LG refrigerator not making ice

LG refrigerator not making ice. LG is a famous and well-reputed brand for manufacturing several electronics and appliances for home use. They manufacture products ranging from computers to laundry appliances including all kinds of electronics you can think of.

LG is also famous for manufacturing fridges and refrigerators.

If you are looking for an answer for the LG refrigerator not making ice and landed on our page then let us welcome you because here you will find all the crucial details regarding the LG refrigerator not making ice in the fridge.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the different reasons for the LG refrigerator not making ice and try to solve them accordingly.

LG refrigerator not making icefix lg refrigerator not making ice

There can be multiple reasons for the LG refrigerator not making ice fast enough and most of them are basic problems that you can solve by yourself without any need of an expert or technician.

Let’s dive into the depth and take a look at the problems that can be the possible reason for the LG refrigerator not making ice in the freezer.

New installation

The first reason that we concluded for your LG refrigerator not making ice is that it might be newly installed. A refrigerator installed newly at a place for the first time requires some time to reach the level of proper working.

You are required to wait for 24 hours to 48 hours for the best results. If you did not install the refrigerator newly then there can be some other problem and you can have a look at the other options.

  • Wait for 24 hours to 48 hours for proper working.

Adjusting the temperatureadjusting the temperature

The second reason in the list of LG refrigerators not making ice is adjusting the temperature of the refrigerator to a suitable level according to its surroundings.

The brand recommends maintaining a temperature below 19 degrees Fahrenheit in the refrigerator for effective and efficient working.

  • Keep or set the temperature of the refrigerator at -4 degrees Fahrenheit or -20 degrees Celsius.

Resetting ice makerresetting ice maker

The next method you can follow to solve the LG refrigerator not making ice problem is to reset the icemaker of the refrigerator.

One of the reasons that your refrigerator is not making ice is that the ice maker is not turned on.

Make sure it is turned on to make ice in the freezer. To reset the refrigerator icemaker, you can follow the instructions mentioned on the guidebook or manual of the refrigerator.

Water supply inspection

The last reason that we could identify for your problem of LG refrigerator not making ice in the bottom can be not getting a regular supply of water. For the inspection of the water supply, the steps are as follow:

  • Make sure that the water supply line is properly connected to the refrigerator.
  • Also, ensure that the line is not pinched or kinked from any of the places.
  • Try to fill a glass from the refrigerator’s dispenser. If the water normally draws there is no problem with the water supply.


As we are here to conclude the article on LG refrigerator not making ice, we hope you must have identified the problem of your refrigerator and fixed the issue.

One of the above methods will surely work and your refrigerator will start making ice but in case it does not get fixed, you have a problem with the machinery and may require professional help to fix the issue.

You can contact the customer support of LG to solve your problem.

We prepared a small summary for you of the crucial things we learned in this article so you can go back if you missed something while you still have some time.

First, we had a little introduction with you then we move to the reasons that might be causing the problem.

We also looked at the solution of these problems that included new refrigerator installation, setting up the right temperature, resetting the ice maker, and inspecting the water supply.

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