Plugging extension cord into power strip

Plugging extension cord into power strip. It is mainly written for the users on the power strip packaging not to plug in the power strip to an extension cable because when you use the long power strip in an extension cord, it drops the voltage.

When the voltage drops in the extension board, the devices you have plugged into the extension board get less voltage and take a long time to charge because all the electrical appliances need more power when plugged into the power source.

You can use the power strip to plug in the extension cord if you have no other option like sometimes you are sitting on a lawn.

You have to plug in the pedestal fan to get cool air, then you can plug in the extension cable into a power strip, but you need to follow some points and factors when you use them with each other.

Plugging extension cord into power stripplugging extension cord

It is a common myth not to insert the power strips into the extension boards because they decrease the voltage, and the extension board does not transfer the required power to the electrical device that you have plugged into the extension board.

But, this is not true; it is not dangerous to plug the power strip into the extension cords until they contact each other properly and the power strip can handle the voltage load.

Risks of extension cords

The first and main cause of not using the extension cord and power strips together is no control of the electric current that flows into the extension board.

It means when you use the power strip to connect many electrical appliances. Then they extract more electrical power or electric current than the extension board can.

Most extension boards and power strips can not handle too much electric current at a time, so when the electrical appliances drag more power then, it causes damage and overheating of the different parts.

Sometimes the wire connection is heated enough to catch fire. Mostly, the extension cord is placed under a carpet or rug where heat can not get away, so it catches a more dangerous fire.


When a current flows through a conductor, it faces resistance. If the power strip is long, the current must flow through a long distance, increasing the resistance.

So when you plug an extension cable into a power strip, it increases the distance the current has to flow through and the resistance.

So, always insert the power strip into the wall outlet, and don’t use an extension cord unless you have no other choice.

Use 3 Prongs Extension corduse 3 prongs extension cord

However, if you do not have any other choice and you want to plug the extension cord into the power strip, always place the extension cables whose plugs have three points.

The extra plugs are apprehensive with the landing, and it makes the extension cable more stable and protective from catching fire.

High rating extension cord

When you go to the electric store in the market to purchase electrical appliances, always purchase high-quality things because low-cost things do not work long and you will have to purchase the device again.

First of all, read the extension cord capacity into account. Ensure the extension board can hold and bear the load of the electrical appliance inserted into it.

Power strip output is very important because if you have a low-quality power strip, it will not hold the electrical appliances overload and start overheating.

But, if you have a high rating, high-quality extension cord, it will carry the electric current.

Permanent wiringpermanent wiring

If you want to save your home from fire hazards, do not use extension cable as permanent wiring for heavy-load electrical appliances like refrigerators, iron, washer, ac unit.

It is important not to insert the heavy load appliances in one wire permanently so avoid using the extension cord permanently for these appliances because one wire can not carry the current for a long time.

The final words

The article’s bottom line is plugging an extension cord into a power strip is very dangerous because it increases the electric load on the wire.

If you have plugged in heavy load appliances like refrigerator and ac unit into the extension cord, one wire can not carry the load and will start overheating. It might catch fire, so always prefer not to attach the power strip to the extension cord to avoid a fire hazard.

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