How to connect microphone to soundbar

How to connect microphone to soundbar. Microphones are the typical input devices that take sound from us and convert them into electric signals.

But we also need a medium and a device to recover the signals back into sound.

So we use speakers for that. But what if we want to have more fun with friends and want good quality sound like in karaoke? For this, we connect them to the soundbar.

But to connect to the soundbar, we must know the steps through which we can connect them together.

The steps are very important if you want a correct connection between the two devices. So we are going to explain the steps in this article.

How to connect microphone to soundbar

how to connect microphone to soundbar

The microphone is usually connected to a source, so we need to remove the source for connectivity.

Then we need to connect our television with the device we want to use. It is probably a karaoke machine.

After that, you need to connect your soundbar to the mixer of the karaoke machine. After you have done that, you need to connect the microphone to the mixer.

Make the connection as thorough as you can, so there is no problem. Then turn all the devices on and test them to make sure that they are in working condition.


A Series of steps are listed down for you to follow if you want to perform your task.

Checking the Type of connection

Usually, you will notice that there is more than one option regarding the connection to your device.

The simplest of these connections is AUX. The others can be line-in cables of different colors like yellow, red, and white.

The connection might be none of these, but you may have the device HDMI option.

You need to make sure you have checked and selected the type of connection you want to make sure it works. Usually, the karaoke devices carry AUX input, as it is very common.


After you have selected your connection type, you can begin. If your device or microphone is connected to an audio device beforehand, you need to end this connection by disconnecting it from the linked device.

If the connection is via cable, you can just unplug it, and the connection will end. This step is necessary for connection with another device.

Linking the TV with a mixer

After disconnecting, you can begin the process of developing a connection. The TV and the mixer should be aligned first. Make sure to put them at a certain distance and then use the selected connection.

To use the selected connection, insert the cables from one side in the mixer while on the other side of your TV. Make sure the wires are bonded tightly such that the connection won’t get distorted.

Mixer to soundbar

When you are done with the above step, you can move to this one. In this step, we need to link the soundbar and the mixer.

To develop the link, we need to link the wires. The wires that are to be plugged into the mixer should not be mixed with the TV.

Make sure you do not insert the wrong wires. Then insert the wires linked to the mixer into the soundbar. You may notice that wires are alike. Just plug them in and get ready for the next step.

Linking microphone

linking microphone

The most awaited and the most important step is the linking of the microphone. You just need to check the cord of the microphone.

  • Make sure the cord is not damaged.
  • Pick the cord of the microphone.
  • Plug it into the mixer.
  • Check to see f you inserted it into the right port.


  • After carefully checking the devices, turn them all on.
  • Make sure they are all plugged in.
  • Check the settings.
  • Try speaking into the device.
  • Check if the audio is heard from the device.


How to connect microphone to soundbar. To set your device up on your own, it is important to know the steps and methods to start.

You do not need electrical knowledge in this case, but knowing more about your device will only benefit you.

You can set it up with the above steps and then turn your device on. You can enjoy it alone or with your friends as now you have your karaoke system ready.

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