Philips tv keeps disconnecting from wifi

Philips tvs are reliable devices for entertainment because of their android system, due to which you can connect wifi with them to watch thousands of live channels. Still, no electrical appliance is perfect, and these tvs can have some problems like Philips tv keeps disconnecting from wifi.

Dont worry; wifi disconnectivity is a common problem with all smart TVs. There are two main reasons for Philips Android TV’s internet connection problem.

The first is a weak internet connection, and the second is a faulty router. Firstly check the internet speed on all the smart devices at home.

If there is no internet on all smart devices, then it means there is an issue with the internet connection and router. However, if the internet is only disconnecting from Philips tv, then reboot the tv and update the tv software.

After reading this article, you can fix this Philips tv that keeps disconnecting from the network problem without the help of a professional.

Philips tv keeps disconnecting from wifi

Sometimes, there is an issue with your home network connection. In some cases, your router may be causing the error.

It is very irritating to see your Philips tv keep disconnecting from the internet when you plan to watch your favorite film online. But, there is no need to take any tension because it happens with many users in their daily routine due to various causes.

On some occasions, it usually happens due to service outages, too many users, faulty routers, outdated software, out-of-range issues, etc.

Let’s look into the solution on how to connect your Philips tv with an internet connection.

Restart your Philips tv and router

restart your philips tv and router

  • Firstly, power off your Philips TV with a remote.
  • Remove your tv plug from the socket for 2 minutes.
  • Now, put a plug in the socket and turn on your tv with the remote control
  •  Reconnect the Philips to the Internet.
  • Test your tv by streaming the media content you were watching before.

Similarly, reboot the internet router to refresh the wifi signals.

In most cases, rebooting the tv and router fixes the problem. However, if it does not work, then move to the next point.

Tv wifi settings

Sometimes, the tv stops connecting with the internet connection due to the wrong tv wifi settings. It’s necessary to configure the right wifi settings on tv to stream live channels and other apps.

So, navigate to your tv settings and then wifi settings to check the right configuration for your Philips tv. It mostly happens when you newly afresh your wifi password for security reasons.

Distance between router and tv

The distance between the internet router and Philips tv has a lot of impact on proper internet connection.

The smart tv is the most used smart appliance in any home, so the internet router must be fixed close to the smart tv for a fast and stable wifi connection.

If you are suffering from the issue that your smart tv is kept disconnecting from the internet, then it checks the distance between the router and the smart tv.

If you have placed the router in the other room for some other purpose, then walls between the tv room and router room will slow down the wifi signals speed.

So, minimize the distance between the router and the smart tv and move the router close to the tv to stream the live channels. Roku tv audio out

ISP problem

ISP problems can also stop the Philips tv from connecting to an internet connection at home. This issue arises when the internet receiver in smart tv does not come into contact with your ISP.

So, immediately call your local internet service provider for wifi signal issues in your area.

Wifi connection problem

wifi connection problem

If rebooting the router and tv does not work, and your Philips tv is still not connecting with a wifi internet connection, then check the internet service status on the router.
If the red light is flashing on the router, then it means the internet service is not working, due to which you are suffering an issue on Philips tv. It usually happens due to maintenance and bad outdoor weather conditions.
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If the red light is not blinking on the modem, then open any browser or social app on your smartphone for a speed test. If the wifi connection speed is fast on your smartphone, then it means there is an issue with your Philips tv.

Wifi range

Wifi range also matters a lot for a proper internet connection. If Your Philps tv is out of range from Philps or it is placed at a far distance from tv then use can install another router or ethernet cable to make sure the tv is receiving a fast and stable internet connection.

Similarly, adjust the internet modem at an open place in the room and make sure there is no physical object between the internet router and tv.

Update your tv firmware

Updating your tv firmware, if any update is available, is also crucial in smart tvs to download and install the latest features in the tv.

Your Philips tv can face certain issues, like disconnecting from the internet if there is any pending update.

So, connect your Philips tv with mobile data and update the latest software version in the Philips tv to connect the tv to the internet. You can also update your smart tv software through USB.

Insert the USB into your laptop or desktop computer and open the Philips main website. Write your tv model and download all the latest updates on your USB.

Connect the USB to your tv and update the latest tv firmware updates in your tv menu and software updates.


The last thoughts on this guide are there is no need to worry and get panic if you are experiencing problems with your Philips smart tv not connecting to wifi.

Follow all the solution steps in the article to reconnect the Philips tv to wifi. If you fail to troubleshoot the issue, then you can contact with local internet professional to fix your trouble. Hue Bridge unable to connect