How to remove stripped hex screw

How to remove stripped hex screw. You may remove stripped hex screws, commonly known as hex bolts, in various ways and methods. The type of screw you’re trying to remove will always determine how tough or straightforward it is to remove a stripped hex screw.

Using a specialist tool, such as the smart standard extraction tool, is the simplest method. 

Not only would this tool make cleaning a stripped hex a breeze, but it will also save you time.

Let’s learn how to avoid stripping a screw in the first place before we learn how to replace it; when a screwdriver grinds away at the driving characteristics inside that screw’s head, the screw peels.

How to remove stripped hex screwremove stripped hex screw

The screw cannot be pushed out after these characteristics have worn away.

The most accessible approach to avoid stripping a screw head is to make sure the driver is spinning together with the screw.

Use the proper driver

There are a variety of driver styles to choose from. Some of them even have the same appearance. It’s enticing to cheat and utilize a close substitute, such as a right driver in a Hex.

The most common cause of stripped screws is using a driver that is too tiny for the screw head. Consequently, the driver has far more freedom to spin than was initially intended.

screw extractorScrew extractor

To use the screw extractor, use a hammer to punch a hole in the center of the screw. When turning the extractor, be careful because the extractor may break if the pressure is uneven.

You must grasp the hex screw as firmly as possible since this will make the removal operation much simpler.

If your screwdriver slips during this procedure, a wide rubber band or a snippet of steel wool can be used to keep one “s firm hold on the screwdriver.

The correct amount of strength

Screws are frequently stripped when the driver’s head is not properly inserted. However, when this is combined with excessive power, the effects are disastrous.

By the time you recognize you’ve got a problem, it’s too late to repair it. Only use as much power as you can manage. Decreases the quantity of torque or slows down the speed.

Extraction Tool

The extraction tool is used for extracting moderately but non-reusable bolts. Bolts that are wholly rounded off will not be removed with this tool.

Using the Clever Standard Extraction tool instead of power tools is superior. They are available in various sizes. To remove the hex bolt, make sure you have a hex driver if you need to buy one, essential to know how big the bolt’s head is.

Purchase a size larger than the bolt’s actual head size. The more significant driver was purchased to make removing the stripped screw simpler.


Use the correct screwdriver or drill bit to remove stripped hex screws or prevent removing them. The instrument should not move once it is inserted into the screw head.

Screws should not be driven in with electoral tools. When driving screws into something, do not use a drill.

The screwdriver’s head must match the screw. You must pay particular attention to the screw’s axis and align it with it. Hex screws are among the most widely used screws on the planet.

The techniques for removing the stripped hex screws vary. Therefore, proceed with caution if you attempt to manually eliminate the bolts or screws.

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