Loud popping sound in house electrical

Loud popping sound in house electrical. It is unpleasant to hear a popping sound suddenly coming from an unknown corner of the home; it becomes more annoying if it’s midnight night and you are sleeping in your bed, and you start to hear loud and popping sounds.

It becomes even worse and more dangerous if this loud sound comes from the house’s electrical. You can not ignore this house’s electrical sound because it can lead to big fire hazards.

So, it is necessary to locate the main culprit without any time wastage because the more you delay the time, the more you are close to the risk.

Read this article to discover the many reasons for popping sounds coming from various households. I am sure you can fix many of the issues by yourself, but if there is a big problem, then you can hire a skillful electrician to fix the issue.

Loud popping sound in house electrical

If you are sitting in a tv lounge and suddenly listen to a popping sound, then the main question is whether the loud sound is coming from the house electrical or generating due to any other movement in the house.

So, immediately find out the main origin of the sudden popping and do something.

If you have electrical experience, you can try to fix the house’s electrical, but if you don’t know a little about electricity, don’t try this at home because you may face an electric shock.

Blinking lights

blinking lights

In horror movies, blinking lights are signs of unnatural mysticism.

However, it does not happen in the real world, and if you listen, a popping sound starts coming then its origin may be a loose electrical connection.

If only one light is blinking, then you can fix it quickly, but if more than one light is flickering, then it is a problem with the circuit.

Unfortunately, if all the light fixtures are flickering in the home, then it is hazardous because it occurs due to a faulty circuit box.

In this situation, immediately turn off all circuit breakers in the primary circuit box and hire a skillful electrician to troubleshoot this problem.

Burning smell

burning smell

If you are sitting in the room and suddenly listen to a popping sound and the smell of something burning, then do not ignore it because this burning smell may be coming from any house electrical.

The popping sound and burning smell warn us one of your electrical devices is heating and melting the plastic wire sheathing.

It is a hazardous situation because this burning wire can catch fire, so immediately turn off the main circuit box to minimize the danger and locate the main point of the problem.

If you don’t have enough electrical skills, then don’t deal with high voltage wires and immediately hire an electrician without wasting a second to repair and replace the burned wire.

Circuit breaker

circuit breaker

The Main circuit box is installed in every home and building to check and control the voltage.

If you look inside the main circuit breaker box, you will see every circuit is scattered through a circuit breaker planned to trip if the voltage increases in the circuit.

Popping sounds usually come from circuit breakers and loose wire connections.

You should always hire a certified professional for wiring in the home because if an electrician does not tighten the wire lug accurately, then a popping sound comes from electricity traveling from the uncovered wire to another metal surface.

This arcing electricity is very hot and can quickly start a fire, so switch off the circuit breaker to stop the current flow and contact an electrician to repair the damaged point.

Home appliance

home appliance

Sometimes, the popping sound on switching on the house electrical appliance seems like an increase in circuit overload that has melted some parts in the panel, and you need to repair or replace the damaged wiring, so switch off the electrical appliance and do not turn it on before repairing by a professional.

Do not try to repair the electrical appliance by yourself until you are not skillful because without wearing protective gloves and other tools, you may increase the damage to the device.

Faulty outlets

faulty outlets

If you listen to popping and cracking sound from a wall outlet in the room, then it means there is an issue with the outlet, and you have to do some action immediately; otherwise, you can face a fire hazard.

Loose wires and arcing electricity are one of the causes of faulty wall outlets; if you have electrical skills, put back all the loose wires in the socket. If there is damaged or burnt wire in the socket, then replace it with new quality wire.

If you see more wires burnt inside the socket and they have damaged the socket assembly, then you have only the option to replace the damaged socket with a new wall outlet.

Do not take this popping sound coming from the wall out lightly because the faulty and burnt wires can catch fire and burn the whole circuit in the home.

So keep watching all your wall outlets and home appliances, and if you check any loose wire connection, then tighten it by yourself or contact a certified professional to replace the burnt socket.


The final thoughts on this article are if you listen to any popping sound coming from the house, then do not ignore it and immediately find the origin of the sound.

If the banging sound comes from the house electrical, then immediately turn off the main circuit box to stop the current flow and hire an electrician to repair the electrical culprit.

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