Red yeast rice brands to avoid

Red yeast rice brands to avoid. Studies have proven that these supplements are involved in promoting weight loss when talking about the dietary supplements that help you lower your cholesterol level.

As an old traditional Chinese medicine remedy to cure the overall and total cholesterol levels of bodies, it is still considered an effective restoration method for healthy lipid levels in one’s body.

Red yeast rice brands to avoid

Benefits of red yeast rice

If you are suffering from high cholesterol levels and are tired from the irritating side effects of statins, then your doctor might recommend red yeast rice supplements.

Also associated with a reduction in anxiety and stress and maintains sleep as well. Moreover, it also regulates normal blood pressure due to its being rich in B-complex vitamins.

Some say that having red yeast rice in your diet might also reduce the blood cholesterol levels and take it to a normal range, but to be honest, that is like flying paper planes because that is absolutely a white lie!

But what are the ongoing?

Now, there are countless brands that offer red yeast rice, but all of these red yeast rice brands aren’t trustworthy because of one primary factor that I will describe later.

Many people tend to go for this method of consuming red yeast rice supplements, irrespective of the fact that some of them are contagious.

Instead of healing, they worsen your health and sometimes make it impossible for you to recover.

What is Monacolin K?

what is monacolin k

Red yeast rice supplements actually have a chemical substance that reduces the lipoproteins that are low in density and also reduces the overall cholesterol levels of your body, helping you reduce your weight along with it.

The monacolin K possesses similar qualities to the prescribed drug lovastatin, which is also related to controlling and lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

It has also been seen that Monacolin K is involved in the maintenance of low-density lipoprotein and the level of triglycerides in your body.

Now the red yeast rice contains a considerable amount of monacolin K. Each supplement contains about 600 grams f monacolin K. That’s why your doctors recommend red yeast rice.

But, do all the brands have this amount of monacolin K in their yeast rice?

Well, here is the bummer, most of them make false claims that their yeast rice has this adequate amount of monacolin. In fact, most red rice brands don’t have it.

Chances are, you might only be able to find just a few red yeast rice brands that have a proper amount of monacolin K in their supplements which are authenticated and approved by the FDA itself.

If wrong brands were chosen: The damage

if wrong brands were chosen the damage

Imagine if you start taking supplements that are meant to reduce your cholesterol levels.

Still, the red yeast rice dietary supplements that you brought are vague about their ingredients and don’t have the monacolin K factor (that is the only thing in those supplements that will reduce your cholesterol).

Then, what is the purpose of having those natural supplements?

And there is more to it; not only does it prevent any betterment to your health, but it also makes you prone to several other diseases, some of which are extremely dangerous.

Some consumers of the wrong brands have complained about pain in their joints and bones.

Moreover, these wrong supplements have also been causing headaches, migraines, nausea, discomfort, and a sour stomach. In the worst-case scenario, your cholesterol might worsen!

Worst Red yeast rice brands to Avoid

worst red yeast rice brands to avoid

To help you guys out in choosing an authentic brand and preventing you from spending, more like wasting your money on the wrong brands, I have listed some brands that tend to claim that their red yeast rice supplements are what you need.

The spring valley red yeast rice

As famous as it seems, the spring valley red yeast rice brand provides you with a 120 capsules supplement that “according to them” contains 600 milligrams of monacolin K. Well, do you believe so?

No proper indication makes it evident for consumers that their red yeast rice supplement contains this amount of monacolin.

Having no monacolin K in the dietary supplement won’t take you anywhere with lowering cholesterol. Hence, the spring valley supplements are nothing but a fraud.

They have also been discouraged by consumers who have made several complaints about not reducing their cholesterol level and, on the contrary, have been facing vision problems, pain in joints and bones, and also had severe stomach aches and headaches after taking this dietary supplement.

21st-century red yeast rice

21st century red yeast rice

The supplement contains about 150 capsules, and the brand is not so sure about the ingredients they have used.

Also, there is no proper information about this brand. No one knows whether it is verified and analyzed by FDA. And there is no clear certification that proves its authenticity.

No tests have been done to prove the purity of the supplements.

Also, they seriously don’t help you lower your cholesterol, as the reviews about it have not been reassuring.

Swanson red yeast rice; what are the odds?

swanson red yeast rice; what are the odds

Swanson red yeast rice brand is quite a famous one and is seen to have a positive impact on especially cardiovascular health and also bring your cholesterol level to be expected and maintain the level of healthy lipids in the blood system.

All these positive things, and you might be wondering why I have added this brand to my “avoiding” list.

If I have, there might be something; trust the process, fellows, trust the process!

The flaw is that instead of monacolin K, they have added lovastatin, thinking it will reduce the cholesterol.

It is actually dangerous because not only does it cause muscle breakdown, but it also is highly involved in kidney failure.

Also, this dietary supplement cannot be taken with other medications because that would worsen the health.

Strongly prohibited with Fungal and hi infections medication

The FDA also has strongly advised avoiding it due to the presence of lovastatin in the supplement.

Now foods red yeast rice: why to avoid?

now foods red yeast rice why to avoid

The red yeast rice brands to avoid also includes this Now food brand.

This box of red yeast rice brands includes 60 capsules each, of which is about 1.2 grams.

The ingredients include cellulose and silica. And has no citrinin.

This brand, why to avoid it, let me tell you this. Now, foods have been seen to affect the digestive systems of many of their consumers.

Many problems like low diarrhea consistency and foul or foul-smelling stools have been reported after taking the supplements.

And second, there is no clear evidence that this brand helps you lower cholesterol levels.

Only Natural red rice supplements

only natural red rice supplements

Well, well, this red yeast rice brand with the “natural herbs only” formula indicates that they use only natural ingredients like herbs to cure the rising cholesterol problem.

However, did they mention which herbs? The label doesn’t say anything. It is all vague, and one cannot clearly read the ingredients out.

For a famous brand like Only Natural, it is shallow of them as they do not provide clear evidence of what they are feeding their consumers with! Consumers should be aware of what they are dealing with.

Not only this, but Only natural has no proof of the amount of monacolin K they have in their supplements.

Also, they don’t lower your cholesterol, but in fact, they can cause skin allergies and rashes, and other skin reactions.

I didn’t say this on my own; people who have tried this brand are of this view.

That is why you should avoid this brand if you don’t want to get your skin ruined.

Nature’s Plus red yeast rice

nature's plus red yeast rice

No clearly mentioned ingredients, no surety of monacolin K used in the supplements, and horrible customer reviews

The bottle contains about about 600 mg of red yeast rice.

The ingredients are not mentioned whether they use monacolin K or not, and If they do, how much is it in each supplement? What are other ingredients used?

Also, the capsules are hard to swallow due to their enormous size, which irritates your throat while swallowing.

The reviews of the customers about this product are not appreciated. They have complained about restlessness and nausea after taking the supplement.

Nature’s Aid

nature's aid

Starting with the properties, they claim that claim Nature’s Aid supplements do not use dairy in their ingredients.

The bottle has 30 red yeast rice capsules. Well, the number doesn’t matter as long as they have what the consumer needs.

Now, the brand says, if you read the ingredients section, the supplement contains 10 mg of monacolin K.

Corn, soy, any nuts, sugar, salt, wheat, or start, gluten, lactose “as said no dairy was used” are avoided in the ingredients.

There is a good thing about this product that it is free of GMOs what you know as genetically modified organisms.

The rice used is fine in quality and also pure.

You might be worried about the fact that with so all these benefits, why am I including this in a “brands to avoid” list? I will tell you why.

The rating of this product is extremely bad and consumer reviews are even more disturbing where the whole review section is empty.

Of course, if the brand was that majestic, it would have been well-known instead of being fishy about its customer reviews.

Another problem with the brand is its efficacy; it cannot be verified.

That is, you never know what the odds are of taking the dietary supplement. All is is because the consumer’s reviews are gone as they vanished from the bounds of the Earth!

Mason natural red yeast rice

mason natural red yeast rice

Mason natural claims to be an efficient agent to reduce cholesterol, but why do its consumers have even worse cholesterol levels after consuming the supplement?

That is the reason why I have included this brand in my list because of their false claims to reduce cholesterol levels and also the use of herbs in their supplements has been disturbing.

Not only have consumers suffered a great deal with even more cholesterol levels, but they also have gone through various skin allergic reactions.

Their capsules have silicon dioxide, Gelatin, and vegetable magnesium stearate and no monacolin K, and even if they have it, there is so proof of that.

Solaray red yeast rice

solaray red yeast rice

The bottle contains 120 capsules, and the quantity of monacolin is about 600 mg. Not bad for the brand, if they are correctly claiming.

The Solaray red yeast rice brand has mentioned on its packaging that the dietary supplement is free from other impurities and contaminants.

No bacteria, pesticides, and heavy metals, and also the supplement is free of citrinin and is non-irradiated.

Well, at least the efficacy is proven by a pharmaceutical lab, but the Food authority hasn’t yet confirmed any of this. So, yeah!

All the good stuff and food authority didn’t approve? There might be a silver lining.

The problem started with the consumers complaining about their stomachs going bad, and some say they started to have pain in their lower body.

Especially legs and knee joints. Some consumers have reported high migraines and headaches.

Although many have given it a five star but a lot have reported these things, Which is the reason why FDA hasn’t yet confirmed or verified this brand.

These are some of the red yeast rice brands to avoid

Some brands to consider are

  • Arazo Nutrition
  • HPF cholesterol red yeast rice
  • Thorne research choleast supplements
  • Puritan’s pride
  • Weider red yeast rice

These are some of the trust-worthy yeast rice brands you should go for as all these are FDA-approved and “actually” help you to lower your cholesterol.

How to check which brand should be trusted

how to check which brand should be trusted

The brands which have USP labels on them can be trusted. You better check that label before buying red rice yeast.

Also, check whether there is monacolin K or lovastatin in the mentioned ingredients. If so, check their amount.

And be vigilant while reading the ingredients. Always be aware of the fact that the fewer the ingredients are, the better it is.

Cautions and warnings

The medication should not be taken with some things that include Alcohol, grapefruit juice, statin, cholesterol drugs you’re taking, gemfibrozil, hepatotoxic supplements, and Niacin.

Caution red yeast rice, if taken with these, will worsen your health.

Winding up

Red yeast rice is an excellent agent that will maintain and support healthy cholesterol levels in your body.

Taking red yeast rice will lower cholesterol more effectively and also help you reduce your blood cholesterol level and plus your weight.

Red yeast rice brands are a lot in number. Some provide red yeast rice capsules, and others are in the form of food red yeast rice.

All these false brands have been nothing mere than a way to persuade you to spend a great deal buying these products with no benefits but instead suffering. So, these are the red yeast rice brands to avoid.

If you want to feel healthy and plan to avoid all these problems, which many of the consumers of the above-mentioned brands did, then my fellows, learn what is best for you and then go for it.

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