. This is a risky affair, so you must get in touch with a professional to avoid any unfortunate event.

Breaker Not Tripped But No Power To Electrical Circuit


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