Refrigerator compressor not running

Refrigerator compressor not running. A defective capacitor is a major cause of the compressor not running. The amount of refrigerant also affects the compressor. Various problems exist.

A compressor is necessary for circulating refrigerant through the appliance. It warms the refrigerant while and applies pressure to hot circuit parts.

I didn’t know that and was facing a compressor problem. I thought, why do I even need it? Then I learned its importance from the internet.

The problem was growing, and I wanted to know why. I researched all the problems related to the compressor. I tested all the problems and applied solutions. It was successful. Learn by reading.

Refrigerator compressor not running

refrigerator compressor not running

Basically, the compressor issue is because of a problematic capacitor. The capacitor becomes faulty because of overheating. It can be because of arcing.

The refrigerant is not in the proper amount. It exceeds or is in a very low quantity.

If the capacitor is problematic, it needs replacement. It is irreparable. If the amount is too much, then it needs to be decreased.

If it is lesser, then you need to increase its level to provide proper working. The motor needs good power, or it will not work. The coils should be defrosted in case they are frozen.

Let’s see more. Identifying the reasons and fixes.

Capacitor being faulty

The basic compressor problem is the capacitor problem. A capacitor stores charge in it. It gives a jump start to the machine. That start is vital. Without a capacitor, the device won’t start.

The capacitor becomes faulty when too much current passes through. It also shows issues when it has been used for a long time.


The capacitor cannot be repaired as it was made that way. It needs replacement. But the capacitor needs to match the value of the capacitance of the old one. If the value doesn’t match, it will get short. So, after matching, replace it.

Pump failure

A compressor is only to circulate refrigerant and nothing else. This is because the refrigerant is in a gas state. It might even break if something other than that passes through it.

Oil leaks enter places where it is not needed. This results in contamination.

Air and dirt can also cause contamination. Moist produces rust that mixes with the material inside, and this rust is pushed as well. This rust causes contamination and the pumps become clogged. Being clogged, the pump cannot work.


Fix to this problem is to clean the pump and remove contaminants. You can find a way to clean the pump on the internet. To prevent rust, place the fridge in areas with low or no moisture.

Issues with coils

issues with coils

Two sets of coils work in the fridge to transfer the refrigerant. If any of the coils fail, it will cause the reverse flow of the heat, and this reverse flow will break the compressor.

The evaporator coil freezes at this. The heat will not be absorbed.


If the coil freezes, the device needs to be turned off. Let the ice thaw. Leave the diagnosis to the professional. Do not temper with the frozen coil, or the issue will increase.

Condenser coil being outside commonly fallen victim to dirt. This dirt will cause overheating. This needs instant cleaning.

Amount of refrigerant

The level of refrigerant is something that cannot be compromised. It can cause fresh problems depending on the level. An imperfect level can cause pressure build-up in it, which will fail the compressor.

Insufficient charge by the technician can cause too little refrigerant. It may be because of leaks. When there is a leakage, the device will increase pressure to push more, and this will cause the breakdown of the component.

In case of too much refrigerant, which is caused by a noob, the technician can also cause the pressure to destroy the device.


If the quantity is too low, it should be increased. If the level is too high, it needs to be decreased. The pressure also needs to be decreased. Get an experienced professional to do this.


If the compressor is not running, check the power. If power is ok, then the capacitor is the problem. The problems above are written in order. The last one is the most dangerous. Check them. Call an experienced technician.

He will identify and solve the problem in order.

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