How to dry lettuce without a salad spinner

How to dry lettuce without a salad spinner. Lettuce is a vegetable that is mostly used as a leaf vegetable in salads. Some people mistake it for cabbage, but it is different. It is also used in sandwiches and even soup. You can also grill it if that’s your taste.

They should be dried before use if you are making a salad or anything. This is because the wet surface will repel the oil and not allow it to settle on it.

The dressing will not be done, and the leaves will not be coated properly.

Usually, a spinner is used for this purpose, but if you do not have it, you do not need to panic. You can use other methods to dry it. You can spread them and let them dry naturally.

You can put it under the sun, so it dries faster. There are more ways, so let’s check them out.

How to dry lettuce without a salad spinner

dry lettuce without a salad spinner

You can use a colander if there is lettuce available at your place. You just need to put it on a towel or a tray.

The water will leave your vegetable as it drains down through the holes of the colander. This happens because of the gravity of the earth.

The water will go on the plate, or if it was a towel, then the water will be absorbed. You can also just place them on a towel and then spread them.

The air will cross, and they will dry off. You can also pat it dry if that is what you prefer.

Some effective methods have brief explaining steps below.

Drip and dry

This method is actually called the “Drip method”. This is the easiest one, but it is also slower than all the other methods. In this method, you just need a colander and a plate or a towel.

Simply put, the vegetable into the colander. Then place the whole thing on a towel or a plate if you have selected that. Let the water drain down through the holes.

This is all thanks to gravity. Make your other salads or wait for some time and then take it out. It will probably not be wet.

Swing or spin

This method is quite effective if you ask me. It is also very easy to perform. You just need a towel and a good place. Most people perform this task in places like their garden or lawn.

People use the washroom as well. But if you want to have fun, you can do it in a place with your friends so they can be purified with the green water.

Put the vegetable on the towel such that it is in the center. Now take all the edges of the towel and bring them together. Now hold the edges with a single hand and take it to the place you have selected.

Like a cowboy, spin it around like a lasso. The water will fly off from the vegetables present in the towel. Some of it will probably be absorbed by the towel. But your end goal will be achieved.

Towel roll

towel roll

It is a popular method and is simple too. You just need a towel for this and make sure that it is clean. Now you just need your vegetable.

Just lay your towel on a table or any place you want and then Place the vegetables in the towel. Shake the water off as much as you can.

Keep the layer. You place the leaves in a single place. Then cover the vegetables by enclosing them in the towel.

Do not use too much force as it will damage the leaves. Give it a slight squeeze and the water will be absorbed by the towel. Now open the towel up by uncovering it and checking your vegetables.

They are probably dried by now. This method is a bit slow, but after doing it again and again, you’ll get the hang of it.

Drying by patting

The above methods might have made it easier for you, but this method will be even more effective. You do not need to spin or get anything dirty. You just need a towel like before.

Place the leaves on the towel and spread them around a bit. Then take two sides of the towel and start rolling the towel while the leaves remain within.

Now, as you have done rolling, the towel will be in the shape of a cinnamon roll. Now hold one side of the rolled towel.

Now pat the towel with slight force. The brutal force will only damage them. Keep patting for a while and then place it back. Now unravel the towel and you will see that your leaves are completely dry and are ready to be used in salad or to be cooked.


How to dry lettuce without a salad spinner. Panicking will not help you if you do not have a spinner. It is better to think and then use alternative ways to get around your work.

The methods above will help you remove water from your leaves. The methods are also effective in the case of other vegetables if that’s what you are wondering.

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